Committed to excellence, Darshan Dental College and Hospital,Udaipur caters to the demand for highly qualified Dental Surgeons. It imbibes change realizing the fact that Dentistry today has come far away from the days of extraction and dentures and accordingly provides well-designed laboratories equipped with modern equipments to meet the vast developments in instrumentation and technical precision existing around the world. It meets the necessities of students quite aptly and at the same time inculcates a culture of discipline among them. The college also encourages extracurricular, cultural and literacy events among the students to sharpen their saw and induce a healthy competition among them for their overall development.

Facts and Figures of Darshan Dental College and Hospital, Udaipur

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Why join Darshan Dental College and Hospital?

  • Comprehensive Learning: Learning mostly comprises of theoretical, practical, clinical and field-based teaching accompanied with extensive audio-visual training. Apart from this, learning is dynamic, covering the recent developments in the field
  • Renowned Faculty: Success of any institution is amply a reflection of its faculty members, and Darshan Dental College is no exception. A total of 79 teachers across departments, excelling in various fields of dentistry, aid to impart the essential skills asked for by the profession and produce dentists of the modern day.