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Ranked 63 for Overall by NIRF 2020
Ranked 84 for Overall by NIRF 2019
Ranked 21 for Pharmacy by NIRF 2020
Ranked 25 for Pharmacy by NIRF 2019
Ranked 41 for MBA by NIRF 2020
Ranked 49 for MBA by NIRF 2019
Ranked 32 for B.Tech by NIRF 2020
Ranked 35 for B.Tech by NIRF 2019
Ranked 75 for Science by Indiatoday 2020
Ranked 16 for Hotel Management by Indiatoday 2020
Ranked 6 for MBA by Indiatoday 2020
Ranked 7 for Computer Applications by Indiatoday 2020
Ranked 5 for Computer Applications by Indiatoday 2019
Ranked 5 for Overall by Outlook 2020
Ranked 66 for Overall by Outlook 2019
Ranked 23 for Social Science by Outlook 2020
Ranked 49 for Science by Outlook 2020
Ranked 20 for Hotel Management by The Week 2020
Ranked 49 for Overall by Financial Express 2019
Ranked 601 for Paramedical by THE 2020
Ranked 501 for MBA by THE 2020
Ranked 801 for Science by THE 2020
Ranked 601 for Life Sciences by THE 2020
Ranked 43 for Overall by QS 2020
Ranked 41 for Overall by QS 2019
Ranked 1461 for Overall by US News 2020
Amity University, Noida

Amity University, Noida

Noida, Uttar Pradesh NCTE, COA, BCI, AICTE, UGC, AIU Estd 1986 Private University NAAC Grade A 60 Questions Answered Ranked 63 for Overall by NIRF 2020+25 more

Dr. Ajay Rana reckons that education framework at Amity is rooted in key values, ethics and it stresses on principles like patriotism, courage, and respect for elders

Risha Sinha Risha Sinha
Content Curator

Interview by Yash Panchal

ajay rana

Dr. Ajay Rana is the Advisor & Founder Director of more than 39 different Institutions and Innovative Programs at Amity Group. He holds an M.Tech. and a doctorate degree in Computer Science and Engineering. He has published more than 200 Research Papers in reputed Journals and Proceedings of International and National Conferences. He has co-authored 06 Books and co-edited 37 Conference Proceedings. He has delivered Invited lectures in more than 63 Technical and Management Workshop / Conferences programs in India and abroad.

Dr. Rana has received a number of Awards and Honors like Most Influential Directors of India 2016, Singapore, Italian Machine Tool Technology (IMTT) in Italy 2014, International WHO’S WHO of Professionals 2014, CIO 2011, Best Advisor SIFE 2011 as well as many National / International Merit Scholarship.

Dr. Rana has visited many Worlds’ Top Universities like Oxford University, University of Nottingham, University of Wales and many more. He is a member of Board of Governance (BOG), Executive Council (EC), Advisory Council (AC), Academic Executive Member (AEM), Board of Studies (BOS) and Special Member of many Indian and Foreign Universities as well as Industries. He is Editor in Chief, Technical Committee Member, Advisory Board Member for 27 Plus Technical Journals and Conferences at National and International Levels.

Managing the responsibility of being the Advisor & Founder Director of more than 39 different Institutions and Innovative Programs at Amity Group

It depends on the interest and personality of an individual that how he/she wishes to grow in an organization. Everyone in the system always has 2 options, first is to remain confined up to the responsibility you are appointed for and work only as a processing unit (like a machine) which is having great amount of work to do but no scope for modifications, the way it was 10 years ago it would remain the same even after 20 years at the same time the outcome/ product would also remain the same. But what I appreciate most is the second option i.e. to look beyond, gain excellence in whatever you do, every time there should be an in the results given by you. Once you have outperformed, it is your prime responsibility to maintain the standards. Further to this statement, in my opinion, the is not those great people who always work towards the or have excelled in every bit of task ever performed by him/ her. Instead, my opinion,

a true leader is a person who not only has the ability to lead masses but at the same time possess an eye to identify potential leaders

imbibe each and every bit of attribute desired to make them more capable and productive. Moreover, constant innovative practices make them rather superior to .

It is true that there are many critical avenues which personalized attention, time and strategy but when you have created masters of all trades you task would become easy. I pay highest regards to those professionals who call it a on every success or achievement rather than self. Only 2 words would summarize the entire thought of having an ever performing team i.e. perfect mind mapping and trust with these 2 attributes you would always remain confident over the doing and accomplishments of the team working with you.

I believe that 39 verticals are still less. In order to keep my students abreast with the latest trends and technologies, I look forward to or introduce more innovative departments at my university.

Dr. Rana’s interest in M.Tech and Ph.D. degrees in Computer Science and Engineering, and the of these courses in the present scenario

India is producing a amount of skilled workforce and on the other IT industry is having great potential. India is very high in demand across the globe those who have the ability to understand, process and execute. It is important for all to understand the market and then work on the interest areas for higher education. for any specific technology/ industry could be high today but at the time of obtaining your degree, will it remain the same? It is the toughest question to answer for any budding engineer.

Here, the role of teachers, parents, guardians come into play. Before finalizing any program, whether it is of your interest area or not before joining the same students need to study the trends, existing scenario and future predictions. If we just look at the past few specific years (once in a decade in the 30 years), the Industry has always been on top in the charts of employment and job satisfaction. section of the service industry is now totally dependent on IT Sector and Indians are successfully leading the work by producing skilled manpower for the service industry.

Due to constant innovation and hard work, Indians are proving their calibers across all formats of the Industry. When I personally opted for higher education in the field of Computer Science and Engineering, it was on the emerging front. We were having tremendous scope for developing the framework for generations to study and follow. But when I compare the IT Industry when I joined from what it is today, there is a huge difference and Pundits of this industry are predicting that it will be to evolve at a much faster pace relatively in a shorter time span.

Moreover, some may join me pitching the statement that this industry extends significant support to other fields of engineering as well. In an era of Automation, Artificial Intelligence, robotics and so on, every allied field of engineering more or less are dependent on Information Technology.

One can say that the Industry since its exploratory phase is not updated, it is completely changed. Therefore, in my opinion, the IT Industry or the Computer Science Education is having huge potential, great career opportunities and lot many things to explore. What’s needed is an open mind to cultivate new ideas and understand the requirement of the .

Dr. Rana on whether a ‘great teacher produces great students’ and the roles and responsibilities of teachers as well as the students

Indian mythology holds many extraordinary examples of relationship. The sacrifices of Gurus (The Teachers) in making their (students) the best of all and at the same time reveals the efforts of to make their gurus proud. The statement is not new that “great teacher produces great students” but there are examples of having extraordinary students produced by ordinary teachers who eventually got their names embossed in golden words just because of their outstanding students.

According to me, 

a great teacher is one such person who sees his own image in its students and wants to see his students attaining that level of success which probably he himself did not meet 

in his own academic or professional journey. But at the same time, I would also like to specify that it is the responsibility of the (s) to prove their identity and interest first before the teacher. will remain unbiased in delivering or teaching his all the students but there is always one such whom he personally administers and work on his progressions.

A teacher, endless roles and attributes can be seen by simply searching this single word on the internet. If I would wish to quote one special attribute that a teacher must possess that would be “a teacher must have an ability to forget the mischievous activities of his students.” With this one single attribute, a teacher would always have peace in his mind while evaluating his students, the would have an unbiased approach while mentoring his students. All apart, strong command over the subject and an art of delivering the content to students and bringing clarity to the concepts is an integral characteristic of a teacher.

On the other hand, students unconditionally pay highest to their teachers, over and above any other person on earth and follow the instructions/ commands given by the teacher. They must have a understanding that whatever commandment is being given by a teacher is in the interest of their own development only. Unfortunately, such quality of students is not abundantly seen in society.

Views on the recognition of the awards achieved by Dr. Rana and the definition of success according to him

For academician, recognitions carry great importance. A true academician, in my opinion, should be known only for his extraordinary contributions towards the upliftment of society and this usually starts at the classroom level. Even a school teacher at some small school in the remotest area is able to produce students, then unconditionally that teacher carries great importance.

Only a teacher can perceive that moment when his students on the world platform while being honored with some award gives credit to their teacher. This has happened with me a lot many times, my students who are practically present in every part of the globe, associated with some of the prestigious organizations be in a form of employee or in a form of student have given credit to me for their success and that is a true recognition.

Success carries 2 hidden formats, one which is known to the world, which helps you to attain self-esteem and societal recognition, on the other hand, the second format of success gives you inner peace and satisfaction. It varies from person to person that he sees and desires success. It gives me great delight as well to my organization and my family on my every achievement or success but pleases me most is the small bite of sweets offered by my students upon getting a suitable job in the Industry, I personally see myself as successful whenever I see my students rising to a level of a skilled professional, enter the industry and become what I perceived but never achieved. That is a success.

Dr. Rana on time management and tips for the students on the same

Our youth is exceptionally talented. If you bring stagnancy in your knowledge and restrict yourself from learning newer trends and technologies, then it would be quite obvious that the students will be deeply impacted in a longer run. 

To keep our students abreast with the happenings in the society, a teacher needs to focus on individual development as well

In addition to that, I am also a strong believer of the fact that “a teacher is immortal” but how? With the finds, research, publications and the work he has done in the past, will it at all useful? Will it referred by existing as well future students till all times to come? Therefore, it is my sincere suggestion to each and every individual who is in the profession of teaching must focus on self-development and become immortal.

In order to achieve all this, faculties need not spare time for these activities. In fact, they all must become a part of their routine exercises. For instance, if having a breakfast lunch and dinner is a part of their routine, then a perfect space should be given to all these learning exercises on daily basis without which their day should not end. Moreover, I have noticed few individuals who mark these self-development exercises on secondary front and keep themselves occupied in other assignments.

There are examples of such individuals as well who keep these assignments reserved for weekends and compromise their time which their families deserve. Eventually, their life routine, developmental activities and most importantly family life gets affected. The sole suggestion is a must practice perfect routine and make all learning exercise as a part of their routine and ensure that their families equally get their time and focus.

Students need to focus on only 2 activities i.e. acquiring knowledge and maintaining their personal health, rest all comes secondary. Students should clearly define their routine, month routine, year routine and strictly follow that. I also suggest their families respect their schedule and help them to follow the same.

Experience of getting global exposure and visiting top Universities like Oxford University, University of Nottingham, University of Wales and many more

Some of the universities are regarded as the Bible of education, a of an foundation in the education world. It is really fascinating, especially for me to visit and study the reason behind their success and milestones achieved by them. Some are known because they are old and some are known because their Alumni are now at significant sections of the society. There are colleges who have produced even the Prime Ministers/ Presidents of other nations and there such university as well which are known to produce some of the brightest scientists and noble laureates.

It is important for us to learn all such attributes, growth parameters, knowledge banks, responsibilities of the people associated with the system and many more but why? As stated by me that we are living in an era of automation, it is world. We need to learn and implement instantaneously. The perfect quote would global- act . Probably, the Top Global Universities have a of more than 500 years but it is our role to learn its attributes and bring in the shorter span of time.

Visits to some of the top universities helped me the culture and quality of students they are producing. It has also helped to understand the workable areas and strong areas of our education system, where we stand in the entire system. I am happy to convey that Indian Universities at the same time stand tall if at all compared with some of the best universities across the globe. Amity University itself is Ranked in top Universities in Asia and in top 120 Universities in ‘BRICS’ Nations by QS & Ranked among Top Universities globally by THE (QS and THE are the world’s leading Global University Rankings Organizations. Only 15 Universities/Institutions from India are in both rankings, including 7 IITs and 3 Central Universities. Amity is the only not-for-profit pt. university from India to be included in the rankings).

Suggestions for teachers and students to make the education field better and thoughts on modifying the system

If someone wishes to know my opinion about the existing scenario in the field of education than I would say that “we have already got a robust mechanism which demands no change.” Many people from industry and academia would counter me on this note but I am very clear and rigid over the statement made. But there is a strong reason behind that. The technology, with innovation, what it was 10 years ago is different from the one which we have today and will vary significantly after a decade from now. If educational institutes would not evolve with the changing market/ industry needs, then there are possibilities that they may lose their grip in many areas. From my point of view, why I firmly believe that the education system does not require any modifications at this point of time is simply associated with one question “are we (the teacher and students) clear with the basics?”

Bringing continuous advancements in the field of education more sounds like asking a class 10th student to appear in PG examinations. It is highly desired that .

we should first make our students versed with the existing trends and make them future ready to accept and face all the changes and advancements.

Placement opportunities through a strong with the industry

Today, more than 1 Lakh Alumni of Amity Education Group, spread across the globe, taking the name of their Alma Mater to the global heights with their unparalleled knowledge and ethics. Today, the name of Amity is taken amongst the some of the Top Ranked, more than a century old Academic Institutions of the world. Where Amity has always given a thought to have a of providing only best of the best education to its students, our Alumni, on the other hand, are adding values to its reputation with their influences to the society.

It would be an understatement to mention that today Amity is having its presence in each and every part of the world in the form of its Alumni. 

The success story of our Alumni, their personal and professional growth, their achievements are very well known to the society and are profoundly acknowledged by the people associated with them. 

Amity has got a with the industry. At regular intervals, Amity keeps on updating its curriculum with the changing market needs and advancements needed to be done in accordance to the UGC. Personality Development is a great focus area at Amity University because a great percentage of success in life depends on a person's confidence and personality. It is our responsibility to help our students in personal grooming, special sessions are held on business etiquettes, negotiation skills, effective communication. Special classes are held on leadership, teamwork and analytical skills. The education framework at Amity is rooted certain key values and ethics. It stresses principles such as patriotism, courage, and respect for elders. It is this sense of purpose that has led to the creation of the '101 Attributes of an Amitian'. This explores 101 different character traits that take an individual closer to completeness. The attributes have been built into the teaching activities, group activities and have been included in topics for lectures and discussions by students.

Read more about placements opportunities available at Amity University

Message to the students wishing to join Amity University

At Amity, you will discover people over professionals, ethics over curriculum and Sanskar over globalization. At Amity, we are passionate about grooming leaders who are not only thorough professionals but also good human beings with values and . Only the best of the students get admission in Amity. For example, very limited students are handpicked out of over 1,50,000 applicants. Final interview panel includes senior corporate leaders. Amity has over 1,00,000 students across 250 programs like law, journalism, telecom, biotechnology, etc. giving you a chance to forge lifelong friendships across virtually all professions. Amitians have come out with flying , winning competitions in theatre, debates, sports, many other and inter-institute festivals and events.

Right from the inception of Amity University, Quality Assurance & Enhancement has been a thrust area. A team of experienced professionals ensures that the best systems are implemented in all departments and all areas of the University. This division also monitors the implementation and continuous improvements of both academic and non-academic processes and procedures.

Leading companies across various disciplines come for campus placements at Amity. In technical courses, nearly all students are placed even one year before the completion of the course. This achievement has been the result of 60-member team of dedicated members of the Amity Corporate Resource Centre that constantly interacts with the corporate world and helps prepare students for their careers.

Besides, the Career Advisory Boards consisting of leading members of the Corporate World give you guidance on creating a clear career plan, a list of appropriate employers, setting realistic career goals and a planned on professional development for your future.

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Dr. 'Gauri D. ChakrabortyHOI, Department of Communication
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