RIMS Jharkhand to become the first Medical University of the State

Shivam Bhola Shivam Bhola
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RIMS Jharkhand to become the first Medical University of the State

Rajendra Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS) is set to become the first medical university in the state of Jharkhand upon settling a draft.

After RIMS has been upgraded into a university, it will be officially known as Jharkhand Medical University. The finalized draft is yet to near completion and should take some considerable time as the process is quite long. 

It is first to be diverted to various departments, after which it will go to the cabinet for approval and lastly to the government for the final say. 

In a report by Hindustan Times, Banna Gupta, health minister believes that a university like this is the need of the hour. Jharkhand has been facing a lack of medical personnel. Once the university is set up, it will help accomplish the task of producing human resources as well as work towards medical advancement and research. Students will not have to go to other states for medical studies. The state itself will administer doctors and other medical staff into the industry.

He believes that our objective is to bring about various reforms in the educational and practice sectors of medicine. He states that it is important to focus on providing scope in research for scholars in order to be at the same footing with various premier institutes in the country. 

The proposal has been shown a green light in the earlier meeting of RIMS governing body. So far there are only three medical colleges in Jharkhand.