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    RWTH Aachen University Rankings 2021: World Ranking, National Ranking & Subject-wise Ranking

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    Counted among the top-50 oldest Engineering colleges of Germany, RWTH Aachen University is a go-to institution for international as well as domestic students. Like other institutions, RWTH Aachen offers UG and PG programs in numerous disciplines including architecture, engineering, business administration, chemistry, biology, data science, and communication.

    What attracts international students to RWTH Aachen University? While there are several reason for it, one of the prime reason is its constant top-notch ranking in the field of Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Industrial Engineering, and Computer Science, in Germany. The RWTH Aachen University has been consistently ranking amongst the top 2% universities in the world. and top 50 in the Germany. Let’s look at its growth and development in terms of ranking in last 5 years.

    RWTH Aachen University World Ranking

    RWTH Aachen has a blend of courses including technical and research programs. Due to the divergent varieties of many programs and courses the popular ranking agencies have acknowledged RWTH among their top ranking lists.

    Agency RWTH Ranking (2018) RWTH Ranking (2019) RWTH Ranking (2020) RWTH Ranking (2021)
    QS Ranking 141 144 #138 #145
    THE Ranking 79 87 #99 #107
    ARWU World #201-300 #201-300 #201-300 -
    US news - - #179 -
    RUR 104 125 92 -

    It can be observed that RWTH has been at a constant rank of 201-300 in the ARWU Ranking for the past 3 consecutive years. Whereas, in case of Round University Ranking(RUR), RWTH rank has elevated from rank 125 to rank 92 in the following year.

    In contrast to this, RWTH’s performance in THE World University Ranking has been downhill since the year 2018. In the year 2020 a major transition from rank #87 to #99 can be seen toppled down to #107 in the year 2021.

    RWTH Aachen University Ranking: THE US News

    The US News ranks Universities on the basis of thirteen criterias. It has honored RWTH Aachen University as the #4 best global universities in Germany. The US News confers rankings based on various indicators, which are:

    Ranking Indicators Relative Ranks
    Global score 63.6
    Global research reputation #112
    Regional research reputation #51
    Publications #174
    Books #354
    Conferences #44
    Normalized citation impact #480
    Total citations #185
    Number of publications that are among the 10% most cited #188
    Percentage of total publications that are among the 10% most cited #464
    International collaboration - relative to country #850
    International collaboration #470
    Number of highly cited papers that are among the top 1% most cited #191
    Percentage of highly cited papers that are among the top 1% most cited #460

    RWTH Aachen University Ranking: QS

    The QS Rankings rank universities on the basis of scores. Each parameter is given a specific score and the rank of the university is analysed on the basis of these scores.

    Parameters Scores
    Overall Score 51.4
    Academic Reputation 51.9
    Employer Reputation 95.8
    Faculty Student 7.4
    Citations per Faculty 68.1
    International faculty 43.7
    International Students 70.3

    RWTH Aachen University Ranking: RUR

    The Round University Ranking evaluates World universities or institutions based on 20 indicators that are grouped into 4 major key areas of university activity.The University is scored on the basis of its performance in these 4 key areas.

    Parameter Scores Rank
    Teacher Ranking 61.807 268
    Research Ranking 95.808 11
    International Diversity Ranking 72.62 180
    Financial Sustainability Ranking 85.49 96

    RWTH Aachen University Ranking: ARWU

    The Academic Ranking of world Universities considers various indicators such as academic and research performances, nobel prizes achieved by any staff or alumni, papers published in Nature and Science.The highest scoring institution is assigned a score of 100, and other institutions are calculated as a percentage of the top score.

    Criteria Indicator Code Weight
    Quality of Education Nobel Prize won by any Alumni. Alumni 10%
    Quality of Faculty Nobel Prizes and Field Medals won by any staff of the institution. Highly Cited Researchers Award
    Research Output Papers Published in Nature and Science Papers indexed in Science Citation, and Social science citation index N &S
    Per capita performance Per capita academic performance of the institution. PCP 20%

    National Ranking Of RWTH Aachen University

    RWTH Aachen University is among the most renowned and top 10 institutions in Germany acquiring a position of rank 7 in Germany by the QS agency.In Contrary to this, THE placed RWTH at Rank 8 and at Rank 11 by The US News.

    The top-ranking agencies like, Times Higher Education and US News use the same analyzing parameters that are used for world rankings to determine the country-wise ranking.

    One of the leading German weekly business news Magazine-Wirtschaftswoche ranks mechanical engineering in RWTH Aachen at the top most position among the UAS Category.

    This Publishing paper evaluates the graduates of the Universities on the basis of the subjects offered by the institution by collecting the data from various German companies. The results of the best Universities are reviewed annually by the weekly news magazine.

    The universities are separated into nine scientific areas, of which RWTH offers six: mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, business engineering, natural sciences, computer science and business administration.

    Timeline of RWTH Placements in major subjects by the Wirtschaftswoche News Magazine:

    Subject 2017 2018 2019 2020
    Mechanical Engineering 1 1 1 2
    Electrical Engineering 3 1 1 2
    Natural Science Properties 3 2 2 2
    Computer Science 1 2 4 1

    Subject-wise Ranking Of RWTH Aachen University

    According to the QS ranking, The major programs and subjects are ranked on the basis of major citations, researches and Nobel prizes won by the staff and alumni of the Institution.The subjects were ranked considering two primary factors, global reputation and contribution towards research. The global reputation was determined based upon the types of courses offered and list employers, while the research contribution was determined based upon the number of citations.

    Subject Ranking
    Mathematics 51-100
    Physics & Astronomy 50
    Earth and Marine Sciences 151-200
    Historical Data 101-150
    Arts and Humanities 401-450
    Engineering-Chemical 37
    Engineering-Civil & Structural 51-100
    Medicine 151-200
    Business & Management Studies 151-200
    Engineering 18
    Psychology 251-300
    Natural Sciences 36

    Year Basis Subject Ranking By QS

    Major Subjects ranked by the QS Ranking for the past 4 years.

    Subject 2017 2018 2019 2020
    Mechanical Engineering 24 23 19 18
    Electrical Engineering 51-100 45 33 34
    Natural Sciences 26 36 51 65
    Computer Science 51-100 51-100 51-100 51-100

    The Natural Sciences program showed a drop in its ranking from the past years. Whereas Computer Science and information maintains the rank of 51-100 in the ranking table of QS for the past 4 consecutive years.

    RWTH Aachen shares the privilege to be among the 48 universities in Germany that are counted to be the best universities in the world.And in terms of Best Global Universities Rankings, the RWTH University is ranked in the 179th position and at 11th in Germany by the US News in 2020. RWTH Aachen conducts work in the research centres at Aachen university which is strongly oriented toward the current need of the industry which has led to numerous increase in the number of patents, licenses etc and have made RWTH Aachen a remarkable university.

    RWTH along with Engineering and medicine programs also offers various recreational clubs that students can join and have fun at the university.

    The University has a sports and recreational Centre along with Collegium Musicum that performs various concerts and shows. It also offers in-service training for specialists and executives. Also it is advised to the candidates to check their admission application status regularly and adhere to the deadlines. One can use the self service function in RWTHonline to view the current status of their application and it will also inform any missing documents.


    Ques. What is the application and tuition fee at RWTH Aachen University?

    Ans. The application fee for domestic students is USD 45 and USD 75 for international students. It is a Public School so the tuition fee is free of cost.

    Ques. What are the requirements for International Students?

    Ans. International students are required to submit their official transcripts and also scores of german and english proficiency tests.

    Ques. Does RWTH Aachen University offer any scholarships to the students?

    Ans. Yes the university also offers Scholarships to excellent students such as Kfw loan and DAAD scholarships.

    Ques. What are the other options at RWTH other than academics?

    Ans. RWTH along with Engineering and medicine programs also offers various recreational clubs that students can join and have fun at the university.

    The University has a sports and recreational Centre along with Collegium Musicum that performs various concerts and shows.

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