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    Technical University Dresden World Rankings, National Rankings, Subject-Specific Rankings 2020-2021

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    Technical University Dresden or TU Dresden is one of the largest institute of higher educations in Germany and also one of the eleven German institute of excellence. TU Dresden is located in Germany which is the one of the major academic spot for international students offering world-class programs and research degrees that are valued globally.

    A public research university, TU Dresden was established in 1828 making it one of the oldest universities of Germany having 14 faculties in five different schools. Located in Dresden, which is considered one of the most beautiful cities in Germany, TU Dresden has branches in Vietnam and is partnered with some of the world’s reputed universities such as Boston University, Georgetown University, Harvard Medical School, Tongji University and POSTECH.

    It offers 125 programs in areas of discipline such as Engineering & Technology, Biomedicine, Bioengineering, Materials sciences, Information technology, Microelectronics, Energy and the Environment, Business and Economics etc. Technical University Dresden is one of the leading universities in Germany in terms of f technological studies and research areas.

    It promotes early-career researchers by offering broad-spectrum programs that harness student’s potential to its peak.

    Technical University Dresden Ranking Highlights

    Agency TU Dresden World Ranking (2020-21)
    QS #173
    Times Higher Education #152
    US News #186
    CWUR #207

    Technical University Dresden Ranking by Times Higher Education

    TU Dresden Is on the most recommended top technical universities/colleges chart in Germany by the Times Higher Education, QS and US News respectively

    • TU Dresden is ranked at #152 in the world university ranking by THE 2021.
    • It shares its spot with University of Florida also at #152 followed by University of Cape Town.
    • The university shows improvement in ranking since 2016 where it dropped at-least 20 places in the ranks but has shown to rise the charts continuously ever since.
    • It first emerged in the top 200 world university list in 2015 and has continuously shown improvement in overall ranking factors including citations, research, teaching industry income and also international outlook.

    A glance at TU Dresden THE World Ranking of previous 10 years are:

    Year THE World University Ranking
    2012 #251-275
    2013 #276-300
    2014 #251-275
    2015 #135
    2016 #158
    2017 #164
    2018 #155
    2019 #151
    2020 #157
    2021 #152

    Based on the research level and global acceptance various subjects offered by the university made the top 200 list of subject worldwide.

    Some of which are Psychology at #100, engineering and Technology at #94, computer Science and Life science at #126-150, Physical Sciences, Clinical, Pre-clinical and Health at #151-200.

    Technical University Dresden Ranking by QS/Top Universities

    QS Ranking belongs to the most influential international university rating lists alongside the Times Higher Education World University.

    • TU Dresden is placed at #173 for the QS World University Ranking 2021.
    • It has climbed approx. 85 places (in year 2012 it was at #288 and in 2021 at #173) since last 8 years to land at the current spot and has shown a positive trend in ranking over years in all indicators as well.

    Previous years world ranking of TU Dresden:

    Year 2012 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021
    World Ranking #288 #262 #234 #227 #210 #195 #191 #179 #173

    The technology and engineering program also made the QS WUR by Subject ranking list and is placed among #51-100 and has been making the top 100 subject list world-wide for the last consecutive three years.

    The university has maintained a steady ranking in the graduate employment ranking at #181-190 and has been so in that range of position for the consecutive three years.

    Looking at the overall parameter of the university, students have really appreciated it in terms of all the academic, research, international faculty and so on.

    Technical University Dresden Ranking by US News

    Various publications have their own set of indicators and criteria through which they rank the university based on not just the academic but on all round performance.

    • US News 2021 has ranked TU Dresden University #186 in Best Global Universities across the world.
    • The University is placed at #12 position in Best Global Universities in Germany and also at #75 position in Best Global Universities in Europe by US News 2021.

    The ranking criteria for US news which concludes all the areas of university is detailed below.

    Ranking Criteria Relative rank
    Global score 63.5
    Global research reputation #291
    Regional research reputation #101
    Publications #169
    Books #262
    Conferences #84
    Normalized citation impact #435
    Total Citations #170
    Number of publications that are among the 10% most cited #172
    Percentage of total publications that are among the 10% most cited #370
    International collaboration - relative to country #642
    International collaboration #373
    Number of highly cited papers that are among the top 1% most cited #156
    Percentage of highly cited papers that are among the top 1% most cited #315

    Technical University Dresden Subject Wise Ranking by US News

    Looking at the courses and programs offered by Technical University Dresden, approximately 25 programs made the top 200 US News 2021 subject ranking based on their global reception and research outcome.

    Some of the programs who made the top 200 list are below based on their ranking.

    Subjects/Field of Study US News Subject Ranking 2021
    Material Sciences #79
    Endocrinology and Metabolism #70
    Biology and Biochemistry #128
    Biotechnology and Applied Microbiology #163
    Cell Biology #118
    Chemistry #121
    Physics #126
    Oncology #131
    Psychology #110
    Energy and Fuels #134
    Immunology #179
    Electrical and Electronic Engineering #177

    Technical University Dresden Ranking by CWUR

    The Centre of World University rankings, a reputed publication that ranks universities on their overall persona has ranked Ohio state university depending on its quality of education, employment rate, extensive research facility and more.

    Institute name Ranking
    Location Germany
    World rank #207
    National Rank #13
    Alumni Employment Rank #1000
    Research Output Rank #172
    Quality Publications Rank #178
    Influence Rank #176
    Citation Rank #129
    Overall Score 78.2

    Technical University Dresden v/s Other Technical Universities: Comparison

    Tabulated below are the difference between Technical University Dresden and Technical University Munich along with Technical University Berlin based on the following factors:

    University/College Technical University Dresden Technical University Munich Technical University Berlin
    Rank #152 (THE 2021)
    #173 (QS 2021)
    #41 (THE 2021)
    #50 (QS 2021)
    #140 (THE 2021)
    #148 (QS 2021)
    Location Germany Germany Germany
    Status Public Public Public
    Age >150 >150 >150
    Focus Comprehensive Comprehensive Comprehensive
    Research Very High Very High Very High
    Students Number 31,795 40,665 22,600
    International Students 20% of the total students 32% of the total students 19.3% of the total students
    Acceptance Rate Less competitive as compared to other German Technical Universities Highly competitive as compared to other German Technical University Highly competitive as compared to other German Technical University
    Popular Programs Biology, Chemistry, Food Chemistry, Education, Arts, Humanities and Social Science, Engineering Sciences and Electrical and Computer Engineering. ∙ Science, Arts, Business Administration and Education. Urban management, Civil Engineering, Business Engineering Energy and Architecture.
    Exam Score GMAT - 695
    TOEFL - 100
    IELTS - 7.5
    GRE - 320
    GMAT - 700
    IELTS - 7.5
    TOEFL - 104
    GRE - 325
    IELTS - 8
    TOEFL - 90
    SAT - 1530
    ACT - 34
    Employer Reputation Score 61.1 98.5 75.05
    International Students Score 34.1 84.7 74.4
    Academic Reputation Score 37.6 83.8 54.1

    Why choose Technical University Dresden?

    • TU Dresden is multidisciplinary and one of the largest universities in Germany offering more than 100 different reputed programs for students to choose from at affordable costs.
    • Along with highest share of income by industry partnerships, TU Dresden partners with the likes of prestigious universities such as Boston University, Georgetown University, Harvard Medical School, Tongji University and POSTECH to deliver the acclaimed courses and programs.
    • Internationally acclaimed for its research and technical programs TU Dresden empowers students by harnessing their skills along with their expert academic and pushing the limit of their knowledge and experience.
    • Awarded the University of Excellence title in 2012, it confirms its potential as one of the Germany’s best and oldest technical universities.
    • Comparatively less competitive than other technical universities in Germany, its makes it easier for candidates to apply and nurture their potential in academic and research facilities.
    • TU Dresden has and incentive to offer excellence, potential and motivation among its students and push their bars towards making their research career at early stage of studies.
    • The world ranking by influential agency and publication only strengthens its reputation in higher educational world making it a top choice for potential students as their next academic hub across the globe.

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