IIT Hyderabad kick-started its 2020-21 placement drive on December 1, 2020. The institute witnessed the participation of 222 students who got placed within the first phase of the placement drive itself. The students received 30 international offers from 63 companies. The students had already bagged 46 pre-placement offers this year, bypassing last year’s (2019-2020) total PPOs of 37.

The first phase of the placements concluded with the participation of 116 companies as opposed to 120 recruiters who had visited the campus last year. During the 2019-2020 placement drive, IIT Hyderabad had witnessed a surge of domestic as well as International offers. The institute had concluded its 2020 placements with an average salary package of INR. 22.07 LPA.

As many as 38 international offers had been secured by the students during phase I of the 2019-2020 placements. IITH witnessed the growth in placement percentage and the highest package offered in the year 2020 was INR 60.41 LPA. The top recruiters were- Infosys, Dell, Deloitte, Microsoft, AMD Bangalore, Amazon, Oracle, and etc. 

IIT Hyderabad is the first IIT to include a 6-month internship in the curriculum. B.Tech. students can now pursue a 6-month Internship at any firm or university.

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IIT Hyderabad Placement Highlights 2021

IIT Hyderabad inaugurated its 2021 placement drive on December 1, 2020. The institute concluded phase one of its 2021 placements on December 6, 2020. The students bagged over 222 placement offers (30 International Offers) from 63 companies. A total of 30 International offers were provided by 8 recruiters based in Japan and Taiwan. More international offers are expected in Phase 2.

Placement Percentage 75%
No. of Students Registered 500
No. of Students Placed 206 (Phase-1)
Total No. of Recruiters Registered 244 (Total)
116 (Phase-1)
No. of Recruiters Offering Placements 63
Total No. of PPOs/PPIs 46
Total No. of Offers 222 (Phase-1)
No. of International Offers  30

A total of 244 companies have registered for placements, out of which 116 were registered for the first phase itself. Over 75% of the students are already placed in the first phase of the placements. Some of the top recruiters who participated in the Phase-1 of placements include- Microsoft, Goldman & Sachs, Jaguar, Land Rover, MTX, BNY Mellon, Airtel, OPPO, and etc. Most of the offers so far were from the IT/ITES sector with few in the core sector as well.

The following table represents the placement statistics observed during the 2019-20 placement drive-

Total No. of Recruiters 120+
Total No. of PPOs/PPIs 37
Total No. of Offers 325
No. of Single Offers 293
No. of Double Offers 32
International Offers  38
Students Registered for Higher Studies 57
Highest Salary INR. 60.41 LPA
Average Salary INR. 22.07 LPA

IIT Hyderabad made up another highly successful placement session. The placement witnessed various recruiters offer and multiple roles in numerous departments such as Consulting, IT, Finance, Sales, and Marketing. 

Placements at IIT Hyderabad for the academic year 2019–2020 had received 291 offers (as on 30 July 2020) for 479 registered students. The top paying companies were TSMC, Microsoft, Richtek, Denso and D.E Shaw. The highest salary offered for this year was INR. 60.41 LPA and the average salary is INR. 22 LPA. There were 38 international offers

A good number of students from UG, PG and M.Sc. opted for higher education in India and abroad. 

IIT Hyderabad Course-wise Placements 2020

Over 490 students from the following streams had participated in the recruitment drive of 2019-20:

IIT Hyderabad Placement

The maximum number of participating students were from the B.Tech. stream followed by M.Tech. A total of 12 students had registered for placements from the M.Des. and 8 from Ph.D. programs. 25 students had registered from the Dual Degree program.

Courses Students Opting for Higher Studies Average CTC No. of Placements
B.Tech. 39 21.67 77.30%
M.Tech. 12 12.7 69.01%
All Courses M.Tech. (ACM) 1 26.83 76.92%
M.Sc. 5 11.05 31.25%
M.Des. - 11.77 100.00%
Ph.D. - 37.56 100.00%
Dual Degree - 24.23 28.00%

A good number of students from UG, PG and M.Sc. opted for higher education in India and abroad. Mentioned below are the few Universities opted by students for higher education:

  • University of Tokyo
  • Purdue University, USA
  • University Della Svizzera Italiana
  • University of Minnesota
  • University of Texas, USA
  • Hokkaido University, Japan
  • Yokohama National University
  • University of California
  • University of Massachusetts

IIT Hyderabad Department-wise Placements 2020

The following graph represents the number of students who participated in the placements from different departments at IIT Hyderabad-

Department Students Placed
Computer Science Engineering 66
Electrical Engineering 66
Mechanical Engineering  37
Engineering Science 23
Civil Engineering 20
Chemical Engineering  20
M.Des. 12
Material Science & Metallurgical Engineering 10
Chemistry 8
Bio-Medical 5
Maths 4
Physics 3
BO 2
Engineering Physics  2
PhD (All Branches) 8
Dual Degree (All Branches) 7

IIT Hyderabad Course-wise Salary Trends 2020

The following tabulations represent the salary packages offered to the students from different engineering disciplines-


Branch Minimum CTC (LPA) Average CTC (LPA) Highest CTC (LPA)
Civil 6 13.7 25.33
Chemical 6 15.52 43.31
CSE 14 26.64 47
EE 7.7 23.06 43.31
ES 12 25.73 43.31
EP 15 29.16 43.31
ME 8.4 15.82 31.5
MSME 6 20.19 33.7


Branch Minimum CTC (LPA) Average CTC (LPA) Highest CTC (LPA)
BM 8 29.68 36.94
BO 7.3 7.3 7.3
CE 5.5 11.54 33.7
CHE 5.5 7.33 10
CS 14.85 26.15 43.31
EE 6.25 21.93 43.31
ME 5 11.08 32.63

M.Sc./M.Tech. (ACM)/Dual Degree/Ph.D./M.Des.

Branch Specialization Minimum CTC (LPA) Average CTC (LPA) Highest CTC (LPA)
M.Sc. Chemistry 8 9 10
Maths 8 15.96 37.85
Physics 10
M.Tech. (ACM) CE 6.25
EE 20.16 34.71 42.59
ME 9.6
M.Des. - 6 11.77 16.55
Ph.D. - 15.5 37.56 60.41
Dual Degree - 5.5 24.23 47.52

IIT Hyderabad Top Recruiters 2020

There were many companies pouring in to recruit students. The placement drive was successful and the interaction of students was extremely great. The highest offer made was INR 60.41 LPA.

The following table represents the top recruiters that visited the campus during the 2020 placement drive-

Arista Richtek Denso DE Shaw
Amazon Infosys Deloitte Accenture
Flipkart Oracle Microsoft AMD
CTS MAQ C-DOT Mathworks

In terms of Department-wise recruitments, Maximum number of students from the CSE batch (both B.Tech and M.Tech.) were hired by the following companies-

  • Adobe
  • Amazon
  • Microsoft
  • Qualcomm

Ph.D. Hired Companies For 2020 Batch-

  • TSMC
  • Richtek
  • Mathworks
  • PDPU

All Course M.Tech (ACM) Hired Companies For 2020 Batch-

Civil EE MAE
L&T Constructions TSMC Eaton
- Rakuten -
- Denso -

M.Design Hired Companies For 2020 Batch-

  • MathWorks
  • Value labs
  • TCS Design
  • Techolution
  • Phenompeople

IIT Hyderabad Year-wise Placement Analysis

IIT Hyderabad is consistently performing well in terms of placements. The following table shows the last three years' comparison table with the Highest packages and average salary being paid to the students. 

Being in the top 10 IITs in India IIT Hyderabad has excelled in placements every year, placing the students in various international companies with a huge amount of pay.

Placement Year Highest Salary Average Salary
Placement 2019-20 INR. 60.41 LPA INR. 22.07 LPA
Placement 2018-19 INR 53.79 LPA INR 18 LPA
Placement 2017-18 INR 40 LPA INR 11.55 LPA

IITH Summer Internship 2020

Over 50 companies participated in the Summer Placements for the 2019-2020 batch, which provided over 157 placement offers.

IIT Hyderabad is the first IIT to include a 6 month internship in the curriculum. B.Tech. students can now pursue a 6 month Internship at any firm or university.

No. of Recruiters 50+
No. of Offers 157
No. of International Offers 14

14 out of the total 157 offers were International all of which were from Japan. Some of the reputed companies and universities for this year's interns such as EA Sports, Arista, Amazon, Accenture, Infosys, Swiggy, Apex Plus, TCS, Cisco, Mathworks.

IITH Recruiter-wise Placement Criteria

The following table represents the recruiter-wise selection criteria for each designation-

Recruiter Job Role Selection Criteria
Adobe Technical Staff Coding Test followed by an Interview (3 Technical, 1 HR)
Electronic Arts (EA) Software Engineer Online Coding Test of 3 questions followed by an Interview of 5 rounds (2 Technical, 1 Personal, and 2 HR)
GE - 90 min. test on an online platform with coding questions in C/C++ language. Some MCQs were from CS backgrounds from data structure followed by 3 rounds of Interview
Goldman Sachs - Preliminary Test (Programming, Problem Solving, Advanced Programming, and Quant & Analytics) followed by 4 rounds of interview.
HSBC Technology Trainee Software Engineer Online Test, Online Immersive Assessment (OIA) and Job Simulator, followed by Technical Interview and HR Interview.
Intel - Preliminary Test (GATE level questions, Aptitude Test) followed by Interview (Technical and HR)
Indian Oil Corp. Ltd. - 2 Rounds (first round comprised of psychological eva;uation followed by a personal interview)
Jaguar Land Rover Vehicle Design R&D 3-hour long online test divided into 3 parts, HR online test along with submission of SOP, and an hour long interview.
Microsoft Software Engineer 1 hour 30 minutes common coding test for both profiles. Followed by 1 hour MCQ (Machine Learning) test for Data Scientist Profile.
Data Scientist
Oracle Applications Engineer Screening Test: 87 timed MCQ's to be answered in 87 minutes. Brief resume walkthrough followed by an HR round.

IITH Alumni Network

The following table represents the recruiter-wise alumni network:

Recruiter No. of Alumni
Amazon 45
Qualcomm 45
Microsoft 42
TCS 27

IITH Placements 2020 FAQs

Ques. Does the institute offer multiple placement opportunities?

Ans. Yes the institute does allow multiple offers, but it follows a blanket rule- No more than two offers from the Institute. If you are simultaneously appearing in the hiring process for two companies say A&B, if the results of A delays and if you are selected in B company, this will be treated as first offer and vice versa.

Ques. How to register for placements?

Ans. Placement Process:
  • Company registers with OCS
  • Student registers for the company before deadline
  • Dates for PPT and online/written test are announced by coordinator after confirmation of company 
  • Student attends PPT, and attends tests
  • The company shortlists the students and informs Office of Career Services
  • Office of Career Services/student coordinator announces shortlisting for interviews
  • Interview slot are allotted to company 
  • Shortlisted students attend final interview 
  • Company provides the Job offers

Ques. How were the salary statistics during the 2020 placement drive?

Ans.  IIT Hyderabad witnessed the growth in placement percentage and the highest package offered in the year 2020 was INR 60.41 LPA while the average CTC stood at INR. 22.07 LPA.

Ques. Who were the top recruiter at the IITH placement drive 2020?

Ans. The following table represents the top recruiters that visited the campus during the 2020 placement drive-
Arista Richtek Denso DE Shaw
Amazon Infosys Deloitte Accenture
Flipkart Oracle Microsoft AMD
CTS MAQ C-DOT Mathworks