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Distance Education: Why You Should Opt for It?

Pranjal Singhal Pranjal Singhal
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Distance Education: Why You Should Opt for It?

If you want to continue with your job but also want to pursue a course, then distance education must be your final resolve. The scope of distance learning in India is increasing and so is the quality of education.

As per the reports of the ministry of HRD, distance education enrollment makes 11.05% of the total higher education enrollment in India. Not just that, female students make an admirable 46.3% of that. Many colleges offer distance education as a mode of learning in India. There are almost 150 institutes in India offering distance learning as a part of their programmes.

Almost every kind of diploma, undergraduate and postgraduate course is covered in this mode. At a time when the student population is constantly rising, distance education is helping accommodate them.

Distance education is also suitable for those students who want to prepare for some other big exams. It gives you an opportunity to learn new skills and implement them at the same time. Apart from this, distance learning has many other benefits.

1. Pursue Your Dream

pursue your dream

Pursuing a distance education course is equivalent to pursuing your dream as you get ample time to invest in other things which you are passionate about. You don’t have those issues of busy schedules now.

2. Study While You Work

study while you work

Most students pursue distance education as they don’t want to leave their job. Make an effective schedule by working in the day and studying at night. This also gives you an opportunity to implement the skills you learn in your job.

3. Study at Your Own Pace

study at your own pace

Distance Education gives you the facility of studying at your own pace. You don’t need to catch up with the faculty’s speed or face those embarrassing moments when you don't understand something.

4. Choose Your Own Classroom

choose your own classroom

The best thing is that it is you who decides where to study. You can study on your couch or your bed and even in a playground. No one asks whether you were sitting while studying or not.

5. Pocket-Friendly

pocket friendly

Distance education courses are way less costly than regular full-time courses. The universities keep a low price as there is no expenditure in maintaining a proper infrastructure.

6. No Hectic Travel

hectic travel

The biggest relief one gets from this mode is travel. You don’t need to spend time travelling to your college and then travelling back again. Moreover, your travelling expenditure is also zeroed.

7. Preferred by Employers

preferred by employers

Lately, many employers have also started encouraging distance education as it helps employees improve their skills without leaving the job.

Distance education provides an education equivalent to the regular courses, just with the topping of a lil bit comfort. Even if you have any doubt, there are many discussion forums available.