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After Lockdown, Schools will Reopen Zone-Wise with 30% Attendance

Arunasish Sen Arunasish Sen
Content Curator

After the lockdown is lifted, it is likely that the central government will allow for the reopening of schools based on zone-wise grading, with initial attendance requirements being 30%. This does not include elementary school classes, which are likely to resume only when academic activities have picked up pace.

Since elementary school children are too young to be expected to adhere to safety rules, it has been decided that these children will continue to study at home. For other students, classes will resume somewhere around July. Attendance will be down to 30% and the students will have to take classes in two shifts, following social distancing rules.

The teachers will have to train themselves to help students follow the guidelines. Earlier, the HRD Minister had suggested that schools might reopen with 30 percent capacity in his live session on Twitter on 14 May 2020. He had mentioned that social distancing would have to be maintained after schools reopen.

What are the other guidelines to be followed?

The University Grants Commission (UGC) will be devising the safety guidelines for opening colleges and universities, while the NCERT will prepare the guidelines for schools. As it is, the guidelines for schools and colleges will be different.

Teachers will need to wear masks and gloves with thermal scanners being installed in the schools. Only school students will sit on a three-seater. Closed-circuit television cameras will be installed to monitor movement and ensure social distancing rules are followed.