A university par excellence, XIM University is considered to be one of the best universities in Odisha. Xavier University, Bhubaneswar sees itself as a quality university delivering quality education to quality students from the world over. Read here to know more about the university.

Xavier University renamed as XIM University, harnessing 26 years of XIM brand legacy 

Date: May 17, 2021

On 13th March 2021, the Xavier University, Odisha (Amendment) Bill 2021 was  passed in the Odisha State Assembly, renaming Xavier University as XIM  University. This Amendment Act has now received the consent of the Hon'ble  Governor of Odisha and has been published as notification in the Gazette. With  this Xavier University has been renamed as XIM University.  

XIM University thanks Hon'ble Governor of Odisha, Hon'ble Chief Minister of Odisha, Hon’ble MLAs of the Odisha State Assembly, the  Odisha Government, the people of Odisha along with all stakeholders  who played an instrumental role in this transformation. In 1987, XIM Society, (Xavier Institute of Management Society) established  Xavier Institute of Management (XIM) Bhubaneswar. The brand name and the  legacy of XIMB are well known across Odisha, India and the world. After 26  years of being XIMB, in 2013 the brand name of "XIM" was replaced by the  brand name of "Xavier" for the purposes of establishment of Xavier University.  

But it was felt that the University was losing its rich legacy and brand equity  of XIM which was generated successfully over 26 years. Faculty members, staff,  students, parents, alumni and industry experts felt that it was necessary to harness XIM brand and make this University stronger. Therefore, it was  decided to rename the University as XIM University.  

This renaming also helps in integrating both campuses of the University into a  single legal entity with a shared structure, process, and procedure for better  governance and administration of the University. With this renaming, students  will get more career prospects all over the world and overseas with the XIM  brand name certificate. Industries, corporations, leaders, and the development  sectors have all embraced the brand name XIM.  

This brand, “XIM”, has thus produced more than 8000 management graduates, and as such, its alumni have spread all over the world and have been serving  the common society for a greater good. Retaining the brand “XIM” is critical as  it enables every stakeholder to function efficiently and effectively, greater  collaboration and networking with the external stakeholders, attracting high quality students and qualified and experienced faculty, more industry-strong  recruiters on campus to provide more job opportunities and to be able to  positively impact the life of common people. XIM University stands dedicated  towards upliftment of the downtrodden and service to the poor and  marginalized and promotes compassion, integrity, and a sustainable society.  

With a humble beginning in management education in 1987, today XIM  University has eleven schools offering Doctoral, Masters and Under-graduate  programs in the disciplines of Business Management, Human Resource  Management, Rural Management, Sustainability Management, Human  Settlements, Commerce, Mass Communication, Computer Science &  Engineering, Economics, Law, Governance and Public Affairs. We are dedicated  to the cause of working for the development of education in Odisha, India and  across the world and we stand committed to working tirelessly as XIM  University for ensuring high quality, world class management education to the  world from Odisha.