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    University of Cincinnati World Rankings, National Rankings, Subject-Specific Rankings 2020-2021

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    In a landscape covered by hills and scenic beauties overlooking the Ohio River, Cincinnati has recently transformed its Urban core into an important hub, here is the location of University of Cincinnati (UC), the second oldest and the second largest municipal University. It is a public research university with a global outlook. Since the establishment in 1819, University of Cincinnati is now spread in an area of 476 acres with 414-degree programs. UC houses a diverse community of 46,798 students across 14 colleges-the highest enrollment in history.

    • The university was ranked 201st in the world, according to the Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) in 2020.
    • In the year 2020-21 the world university ranking of UC is # 601 by QS & according to THE, it ranked # 251 in the year 2019-20.
    • It has a list of Notable alumni as Neil Armstrong, the first to land on Moon, Albert Sabin- developer of Oral polio vaccine & Suzanne Farrell, Prima Ballerina.
    • U.S.News & World Report ranks UC in the Top Tier of best colleges in US. According to Reuters- UC is among the world’s Top 100 most innovative universities, one of the 46 U.S.

    Powered by a total annual budget of $ 1.4 billion and an endowment of $ 1.4 billion, (74th largest in U.S. & Canada by FY 19 figures), UC has a regional economic impact of $ 4.2 billion- and statewide UC increases the economic base by $ 13.4 billion.

    University of Cincinnati Ranking Highlights

    • Academic Ranking of World University (ARWU) ranks #201-300 in world Universities Ranking and Nationally ranks # 66-94 by the year 2019-2020.
    • The Times Higher Education (THE) Ranks # 251-300 in Best Universities in the world & ranked # 291 in the United States by 2021.
    • QS in World Universities Ranking ranked University of Cincinnati # 601-650, # 37 in World University Ranking-Masters in Business Analytics & ranked # 51+ in World University Ranking -Masters in Marketing in the year 2020-21.
    • US News Ranks UC # 202 in Best Global Universities Ranking & ranked # 143 in National Universities.
    • The Center for World Universities Ranking (CWUR) ranks # 230 & nationally ranked # 80 in 2020-2021.
    • The Webometrics are measurements made at six-monthly intervals by Spanish Centro Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC) ranks # 176 in the world ranking in 2020.

    University of Cincinnati ARWU Rankings

    The Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU Shanghai Ranking) is a global ‘Top 500’ ranking that is published annually by Shanghai Ranking Consultancy. This ranking uses a weighting of 67% for Web of Science data (highly cited researchers [22%], publications in Nature and Science [22%], and citations [22%]), while the remaining 33% is based on prizes (Nobel Prizes and Field Medals). Academic Ranking of World University (ARWU) ranks # 201-300 in world Universities Ranking and Nationally ranks # 66-94 by the year 2019-2020.

    Ranking of University of Cincinnati Internationally as well as Nationally since 2011-2020

    Year National Rankings International Rankings
    2011 # 90-110 # 201-300
    2012 # 86-109 # 201-300
    2013 # 86-108 # 201-300
    2014 # 78-104 # 201-300
    2015 # 79-102 # 201-300
    2016 # 72-98 # 201-300
    2017 # 100-119 # 301-400
    2018 # 96-117 # 301-400
    2019 # 95-116 # 301-400
    2020 # 66-94 # 201-300

    University of Cincinnati THE Ranking 2021

    The British magazine Times Higher Education (THE) publishes a ranking of universities throughout the world.This ranking uses a weighting of 38.5% for Scopus data (citations [30%], productivity [6%] and international cooperation [2.5%]), 33% for reputation and 28.5% for self-reported figures (numbers of staff, students and PhDs awarded [17.5%] and income [11%]).The Times Higher Education (THE) Ranks # 251-300 in Best Universities in the world & ranked # 291 in the United States by 2021.

    University of Cincinnati THE Subject Ranking

    Subjects Rankings
    Psychology # 301-400
    Law # 101-125
    Pre-clinical # 176-200
    Clinical # 176-200
    Health # 176-200
    Arts and Humanities # 251-300
    Business and Economics # 401-500
    Physical Sciences # 201-250
    Life Sciences # 301-400
    Social sciences # 251-300
    Computer Science # 301-400
    Education # 301-400
    Engineering & Technology # 301-400

    University of Cincinnati QS Ranking 2021

    QS Ranking uses a weighting of 50% for reputation and 20% for Scopus data (citations), while the remaining 30% is based on self-reported figures (numbers of staff and students) [20%] and internationalization [10%]. QS in World Universities Ranking Ranks #601-650, # 37 in World University Ranking-Masters in Business Analytics & ranked # 51+ in World University Ranking -Masters in Marketing in the year 2020-21.

    University of Cincinnati QS Subject Ranking

    Subjects Rankings
    Pharmacy & Pharmacology # 101-150
    Art & Design # 101-150
    Archaeology # 151-200
    Engineering-Mechanical # 201-250
    Engineering & Technology # 451-500
    Engineering -Chemical # 251-300
    Life Science & Medicine # 263
    Psychology # 251-300
    Physics & Astronomy # 251-300
    Environmental Studies # 251-300
    Sociology # 251-300
    Arts & Humanities # 383
    Natural Sciences # 381
    Biological Sciences # 351-400
    Materials Sciences # 351-400
    Chemistry # 351-400
    Agriculture & Forestry # 351-400
    Business & Management Studies # 401-450

    University of Cincinnati QS Ranking 2021

    The American magazine U.S. News also publishes a global ranking of universities. This ranking uses a weighting of 75% for Web of Science data (research performance) and 25% for the reputation among academics.

    • # 202 in Best Global Universities
    • #143 in National Universities
    • # 143 in Best Value Schools
    • # 100 in Best Colleges for Veterans
    • # 303 in Top Performers on Social Mobility
    • # 65 in Top Public Schools
    • # 79 in Best Undergraduate Engineering Programs
    • # 5 in Co-ops/Internships

    University of Cincinnati QS Subject Ranking

    Subjects Rankings
    Arts and Humanities # 209
    Biology and Biochemistry # 220
    Cardiac & Cardiovascular Systems # 94
    Cell Biology # 75
    Clinical Medicine # 127
    Chemistry # 425
    Oncology # 245
    Endocrinology and Metabolism # 86
    Molecular Biology & Genetics # 132
    Engineering # 222
    Computer Science # 462
    Pharmacology and Toxicology # 184
    Psychiatry/Psychology # 203
    Public, Environmental and Occupational Health # 162
    Radiology, Nuclear Medicine and Medical Imaging # 40
    Social Sciences and Public Health # 207
    Physics # 437
    Surgery # 92
    Neuroscience and Behavior # 106
    Geosciences # 242
    Environment # 281
    Immunology # 76

    University of Cincinnati CWRU Ranking

    The Center for World University Rankings (CWUR) is a consulting organization for higher education based in the United Arab Emirates. CWUR published its first world ranking of higher education institutions in 2012. The ranking is based on 7 indicators, calculated on the basis of data from independent public sources.

    These sources include research publications and research citations according to Clarivate Analytics (40%), major international prizes awarded to alumni (25%) and academic staff (10%), and CEO positions held by alumni in companies listed in the Forbes Global 2000 (25%). In 2020-2021, the University of Cincinnati, USA ranked # 230 in World

    National and International Ranking by CWUR Since 2016

    Year International National
    2016 # 165 # 75
    2017 # 176 # 75
    2018-19 # 204 # 79
    2019-20 # 231 # 85
    2020-21 # 230 # 80

    University of Cincinnati Webometrics Ranking

    The Webometrics is compiled on the basis of measurements made at six-monthly intervals by the Spanish Centro Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC).

    University’s performance is measured on the basis of website activities and results, and on the impact and relevance of such activities and results. According to the measurement made in January 2020, the University of Cincinnati ranks 176 in the world and 87th in the USA, and 98th in North America

    University of Cincinnati NICHE, Ranking 2021

    Niche is the best place to research U.S Colleges, Schools, neighborhoods, & Companies. Every month millions of people use its easy-to-read & comprehensive report cards, rankings, & reviews to choose the right schools or neighborhoods for people. Niche does rigorous cleaning and analysis on large data sets and combines them with feedback from the community for nuanced insight that can’t be found anywhere else.

    University of Cincinnati National Ranking by NICHE

    Category Ranking
    Best Colleges for Information Technology # 16 of 219
    Top party Schools # 41 of 1,587
    Best Colleges for Design # 42 of 405
    Best Colleges for Nursing # 45 of 692
    Best colleges for Architecture # 52 of 157
    Best Big Colleges # 53 of 131
    Best colleges for Criminal Justice # 54 of 630
    Top Public Universities # 56 of 676
    Best College Locations # 59 of 1,605
    Colleges with the Best Student Life # 61 of 1,580
    Best Colleges for Public Health # 66 of 222
    Best Colleges for Accounting and Finance # 69 of 789
    Best Colleges for Education # 70 of 896
    Best Colleges Athletics # 100 of 1,401
    Best Colleges for Music # 100 of 262
    Best Colleges for Engineering # 103 of 449
    Best Colleges that Accept the Common App # 126 of 623
    Best Colleges for Student-Athletes # 128 of 1,380
    Best Greek Life Colleges # 130 of 817
    Best Colleges for Computer Science # 139 of 821
    Best Test Optional Colleges # 140 of 1,137
    Best Colleges for Sports Management # 150 of 413
    Best Colleges for Public Policy # 159 of 599
    Best College Campuses # 166 of 1,408
    Best Colleges # 171 of 1,619

    University of Cincinnativs Other University: Comparison

    Tabulated below is the comparison of University of Cincinnatiwith Ohio State University as per QS.

    Basis University of Cincinnati Ohio University
    Location United States United States
    QS Rank 2020 # 101 # 561-570
    Size > 30,000 > 30,000
    Age > 100 years > 100 years
    Status Public Public
    Research Very high Very high
    Focus Comprehensive+ Comprehensive+
    Academic Faculty staff In total 2,756 In total 6,323
    Student Numbers In total 31,377 In total 55,085
    International Students In total 2800 In total 7029

    Also Compare University of Cincinnati vs University of Texas Dallas

    The Rankings and the Achievements of the University are enough to describe its quality education and Research. Here are some of its greatest works:

    The UC Helps the people of Ohio, the nation, and the world as a premier, public urban research university dedicated to graduate, undergraduate, and professional education. It has the following 14 Colleges, each is working great for the betterment of society and the world:

    • College of Allied Health Sciences
    • College of Arts and Sciences
    • Lindner College of Business
    • College-Conservatory of Music
    • College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning
    • College of Education, Criminal Justice, and Human Services
    • College of Engineering and Applied Science
    • The Graduate School
    • College of Law
    • College of Medicine
    • College of Nursing
    • James L. Winkle College of Pharmacy
    • UC Blue Ash College
    • UC Clermont College

    UC students earn $ 65 million annually working in about 6,000 co-op placements for 1,800 local, regional and International employers, including Apple, Boeing, Disney, etc. U.C News & World Report ranked UC’s co-op program in the Top 5 in the country.

    University of Cincinnati - UC, Ohio, usa: 5 answered questions


    Ques. Which university should I go to for a master’s in Analytics, University of Cincinnati or McGill?

    ● Top Answer By Gaurav Kalsi on 03 Feb 21

    Ans. The engineering and IT schools at the University of Cincinnati work alongside each other on many aspects including analytics too. The IT school has a reputation for having the fastest growth in the entire university. P&G, GE, Cincinnati Bell, Great American Insurance, Western-Southern Life, Kroger, Macy’s, are some of the companies with which the school partnered which means great placement opportunities. The Co-op program offered by the college is also the best you can get in the country. McGill University is ranked at 51st place in Best Global Universities by US News meanwhile the University of Cincinnati is ranked at 143rd place in National universities in the US. If you wish to choose the college depending on academics, then both the schools share a good reputation in that aspect.  Here’s a quick comparison for you to consider their pros and cons: Content University of Cincinnati McGill University Program MS (Business Analytics) MBA (Business Analytics) Duration 2 Years 2 Years Tuition Fees USD14,949/Year USD33,375/Year Exam Scores (Average) IELTS-7.5 TOEFL-100 GMAT-737 IELTS-7 TOEFL-105 GMAT-660 However, with all its academic excellence the University of Cincinnati is not so well known outside of Ohio. So, after finishing your master's, if your goal is to look for work opportunities outside of the US, you may as well wish to pursue your education at an institute that is known around places. Meanwhile pursuing your Master's degree at McGill University offers better future academics, as well as better employment opportunities. McGill has global recognition and it was ranked at 42nd place in World University Rankings in 2020 by Times Higher Education. The institute is well-reputed around the world which will surely ensure better job prospects for you when you finish your studies.Read more
    1 Answer

    Ques. Which college is better, the University of Cincinnati or Miami University?

    ● Top Answer By Pratyasha on 03 Feb 21

    Ans. Both the institutes have different characteristics which distinguish them from one other; so you have to decide which college you want to depend on your needs, requirements and the kind of experience you wish to seek. Miami University may be tough for undergraduate education but the University of Cincinnati has great graduate schools. There is a lot of diversity at the University of Cincinnati and the number of international students is also very high.  Miami University is a public institution situated in Oxford. The area around the school is rural. Most of the students live on-campus or in nearby apartments off-campus. Their fraternity or Sorority culture is solid and existent in the school. You’ll find their campus beautiful and full of activities. The University of Cincinnati is also a public school with an urban setting. The university’s medical school is pretty good and they have a large engineering school. Other than that, their law school, school of architecture and design, nursing school, also have a great reputation as well. There are a lot of research opportunities available to you if you are keen on engineering or sciences. The Med school at the institute also offers great chances for students willing to study in a medical-related field and is renowned for its faculty. Here is the comparison between the University of Cincinnati and Miami University: Content University of Cincinnati Miami University Average Cost of Attendance USD 43,490/Year USD 54,916/Year Acceptance Rate 88% 74% Graduation Rate 68% 80% National Universities Rankings #143 #103 Median Starting Salary USD52,900 USD54,600 Top Recruiters Aramark Corporation, Ashland Inc, Bestek Global LLC, Fifth Third Bank Barnes Dennig, Ernst & Young, PwC, RSM, etc. Both the universities have solid departments but the atmosphere and experience at each place are surely different. If you are keen on Humanities or teaching, then you should choose Miami University. The institute excels in producing educators for a long time and Western College surely added a lot to this factor as well. If you want to pursue undergraduate education, a better option for you would be to visit the schools if you can. It may help you decide whether or not you will be able to connect to the faculty or the students. You should choose the college where you will fit in best.Read more
    1 Answer

    Ques. What are the strongest academic programs at the University of Cincinnati?

    ● Top Answer By Keshav Jindal on 03 Feb 21

    Ans. The institute offers honors programs for students who are keen to gain academic knowledge and are also ambitious towards their goals. The engineering college at the institute is said to be good. Many of the students have said to have a great career thanks to this place as compared to other schools. My own sister went here and got a better starting salary compared to some of her friends from other higher rated schools. Overall, some of their schools provide great career opportunities and ultimately depend on your interest as well as the faculty. Here is a salary estimate for their different programs: The campus of the institute is very large and the students have had a great experience at the college. Also, these colleges at the institute are said to be the most prestigious: College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning (DAAP) The DAAP college of the university offers Bachelor's, Master's, Ph.D., UG Certificate, PG Certificate programs in the fields of design, architecture, art, and planning. The college also has a Co-op program that helps you gain practical experience in the field of your study.  Conservatory of Music (CCM) The school is for students keen to learn performing and media arts. There are nearly 120 majors for you in the college to help you gain the necessary knowledge.  Business School Law School Here are the most popular majors at the University of Cincinnati: Most Popular Majors No. of graduates Nursing 422 Marketing 419 Psychology 277 Communications 234 Finance 233 Biology 214 Criminal Justice and Safety Studies 205 Accounting 203 Medical Laboratory Technician 181 Mechanical Engineering 180 The University of Cincinnati is ranked at 143rd place in National Universities by US News. Different universities offer different faculty, academics, experience so you must consider them and choose the one which suits your needs best. Every university has its advantages and disadvantages so make sure you take into account both. Also, take into account fees, location, placement opportunities before choosing the college.Read more
    1 Answer

    Ques. Is the University of Cincinnati good for a Ph.D. in accounting when it comes to academia and industry jobs after graduation?

    ● Top Answer By Rishikesh Kumar on 03 Feb 21

    Ans. If you take a look at the big accounting firms, you will see that they do not have Ph.D. holders in their. While there are some Ph.D in accounting, these are still rare scenarios even at such big firms. Hence, it's common that you may not even hear something like this at other places. If you are thinking of becoming a CPA, there is an advanced coursework you will have to do apart from a bachelor’s degree. Most CPAs generally have done a master's degree at max. The Ph.D. degree in your resume adds a research component that usually has limited uses which may be the case for many PhDs and research. Coming back to UCincinnati, the institute sees more than 80% of its graduates getting placed within three months of completing their education. The median starting salary for accounting graduates is USD 53,526 which is pretty good. Aramark Corporation, Ashland Inc, Bestek Global LLC, Fifth Third Bank are some of the top recruiters at the institute. When it comes to Academia, a Ph.D. in accounting is not something you see every day means it is quite rare. Many professors have done their Masters but have not done their Ph.D. You may find this usually in small schools where they don’t consider this aspect. If you are keen to learn to conduct accounting research, you may as well go ahead and complete a Ph.D. in accounting. Usually, people who have done PhDs to enter academia leave because what is expected of them at the institute is high meanwhile the compensation is quite low. There is no doubt that a CPA who has experience will surely make more money than a college or university accounting professor. You can consider this if you are doing a Ph.D. with good salary expectations. You can consider doing a Ph.D. depending on aspects that are important to you and whether or not the institute will be able to help you meet your objectives and goals. Most households have an unsolved Rubik's Cube. You can esily solve it learning a few algorithms.Read more
    1 Answer

    Ques. Which university is better for an MS in computer engineering, Illinois Institute of Technology or the University of Cincinnati?

    ● Top Answer By Neerendra Singh on 03 Feb 21

    Ans. If you are thinking of pursuing research-based MS, then you have to consider whether your choice of institute will have the professor or lab where you want to work on your research. You also need to ensure if they will provide you with funds so you don’t have the burden of paying the tuition for the degree. If you look at their rankings, both are ranked at 79th place in Best Undergraduate Engineering Programs rankings by US News and World Report.  If you have completed your education as an undergraduate in the computer science or engineering department, then you will have only a few classes. You won’t get much value out of it as there will be very few classes teaching you advanced topics that you are keen to learn. In the other classes, you will be learning things you have studied or had a glance at earlier. The rankings of institutes are based on many factors that may or may not be important to you, so you should rather focus on aspects that are of significance to you. The master's degree usually is 30 credits and you may complete the degree in 2 years or before too if you are not thinking of pursuing the Ph.D. The classes you take with this period may not have full effect if you consider entering the industry.Here are the program details of both the colleges for you to compare: University of Cincinnati Illinois Institute of Technology Program M.SC (Computer Engineering) M.ENG (Computer Engineering) Tuition Fees USD13,105/Year USD45,447/Year Exam Scores (Average) IELTS-7.5 TOEFL-100 SAT-1230 ACT-26 IELTS-7.5 TOEFL-105 SAT-1320 ACT-28 Research Universities rankings (Forbes) #152 #111 Top Recruiters General Electric Aviation, University of Cincinnati, General Electric Co., The Kroger Company, etc. 6COM.Inc, Allscripts, Amazon, Antra Inc, Black Phoenix, Deloitte, etc. The tuition cost of the programs is also an important aspect you should consider while choosing your college.The University of Cincinnati being a public institute offers a lot of resources in placing you in the computer engineering industry. Illinois Institute of Technology may be very expensive for you if they do not have enough funds for your education. Whichever institute costs you less will reduce your burden of debt so that may be the best choice considering the financial aspect. The decision is yours to make keeping in mind the factors which are of utmost importance to you.Read more
    1 Answer

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