Which IIM is better, IIM Shillong, IIM Ranchi or IIM Rohtak? Why?

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Karan Luthra Jan 18, 2021

The decision depends on what you are looking for, in your MBA. At present, IIM Ranchi is the 2nd fastest growing new IIMs after IIM Trichy. IIM Ranchi is better than IIM Shilong and IIM Rohtak. Although IIM Ranchi has its fair share of shortcomings.

The table shows a brief overview of the institutions.


IIM Shillong

IIM Ranchi

IIM Rohtak

Median Salary

Rs. 18.76 Lakh

Rs. 15.11 Lakh

Rs. 13.7 Lakh


Rs. 10 Lakh

Rs. 7.8 Lakh

Rs. 16.55 Lakh

IIM Shillong:

  • IIM Shillong has the most beautiful campus but it has a locational disadvantage. The placements and faculty quality suffer due to bad connectivity. 
  • Almost all the faculty at the institute are only from the northeast and Bengal regions. 
  • Due to the bad placement, many students of IIM Ranchi and Trichy refused converts from IIM Shilong. 

In the next few years, IIM Shillong will have difficulty in attracting students with present quality. 

IIM Ranchi:

  • The way it looks, IIM Ranchi will have its new campus which will be available in 7–10 years. 
  • IIM Ranchi does not give the real IIM experience as the accommodation is far away from the college, students have to travel for nearly an hour each day by bus. Also, these are just buildings with no college atmosphere, no real campus to live in with the faculty, no library, playgrounds is at Khelgaon which are not operational through the day and night, etc.

Even though it is the second-fastest-growing IIM, there’s a vast gap between IIM Trichy and IIM Ranchi. 

IIM Rohtak:

  • IIM Rohtak also has a locational disadvantage. It used to be in the top 2 new IIM and it has moved far down, in the bottom 3. 
  • No one, who has an idea about IIMs will ever recommend IIM Rohtak over the other new IIM. With the new director, things may improve but the IIMs will have also progressed by then.

All the institutes have their own disadvantages. Among the IIMs mentioned in the question, IIM Ranchi is a better alternative.