Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) in Canada: Course Guide for International Students

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    Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) in Canada is offered by most universities as a second degree which can be completed within 11 months to 2 years. Students are required to have a 3-year bachelors degree to apply for a second degree here. Some of the universities also offer a 4 to 5 year Bachelor of Education as a concurrent or dual degree. 

    • The total program fees in Candian universities offering Bachelor of Education range between 35,000 CAD to 200,000 CAD.
    • The salary earned by graduates in the teaching and education sector is between 85,000 CAD to 290,000 CAD in Canada.
    • After completion of the Bachelor of Education from Canadian universities, students get the teaching license of the province in which your university was located. 

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    Why Study a Bachelor of Education in Canada?

    Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) in Canada helps students to streamline their earnings from the teaching degree. Also, they receive the teaching certificate of the province in which their university was located. Depending upon the specialization chosen, students become an expert of teaching at a particular level of education in Canada after completing this degree.

    Lets us take a look at other benefits that a BEd graduate in Canada can get: 

    • Annual salary increment of teachers in Canada was approximately 5% in 2019. This was the third-highest in the country after healthcare and IT sector
    Annual Salary Increment
    • New job opportunities for Elementary educators are expected to rise up to 98,900 between 2017-2026
    • 46,100 new job opportunities are expected to grow by 2026 for secondary educators.
    • The average annual salary for teaching and education sector is 4% higher than the average annual salary offered in Canada for all occupations.

    Top Universities offering Bachelor of Education in Canada

    According to THE Ranking 2019 for education which included 428 universities across the world, 19 were from Canada. Following table lists the top 10 universities among those 19 offering Bachelor of Education in Canada: 

    THE Ranking 2019 University Programs Offered Program Fees (in CAD)
    18 University of British Columbia Elementary & Middle years, Secondary, Teaching Children, etc; 11 to 16 months 40,632 – 52,952 
    53 McGill University Kindergarten & Elementary, Physical & Health Education, Secondary, etc; 4 years 72,440
    88 University of Alberta Secondary; 4 years 108,000
    101 – 125 Concordia University Teaching English; 4 years 81,000
    101 -125 University of Ottawa Teacher Education; 4 years 212,900
    101 – 125 Simon Fraser University Elementary, Secondary School; 4 years 141,250
    126 – 150 University of Calgary Kindergarten; 4 years 130,384
    126 – 175 University of Victoria

    Elementary: 4 years;

    Secondary: 1.33 years



    201 – 250 Queen’s University Primary-Junior, Intermediate-Senior Teaching; 4 years 92,576
    201 – 250 York University Primary-Junior, Junior-Intermediate, Intermediate-Senior; 4 years 107,900

    Bachelors of Education in Canada: What is it About?

    Bachelors of education in Canada trains students for teaching at various level of education. This depends upon the specialization chosen by the student.

    Some of the popular specializations offered to study in Canada are Kindergarten, Elementary, Secondary School, High School etc. 

    Following are some of the skills taught in Bachelor of Education in Canada:

    • Develop lesson plans
    • Assign and check homework
    • Create and administer the test
    • Assess student’s progress

    Admissions Process of Bachelor of Education in Canada

    When applying to Canadian universities, international students are required to have a 3-year bachelors degree to apply for second degree Bachelor of Education in Canada. Secondary school students can apply directly for first degree in B.Ed which is offered by only a handful of universities. 

    Application Process of Bachelor of Education in Canada

    How to Apply: You can apply for the bachelor's program through the university's official website or through application portals like ApplyAlberta & OUAC. These portals can only be used as a medium of application for universities in Alberta & Ontario, respectively.

    Submit Application Package: You are required to submit the application package that consists of the complete supporting documents along with the application and related paperwork

    Receive Letter of Confirmation: Wait for admission results to be announced. You can keep a track of application through the university's “track application” portal. The decisions to your applications will be updated on your portal and a confirmation mail will be sent to you on the official mailing id provided to the institution.

    Eligibility Criteria for Bachelor of Education in Canada 

    The minimum eligibility criteria for pursuing B.Ed. in top Canadian Universities are discussed below:

    • Completion of their high school education with at least five academic subjects
    • Completion of a 3-year bachelors degree in education-related field (for second degree)
    • A minimum of 60% score is required as your high school average.
    • Applicants from non-native English speaking countries are required to submit proof of language proficiency. Minimum score requirement is provided below: 
      • IELTS: 6.5 to 7
      • TOEFL (iBT): 80-98
    • Having some experience in the field can be an added advantage for applicants.

    Documents Required for Bachelor of Education in Canada Admission 

    • 10th and 12th class results, CBSE/CISCE/ICSC board certificates.
    • Certificate for completion of a bachelors degree (for second degree)
    • Experience letter.
    • Personal statement
    • Canadian Student visa

    Cost of Study for Bachelor of Education in Canada

    For an international student planning to study abroad, the cost of a study can be differentiated into two broad categories. These are pre-arrival expenses and post-arrival expenses.

    Pre-Arrival Cost

    The amount spent on application fees, ELP test fees, study permit fees, etc make up the pre-arrival costs. Some of your major expenses are listed below:

    Type of Expense Cost (CAD)
    Application Fee 95-156
    IELTS Fee 309
    TOEFL Fee 210-330
    Air travel 350-1200
    Health Insurance 600-800

    Tuition Fees for Bachelors of Education in Canada

    The annual tuition fees of various types of specializations offered in Bachelor of Education by a university remains the same. McGill University has the lowest annual fees of 18,110 CAD while University of British Columbia has the highest annual fees of 52,952 CAD. 

    Tuition Fees of BEd in Canada

    Cost of Living in Canada

    The cost of living in Canada is highly dependent on the lifestyle of the student and the accommodations chosen. Given below are the details of the monthly living expenses that may incur while studying in Canada:

    Province Accommodation (in CAD) Food (in CAD) Transportation (in CAD) Miscellaneous (in CAD)
    Alberta 481 282 73 338
    Ontario 600 270 86 290
    Quebec 423 272 42 318
    British Columbia 871 279 108 342
    Newfoundland 495 269 69 234
    New Brunswick 458 245 71 237
    Nova Scotia 500 245 68 247
    Manitoba 495 253 100 307
    Saskatchewan 560 259 83 311

    Bachelors of Education in Canada with Scholarships

    Studying abroad can be an expensive affair. International students can apply for various scholarships available to study in Canada. Some of the popular scholarships available at top universities are as follows:

    Scholarship Amount (CAD) University
    Financial Assistance to International Students  4000 UBC
    McGill Entrance Scholarships One year – 3000;
    Major – 3000-12000
    McGill University
    India 1st year excellence scholarship 5000 UAlberta
    Concordia Presidential Scholarship Covers tuition and other academic expenses Concordia University
    UG Scholars Entrance Scholarships 10000 SFU
    Calgary International Entrance Scholarship 15,000 University of Calgary

    Click here for more scholarships offered to international students in Canada. 

    Scope of Bachelor of Education in Canada

    Students, after earning a degree in Bachelor of Education in Canada, can apply for teaching positions in various provinces. The degree helps them in acquiring a comprehensive student teaching experience and developing a professional network. You can also pursue the Masters of Education in Canada after completion of B.Ed. 

    The average salary of a teacher in Canada is 131,000 CAD per annum. With experience, this can go as high as 201,000 CAD per annum. Acquiring a second degree increases the salary of teachers by 39%. 

    Salary of Teachers

    Given below are the popular jobs in Canada for teachers and their average salary: 

    Job Designation Average Annual Salary (CAD) Job Designation Average Annual Salary (CAD)
    Elementary School Teacher 116,000 Preschool Teacher 118,000
    ESL Teacher 142,000 Secondary School Teacher 134,000
    Assistant Teacher 119,000 Primary School Teacher 128,000
    Academic Staff 131,000 High School Teacher 149,000

    Teaching is considered a respectable profession not only in Canada but all over the world. A teacher has the responsibility of moulding the future of its students in the right direction and impart them knowledge in easy and understandable way.

    Thus, students opting for this profession needs to have a high level of patience and understanding of human psychology. With high paying jobs and the opportunity to pursue a postgraduate degree from Canada, a Bachelor of Education in Canada is a way of exploring your world of possibilities in the teaching and education sector. 


    Ques. Can Bachelor of Education in Canada be completed in one year?

    Ans. Many universities of Canada offer Bachelor of Education degree that can be completed within 11 months to 2 years. However, it is considered as a second degree and students must have a 3-year bachelors degree in the education-related field to apply for it. 

    Ques. Which are the best universities for a teaching degree in Canada?

    Ans. According to THE ranking 2019 for education, University of British Columbia, McGill University, University of Alberta, Concordia University and University of Ottawa are some of the best universities offering Bachelor of Education in Canada. 

    Ques. Can I do a Bachelor of Education online in Canada?

    Ans. Bachelor of Education in Canada is delivered on-campus and students have to attend classes in the university to get the degree. However, several teaching certificates and diplomas in Canada are available as an online mode of education.

    Ques. What are the requirements for admission in Bachelor of Education in Canada?

    Ans. To apply for a second degree Bachelor of Education in Canada, you must have a 3 to 4 year bachelors degree in an education-related field. First degree Bachelor of Education in Canada offered as a concurrent or dual degree accepts students directly passed out from senior secondary school. 

    Ques. How much can a student earn after completion of Bachelor of Education in Canada?

    Ans. Teachers in Canada earn an average salary of 131,000 CAD per annum. A student with no experience gets an average pay of 77,500 CAD per year which goes upto 135,000 CAD with 5+ years of experience.