Interview by Bhawna Rawat


Dr. Subhendu Kumar Behera is currently working as the Vice Principal of Hi-tech college of Engineering, Bhubaneswar. He holds a B.E degree (Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering), an M.Tech degree (Electrical Engineering) and a doctorate degree. He has 2 and a half decades of experience in Industry and Academics. He has published and presented papers in national/international journals and seminars. He has a valuable experience in teaching the students of bachelors, masters and diplomas.

My desire to make and contribute to positive social change has brought me to the education sector

After I graduated from engineering college Burla in 1992, I decided to join the corporate world. When I joined that field, I got to know that what we have been taught is totally different from its application. I decided to join this education industry so that I can also contribute to students’ future. When I joined this industry there were only a few colleges in Odisha like CV Raman & KIIT. I have changed so many colleges throughout my life which I felt I couldn’t.

So, as far as my thoughts are concerned, this is a message which I want to give to my younger generation, upcoming engineers and technocrats, that taking right decision at right time is very essential for the students as well as the parents because the parents are also the decision makers of the student’s life and don’t be inclined towards the short-term gains in life because with that short-term gain you will fail to get the success. My desire to make and contribute to positive social change has brought me to the education sector. This is a conscious choice.

A true leader wins followers with his capabilities and without exerting any force

For me, the idea of leadership is very clear. Every leader should address the problems of their followers and they should have the capability to resolve it so that people will follow them. Like we are supporting our students in every manner by giving the best equipments, proper teachings, proper environment and proper facilities so that they can get success in their life.

The true leader is someone who earns respect through his rightful actions and mass following without any dictatorship.

He inspires others to follow in his footsteps and become the guiding light for the humanity. The great leader is someone who carries the torch of wisdom and enlightens the society thereby leading people to the path of progress and growth. Besides, the true meaning of leadership is having the requisite ability to enable people to want to follow you while being under no compulsion as such to do so.

All of our departments have distinguished faculty and exciting curriculum

We have designed a very good curriculum for HCE. Our Department of CSE has stood up to meet this fast growing world. We train our students with adequate exposure towards the most crucial concepts like software, computer applications, compilers, artificial intelligence etc. by sharing practical examples and implementations.

Our unique training process and updated curriculum attract students and their hunt for Best Computer Science Engineering College Bhubaneswar ends at us.

Even though we are already renowned as the Top Computer Science Engineering College in Bhubaneswar, we are dedicatedly forging ahead to make ourselves a “Department Of Excellence” keeping abreast of recent developments with faculties who have the farsighted vision to glorify our institution as the Centre of Excellence in future. The Mechanical Engineering Department of any institution plays a lead role in evolving an “Engineering Science” based curriculum and serves as a role model for other disciplines. The Hi-Tech College of Engineering has a branding in this discipline that places us on the top in the list of Best Mechanical Engineering Colleges in Bhubaneswar.

The Mechanical Engineering Department has a pool of experts acting as faculty members who are divided into four broad specializations – Design, Manufacturing, Production and Thermal & Fluids. They have been engaged in many types of research related to classical as well as emerging areas. Among the Top Engineering Colleges in Bhubaneswar, Mechanical Engineering Department of HCE has the best faculty and technical staff. We have a very exciting curriculum for our other branches too. For example, HCE, the Best College for Electronics and Communication Engineering in Bhubaneswar has made extensive research on the industry requirements in this discipline and has set up laboratories and equipment that provide adequate exposure to concepts and implementations.

The department of ECE was established in 2009 and since then faculty has made every effort to improve the quality of teaching and the available facilities. The department is very active in teaching and research in the areas of Communications, Signal Processing, Microelectronics, and VLSI design, and Electronics Systems. The highly qualified and skilled faculty of this department makes full use of the available infra and encourages students to study and develop new concepts that can take industry and themselves to new heights of success.

The Department of Civil Engineering of HCE – the Top Civil Engineering College in Bhubaneswar, is committed to provide quality education to budding civil technocrats interested in civil engineering. The educational mission of the Civil Engineering graduate program is to prepare students with a curriculum that is fundamental, yet broad and flexible, to produce graduates who are well-grounded in scientific and technical knowledge, have the ability to analyse, evaluate and design civil engineering systems, to communicate effectively and are thus prepare for a career path towards leadership in industry, government and academics and we are giving emphasis on The Department of chemistry at Hi-tech college of Engineering. BBSR is one of the best department in this Best basic science and humanities Engineering College, Bhubaneswar.

The Department boasts of the well-qualified and experienced faculty. Dr. S. P Das, the vice principal, is leading the Department as the Head since the beginning. The department has distinguished faculty, all holding Master degrees in all major disciplines, from renowned institutes in Odisha. Students are fed with technical and statutory information to become entrepreneurs.

The department conducts technical quizzes, technical seminars, group discussions and guest lectures on related burning issues. The students are taught the basic fundamentals of chemistry & applied chemistry used in the industries and research organizations. The Department is committed to Excellence in its Academic programs by enabling its students to achieve a blend of knowledge acquisition and applications of such knowledge in real life situations.

Suggestions for the current youth and the aspiring students

They should concentrate on their concept knowledge rather than running behind the scores and placements. Nowadays students only want marks and placements but they don’t want to understand that scoring high marks but not being able to deliver that in the field is completely valueless.

Aspiring students shouldn’t be influenced by this mass grooming coaching centres

No doubt there are so many mass grooming coaching centres, which are increasing in numbers day by day and students are getting influenced by all these things. Instead of depending upon the coaching classes students should try to study without their help. If they have any doubt they can come to us as we are here to clear all of their doubts. As per my knowledge, they should be focused towards their aim so that nothing can distract them to achieve success.