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She is the President, Sri Sri University, President of World Forum for Ethics in Business, Trustee of Sri Sri Ravishankar Vidya Mandir Trust, which runs over 100 educational institutions. She is also the member of FICCI Higher Education National Task Force, Co-Convenor of CII Education Council of East Region and a Mentor of Change for Atal Innovation Mission of Niti Ayog, Govt. of India.

The education industry is universal as most of us have to go through the phase of acquiring education

The education industry has a lot to offer. It is one of the best and a universal industry. No matter how much we progress in life, maximum of us have to go through this phase to climb the ladder of success. For me, has been a fantastic venture because it has given me myriad of opportunities. I took up the task of building everything from the scratch; I got the exposure where I could really craft the course programs, craft pedagogy, build and approach. And I think this experience is incomparable because it a life-long learning process. 

Leadership is not about holding a position or designation

For me, leadership is not about position or designation. For me leadership is about responsibility & accountability. That’s how I do my work I believe that leadership is about responsibility, it’s about accountability. It’s about showing your commitment towards your work, your colleagues; your people, and the institution you’re working for. When you run an institution; there are so many things that can work out well and so many don’t. Your leadership test is measured most by how you tackle the factors which doesn’t fall in your court. That’s what people remember about you & that’s what stories are made of. 

Transparency, authenticity, commitment, pursuit of excellence makes up my leadership style

I think for me there are a few things which are of utmost importance. Firstly, it is the pursuit of excellence. I have a very high benchmark for excellence and I personally live by it. I hold everyone meeting me or visiting me to a very high stands and I think that helps because I have worked down the order with the people who have taught me throughout my journey. The second pivotal factor that plays an important role is integrity. I have high standards for ethics. Thus, I expect people to be the same. Also, for me, transparency and authenticity goes hand in hand. I compliment or appreciate liberally. Additionally, a commitment towards work is what I stand for. For us as an institution it is important to grow and evolve every day, and these factors help us to evolve.

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Any new institution when initiates face tremendous challenges in the road ahead

Any new institution which starts from scratch face challenges. Thus, there’s a lot of catching up with a already established people in the industry. In our case, the expectations so high & people have been expecting us to achieve in 5-6 years, what others have achieved in 50-60 years or maybe 100 years.It may be slightly pompous to describe it. Our faculty of Architecture, which is this year completing our first full form as a course is only 5 years old, it is already one among the top 10 architecture colleges in India. The expectations out of us, I think we are able to craft them for ourselves. The team meetings at regular intervals, comes out to be productive, where even the minutest of the discussion takes place if it is in the advancement of our institution. Our Deans, HoDs ,our Vice chancellor,these are well experienced expert in their own field and I think everybody has the freedom to express their academic prowess & have the freedom to achieve the goal.

The essence of our curriculum is designed according to the industry requirements and trends across the globe

The excellent faculties and facilities becomes a helping hand for our student to be top-class. There is a procedure for everything and it happens in different ways for our different programs. Where it is necessary there is huge amount of focus on industry engagement. For example, our faculty of management courses as we grow into senior classes of BBA & BCOM or even our MBA. We have age preference specializations in our MBA, which very few universities or even established management institutes in India don’t have. We have very excellent management development program & like very closely integrated industry & university engagement.Also, we have industry experts visiting our campus to guide our students in the specific domains They advise us to curate the curriculum according to the industry requirements. Thus, depending upon the different courses the engagements or curriculum is designed.

Our campus is known as the happiest campus by the students

Our campus is known as the happiest campus by the students. There are so many factors behind it. Our campus provides a physical as well as a mental well-being. Our campus resonates a spirit of giving. During the situation of crisis we all come together and play crucial role by lending a hand. We cook for each other, we take care of each other. We have created an environment, an eco-system. We nurture and facilitate this relationship.

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We not only focus on placements but to educate our students to be job creators as well

We have held tremendous placement records. Being a young university, our placement record speaks for itself. Secondly we also focus on developing entrepreneurial skills. For the Last 2-3 years, 35 students of our students have initiated their start-up. We emphasize on the education where our students can be job creators

It is because of the art of living the world is an oyster for our students. 156 countries of the world, where the art of living organization is present, our students get to engage with teachers from these countries & they get to work in these countries. So many of our students are all over the world today.And people from all over the world keep coming to our campus and engaging with our students.

Bringing in new quality courses and international collaborations is our aim for the future

Our first and foremost aim is to launch quality courses. This year we have introduced precisely 47 new programs. Each year we come up with new courses that bring out the best from our students. Also we are in a process of starting our Ayurveda college.We will soon be starting an Allopathy hospital and and allopathy degree course and I think our hospital will be one if it’s kind because we are planning an integrated Ayurveda & Allopathy Hospital. Mostly our focus will revolve around providing programs which will incorporate cultures of the world getting highlighted. Also, the focus will be to bring in international collaborations to give maximum exposure to our students.