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    UC Berkeley MBA Class Profile 2021-Employment Reports, Admission Statistics, Acceptance Rate, Application Deadline

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    Majority of the candidates aspiring to pursue management consider the UC Berkeley Hass School of Business as one of the best B-schools across the world. UC Berkeley ranking is 7 among the best business schools and 2nd in part-time MBA according to US News. UC Berkeley was founded in 1898 making it the second oldest B-school in the whole US. UC Berkeley MBA is mostly famous for its technological advancement oriented course of study since it is located at the center of Silicon Valley.

    UC Berkeley online courses, as well as part-time MBA, promotes the contemporary leadership qualities to be borne by management candidates, alongside interconnecting diverse cultures from over the world and challenging traditional customs.

    If you are someone on the lookout for details about UC Berkeley admissions for MBA then checking out the UC Berkeley MBA class profile will throw light on the requirements of the program.

    UC Berkeley MBA Class Profile 2022: Highlights

    UC Berkeley has welcomed a class size of 331 students of diverse cultures. The average work experience accepted is 5.3 years with candidates coming from different ends of the world along with having distinctive industry experiences. The middle 80% range of years of work experience is 3 – 8 years. This further states how divergent student intake is. The UC Berkeley MBA cost for CA resident is $64, 246 and for non-resident is $68, 444. UC Berkeley MBA acceptance rate was 12.9% in 2019 making the selection procedure comparatively easier than the other top-notch B-schools over the world.

    UC Berkeley admissions are praised because of its focus on admitting a higher percentage of women and international candidates as well as US minorities. The UC Berkeley MBA class profile has welcomed:

    • 39% of women;
    • 17% underrepresented minorities: This also includes the Black, Hispanic, Native American, Multiethnic;
    • 21% of international candidates: According to the UC Berkeley MBA admission requirements, this percentage doesn’t include US citizens or dual US passport holders;
    • 37 countries are represented here marking again the diversity;
    • 39% U.S. minorities: This includes the U.S. citizens as well as the permanent residents identified as Asian, Black, Hispanic, Native American, and Multiethnic.

    UC Berkeley MBA Class Profile 2022: Academic

    UC Berkeley for its 2021 batch has accepted a 3.65 average undergrad GPA out of 4 as per the US education system. The middle 80% range of GPA has resulted in 3.4 – 3.9. The average GMAT score is 727, with the middle 80% range is 690 – 760. The average GRE verbal score is 161, with the middle 80% scoring 153 – 167. The average GRE quant score is 161, with the middle 80% scoring 154 – 169.

    The top undergraduate majors of UC Berkeley MBA are:

    Top Undergraduate Majors of UC Berkeley MBA

    From the above graph, it can be stated that Economics and Engineering are the two most opted majors by the candidates followed by social sciences with 16%. Whereas, Math major is taken by the least number of candidates resulting in only 2%.

    UC Berkeley MBA Class Profile 2021: Employment Reports

    UC Berkeley has a very prestigious employment process where a maximum of the test-takers is placed among the famous corporate houses. For the UC Berkeley Haas School of Business 2021 batch, the class profiles are quite fascinating since they are diverse and throw light on the percentage of candidates working in specific industries.

    The Pre-MBA Industries of UC Berkeley have been explained with a graph below:

    Pre-MBA Industries of UC Berkeley

    From the above graph, it can be seen that consulting is the highest-ranking industry with 21% followed by financial services with 17%. The lowest percentage is found in government and entertainment industries with only 3%.

    Pre-MBA Functions of UC Berkeley Class Profile 2021:

    Pre-MBA Functions of UC Berkeley

    The maximum function was found in the consulting department with a 22%. There is a huge fall in the preceding percentages from 21 to 9%. Other functions were found in Operations, Marketing, Planning, Project management and more.

    The above details show how the UC Berkeley fees are justified since the candidates gets placed properly.

    UC Berkeley MBA Class Profile 2021: Application Deadlines

    One of the most crucial part of the admissions of the UC Berkeley MBA courses is following the proper UC Berkeley MBA deadline. There will be no meaning of preparing hard for the entrances if the application deadline is missed.

    The following are the details of the UC Berkeley MBA application deadline of 2020 – 21:

    Round 1 24th September Deadline: 24th September 2020
    Decision: 17th December 2020
    Round 2 14th January Deadline: 14th January 2021
    Decision: 25th March 2021
    Round 3 5th April 2021 Deadline: 5th April 2021
    Decision: 13th May 2021

    UC Berkeley MBA: Requirements

    Since UC Berkeley is one of the best B-schools across the world, the candidates need to follow certain strict UC Berkeley MBA admission requirements:

    1. Application submission
    2. University Transcripts
    3. Resume
    4. GMAT/GRE Score Report
    5. UC Berkeley MBA Essay
    6. Two professional Letter of Recommendations
    7. Interviews to be given
    8. Payment of application fee
    9. English language proficiency test if applicable.

    UC Berkeley Notable Alumni

    UC Berkeley is filled with numerous notable alumni and some of them are:

    • Shantanu Narayen: CEO of Adobe Systems;
    • Paul Otellini: Former CEO of Intel
    • Richard C. Blum: Chairman and President of Blum Capital
    • Arun Sarin: Former CEO of Vodafone Group
    • Barbara J. Desoer: Former CEO of Citibank
    • Donald Fisher: Co-founder of Gap Clothing
    • Joseph Jimenez: Former CEO of Novartis

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