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A balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are the tenets to a hale and hearty mind, body, and soul. An appropriately balanced diet with all the nutritious and nourishing ingredients, in proper quantity like carbohydrates, water, proteins, fats, fiber content, vitamins, and minerals are an essential requirement to stay fit and active. These days when people are consuming more junk and less nutrition, the threat of uninvited ailments is on an upsurge. To elude such disagreeable consequences and lead a healthy lifespan, it is essential to espouse a healthy regimen. It is needed to recognize what to consume, and it is even more crucial to identify what to evade and what not to eat. A balanced diet does not always mean eating the right food but eating them in the right proportion at the right interval.

However, not every person has an inkling about human anatomy. That’s where the need to seek the advice of nutritionists and dieticians arise. Nutritionists are specialists in nourishment and sustenance. They assist in choosing the right stuff to eat, aid in developing menus, and recommend the benefits of certain food products. Nutritionists assess the current dietary pattern and necessities, instruct the healthy consumption behaviors, shadow to confirm the set of choices are working and write a report that documents the improvement.

Nutritionists also conduct workshops and meetings in schools, colleges, businesses, organizations, and communities to spread awareness about the importance of proper nourishment and diet. Those who are keen to work in the field of nutrition and dietetics must undergo proper edification and preparation to become preeminent in their field.

Check Manav Rachna International Institute Of Research And Studies - [MRIIRS]

Manav Rachna offers numerous courses and degrees that are delivered to lead the aspirants in the right progression to turn out to be a renowned nutritionist and dietitian. Many of its faculty members hold membership to the Indian Dietetic Association; Nutrition Society of India, the Indian Society for Parental Enteral Nutrition, Society of Biological Chemists, etc.


Manav Rachna offers this course of 3 years, including 2- month clinical/industrial training and numerous Foundation Courses, Core Courses and Elective Courses (Generic, Domain Centric, and Open). The course covers subjects like Basics in Human Anatomy, Fundamentals of Foods & Nutrition, Enzymes in Food processing, Fermentation Technology Holistic Wellness and Life Skills, Nutrition for Health, Fitness, and Sports, Health Psychology, and many more.


This course is of 2 years and along with the Foundation Courses, Core Courses, and Elective Courses (Generic, Domain Centric, and Open). The Department arranges student’s visits to different corporate giants like DIPAS, Yakult, Mother Dairy, Tilda rice, Haldirams, Flight Kitchen, Britannia, Chintamani, etc. These industrial visits provide hands-on practical exposure and help in the multi-dimensional development of the students, giving them an edge over others. It also invites knowledgeable people from corporate and academics to interact with the students and widen their horizon.