Interview by Yash Panchal

Dr. Mitali Goswami, Principal, Satyam Fashion Institute

Dr. Mitali Goswami is the Principal of Satyam Fashion Institute. She has an experience of 22 years as an administrator and design educator at the higher education level. She has extensive experience in the design evaluation and enhancement of effective instructional programs and assessment model for design education.

Dr. Goswami comes with a background in developing and implementing special programs for community outreach and special needs of students and clients. To her credit, she has also developed course curriculum for renowned universities.

Dr. Goswami’s experience in the education industry

Being in the education industry for so long, even with its own set of challenges, it is one of the best feelings to be able to teach young minds and help them grow as outstanding individuals in the future. The best part is the one that creative minds come across.

Dr. Goswami’s philosophy of leadership

As the principal of the institute, the philosophy is simple, help the teachers by bringing in new ideas, create a goal-oriented environment and an atmosphere of out-of-box thinking, focusing more on solutions than harboring on problems.

Significant challenges faced by Dr. Goswami as the Principal of Satyam Fashion Institute

One of the challenges is difficulty in getting access to good design books and updated library. Access to good art and design museums is another challenge.

Curriculum of Satyam Fashion Institute

Designing of the curriculum is kept in mind while it’s formulated. The recent trends, its practical aspects of the application in the industry and also keeping it learner-centered.

Growth of students through placement opportunities available at Satyam Fashion Institute

Placements opportunities are good and give a platform for the students to get a job as fresh graduates. However, to push the envelope, entrepreneurial skills should also be inculcated among the students so as to make them self–sufficient and create their own market value. Make them independent to take any challenges.

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Dr. Goswami on her relation with the students and her availability for them

One on one interaction with the students, encouraging them to think out of the box and taking sessions with the students on various design projects and holding various industry-based workshops and competitions to promote their talents.

Ideal school environment for Dr. Goswami

Access to art related information, more activities where teacher-student brainstorming, interactions and real-life learning take place. Encouraging both the students and the teachers to voice their thoughts related to subjects, active participation from both sides is important for student’s growth and also to establish a culture, where creativity takes utmost importance.

Top qualities that an aspiring candidate must possess

The inclination to learn, creativity, out of the box thinking and focusing on providing solutions rather than harboring on problems.

Goals in your mind for Satyam Fashion Institute

To make it one of the premier institutes with the best faculty, best design library, a center for academic excellence and research.

Suggestions to the current youth

Be focused and hard working, since diligence is the key to success. Don’t question your ability and talent, instead work hard and have an open mind to learn, observe and grasp.