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Masters in Mathematics in Canada: Top Universities, Cost, Admissions, Eligibility & Job Opportunities for international students

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Masters in Mathematics is not just about calculations but also involves formulating new theories, patterns, and making new discoveries. In Canada, it is offered as MS, MA and MSc. It is a 2-year full-time program that focuses upon the different theoretical as well as analytical aspects of advanced Mathematics.

Prospective applicants who hold a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics or a related field of study can opt for a higher degree in the same at Canadian Universities.

  • Around 15 universities offer Masters in Mathematics (solely) in Canada.
  • The cost of pursuing a Masters in Mathematics varies with the type of degree opted like- MA/MS/MSc.
  • After the graduate degree completion, students can get employment as Financial Planner, Investment Planner, Economist, etc.
  • The annual starting salary for applicants holding a Masters in Mathematics in Canada is 26,980 USD. Which can go up to 153,950 USD.

Masters in Mathematics in Canada Course Curriculum

Applicants willing to opt for Masters in Mathematics have to study the following mandatory subjects. Some universities accept project or research paper in lieu of thesis submission, the choice of research subject depends completely upon the interests of the applicant. The following section gives a basic course outline and the areas of research offered.

Course curriculum

Masters in Mathematics Areas of Research

Various faculties offering Masters in Mathematics at Canadian Universities offer different types of areas of research. These fields may or may not be opted depending upon the choice of students willing to pursue a Masters in Mathematics in Canada. Some of the areas of research include:

  • Real or complex analysis:
  • Operator Theory
  • C*- algebra
  • Functional Analysis
  • Probability
  • Linear and Non-Linear Analysis
  • Geometry
  • Mathematical Physics

The areas of research are not just restricted to the above-given fields. There are numerous other options for research that can be opted by students, but may vary university wise.

Top Universities Offering Masters in Mathematics in Canada

The following table shows some of the leading Canadian universities offering Masters in Mathematics along with their global (QS Universities), national (Maclean’s top 20 Canadian universities offering Mathematics program) rankings and total cost of program:

University QS Universities Subject RankingsMacleans RankingTotal Program Fee (in USD)
University of Toronto#29#136,592 
University of British Columbia#51#313,780
Concordia University#462#14MA: 30,394;
MSc: 30,170
McMaster University#140#9MSc (Thesis): 42,364
MS (Course): 19,286
University of Manitoba#601-650-17,354

Masters in Mathematics Dual Degrees in Canada

Approximately 20 universities in Canada offer a dual degree in Masters in Mathematics. These include Statistics which is very common, Biostatistics, Computer Science, Statistical Sciences, etc. These are also 2-year full time degree programs which offer admissions to students in Fall and Winter. Some of these universities are:

Cost of Studying Masters in Mathematics in Canada

The total cost of tuition (for 2 years) for pursuing a Masters in Mathematics from Canadian Universities varies for thesis-based, course-based MSc and MA. The following is the estimate of the costs:

  • 13,780 USD to 42,364 USD for thesis-based MSc.
  • 30,394 USD for an MA in Mathematics.
  • 39,286 USD for course-based MS.

The cost for the first year further includes the living costs, cost of books, one-time expenses and personal expenses as well. The following section throws light on the types of costs and gives a basic understanding of the estimated amount to be incurred.

One-Time Expenses

These are additional fees that an applicant makes for his/her admission application, for taking English language tests, opting for mandatory health insurance and visa application.

Following table shows the estimated one-time costs to be incurred by applicants pursuing Masters in Mathematics:

ExpensesCost (in USD) 
Application Fee91.27
Health Insurance401-607
Visa Application Fee235
Airfare 400-1,400
Hotel Accommodation200-800
Meals 135
TOEFL Fee250
IELTS Fee190

Annual Expenses

The total cost of studying Masters in Mathematics in Canada for one year includes tuition fee, off-campus accommodation and the cost of books, which varies with the type of degree program opted by international students:

  • For thesis-based MSc in Mathematics: 15,218 USD to 34,422 USD.
  • MA in Mathematics: 21,317 USD.
  • For course-based MS in Mathematics: 30,833 USD.

These costs exclude the one-time payments in Canada for international students. The following table shows the university wise annual costs in USD:

UniversityTuitionLiving CostBooks & Materials
University of Toronto18,2965,704760
University of British Columbia6,8907,910418
Concordia UniversityMA: 15,197
MSc: 15,085
McMasterUniversityMSc (Thesis): 21,182
MS (Course): 19,643 
University of Manitoba8,6775,670-10,5741,150

Masters in Mathematics in Canada Admission Process

The admission process for Masters in Mathematics in Canada includes the fulfilment of basic eligibility and additional requirements from international students. The following section outlines the eligibility criteria and the admission requirements for an international student to get admission in a Masters in Mathematics degree program.

Masters in Mathematics Eligibility

To be eligible for Masters in Mathematics in Canada, applicants must make sure that they have the right amount of education, test scores and fulfill other subject-specific criteria which may vary university wise:

Maths Eligibility

Masters in Mathematics Admission Requirements

International applicants can apply online through the respective university websites they wish to study at. For international students some of the admission requirements for Masters in Mathematics in Canada are common like submission of the following supporting documents:

  • Transcripts: Official mark sheets and transcripts of high school and college previously attended.
  • CV/Resume: An updated CV or resume is mandatory to prove educational and professional background of the applicant.
  • Statement of Purpose/Intent: Stating the applicant’s goals, career expectations and reasons for opting Masters in Mathematics from Canada.
  • Letters of Recommendation: Usually 2-3 letters of recommendation are required from an applicant’s professor, school teachers or someone from their previous workplace.

There are other additional admission requirements that have been tabulated below, university wise like English Language Proficiency scores, letters of recommendation, and GPA requirements:

University of Toronto-B-pBT: 580; iBT: 937.0
University of British ColumbiaB+3iBT: 1007.0
Concordia University3.03iBT: 906.5
McMaster University85%2pBT: 580; CBT: 237; iBT: 92-
University of Manitoba-2iBT: 866.5

Note: All universities mentioned in the above table mandatorily require a thesis or research/project, at the end of the respective degree program.

Masters in Mathematics Application Deadlines & Decisions

Applications are usually accepted for Fall and Winter sessions at Canadian Universities. Only those applications are scrutinized which are complete and where the application fee is paid. The supporting documents are required only after the application is accepted.

The decisions for admissions are usually released within 10-11 weeks of application submission.

Jobs post-Masters in Mathematics in Canada

After completing a graduate degree in Mathematics from Canada, students can apply to various universities for jobs as Mathematicians, Statistician, Research Analyst, etc. The average salary of a Mathematics post-graduate in Canada is 37,523 USD per year. The other job profiles and their minimum to maximum salaries have been illustrated through the following bar graph:

Masters in Mathematics

Currently over 10,000 Mathematicians, Statisticians and Actuaries are working in Canada. Some of the well-known companies that hire students holding Masters in Mathematics in Canada are:

  • Statistics Canada
  • Roche
  • Nestle
  • Nestle Canada
  • Amazon Fulfillment Services
  • Deloitte

*Note: There are educational institutions like universities, colleges and schools that hire students holding a Masters's degree in Mathematics. They are hired as either professors, associate professors, teachers, department heads or even as research interns.

The admissions for international students in Masters in Mathematics in Canada is quite difficult. Students are advised to have a strong academic and mathematical background. An undergraduate degree in Mathematics or in a related field is highly recommended. Test scores of English language must also be above average and application must be submitted before the deadline along with the fee. The essay must include the applicant’s knowledge in the same and prove some research experience to get selected.

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