KLE Society PC Jabin Science College was established in the year 1957 with an aim to provide education in the field of science and research. One can experience the experimentation of science as various techniques are employed for the same. The College is built upon the pillars of values and moral education. The college was conferred with Autonomy, and this is what highlights the progress it has achieved over years. The colonial style building in the 8 acre campus is what makes the college give a cultural look. The KLE University has permitted for guiding the students in areas of research. This is indeed an achievement in itself.

Facts and figures of KLE Society PC Jabin Science College, Hubli, Karnataka

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Hostel Block

Separate for boys and girls

Computer Centre


Admission procedure

Separate guidelines by the College

Total number of books in the library




Why to Join KLE Society PC Jabin Science College, Hubli, Karnataka?

  • Huge Library: With 65,226 books in the library, one can definitely claim that the library is huge. There are a lot of periodicals and research papers along with the books. Owing to all of these students get a chance to learn more as they get exposed to many different ideas. The total area of the library is 8,000 square feet.
  • Language Laboratory: Not every college has a language laboratory and KLE Society PC Jabin Science College, Hubli is one amongst the few who have it. All the computers are installed with advanced software. The language laboratory that is used for strengthening the language skills is further enhanced by CPE grants. In the lab, there are 17 computers including a master console. The tense Buster has 5 levels in all and all of them serve the purpose well.