Opportunities at college of the rockies

    8.3 /10

    I live in Cranbrook and it's cheaper than moving somewhere else to attend. This way I'm close to family for mental and emotional support as well as to my church family. They have played a major role in supporting me mentally and emotionally through these first two years of school!

    Course Curriculum :

    It is still clearly under construction as they have just added years 3 and 4 of the program to this campus. It's opened some cool opportunities and also given this to think about for the future of our nursing careers.

    Placement :

    Placements are a little rocky. For the 1st and 2nd years they were great. But I'm a little nervous going into my third and fourth year. Like I said they are still ironing out lumps and bumps but I'm excited for what the future holds. We have great faculty working on getting us great placements. Lots of job opportunities all around!

    Events :

    We have celebrated nursing student week, there?s a multicultural day at the school every year, student activities such as the end of the year parties and parties for different holidays. We have also seen many sporting events hosted at our college over the last few years!

    Fees :

    Fees included my bus pass and then included in that is a free swim pass which is exciting. I got $30 worth of printing money which is reasonably priced at $0.10 a page for black and white. We, students, get full access to our graphics lab which includes scanners, a laminator, multiple cutters and scissors, stapler, Hole punch, and tape.

    Scholarship :

    Yes. I have received a large scholarship from Columbia basin trust (CBT) after graduation along with recovering all 3 years of passport to education. Since starting college 3 years ago I have received a total of 6 smaller scholarships from CBT to the current date. I have received financial aid from the government of Canada as well for all 3 years I have attended college (2 years of my program and 1 year of prerequisites)

    Examination Structure :

    Exams are good. Teachers are open to feedback about exams and really seem to take note of what we say and adjust how they see fit. They are always willing to clarify questions when students are confused and the school is awesome as meeting the needs of everyone's individual learning needs ie test anxiety, learning disabilities.

    Faculty :

    Amazing! Always willing to help and try and be as flexible (within policy) as possible to help students. They are super supportive of our learning, encouraging us to come to see them outside office hours and ask questions we may not have wanted to ask in class.

    Hostel :

    Since I already lived in Cranbrook I just continued in my current living situation off campus in Cranbrook. I didn't start my program until 4 years after I graduated high school. So I have been living in my own place for a while.

    8.3 out of 10
    7.0/10Social Life