Every aspect of communication design arises from the need to communicate a specific message and to obtain the desired response. In other words, communication design exists because one individual wants to convey something to another to ensure that the message is sent across, and action is produced.

Designing calls for inventing, projecting, programming and coordinating many human and technical factors. These are critical in translating what cannot be seen into something tangible. Communication design principles are crucial in ensuring that a designer is working on the rendition, arrangement and visual presentation of the message.

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With the digital revolution, a new requirement for designers has arisen i.e. they have to be more multifaceted. Given today's competitive environment, designers have to be talented in their area of work and also have an excellent working knowledge of understanding digital strategy, mapping the journey of customers and coding. All these skills are relevant, but good design communication is a critical factor in today's day and age that binds all other powers and trumps them all.

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Research on Design in Tech. 
A recent report in Design in Technology revealed that LinkedIn is increasingly looking for design talent, while Amazon, Google and Facebook exponentially raised their headcount in design by over 60% in 2016 alone, with additional workforce joining these firms last year. This shows that the need for designers is much more than it has ever been before.

Pearl Academy Curriculum - Communication Design 

With a wide range of communication channels and thought-provoking discussions around design, the need to communicate design competently is an area that designers must look into. At the end of the day, if designers are unable to express their thought processes, concepts and principles effectively, there will be a massive gap in their output and subsequently in their standing in the industry.

Given the need and scope for communication design, Pearl Academy offers intensive undergraduate and postgraduate communication design courses. It is one thing to have talented and seasoned designers, but having the ability to articulate design decisions can reveal that the designer has the experience and skill set to complete the task.

Keeping this in mind, the communication design courses at Pearl Academy equips students to have a level of confidence in their abilities while instilling the need to articulate a considered design approach without inhibitions.

These days, designers solve more than just problems or creative solutions. The communication design courses ensure students are instilled with the right concepts and principles to help them get their message across empathetically and practically.

Growth of Communication Design in India 

The field of communication design is still a novel yet rising field as an increasing number of interested clients, and stakeholders understand the work involved in designing applications or products. The communication design course equips students with a combination of education, information and evangelization in one go.

If you genuinely want to understand and grasp the opportunity of influencing how companies work, you need to look beyond customer goals and just products. Designers must participate in discussions on various aspects, and this can be done with exceptional communication and personal skills. Since designers are not naturally inclined to speak about business, the communication design course at Pearl Academy can help you communicate with confidence by giving you the right tools and instructions on effective communication.

For three consecutive years, Pearl Academy has been awarded as the Best Design Institute in India (2016 - 2018). The institute also conducts the industry relevant design event called ‘What’s Next Design’ and ‘What’s Next In Design Entertainment’ every year.