ANU, Guntur: UG Exams to be held from Aug 02, has been postponed and Rescheduled; Check new schedule here

Samrat Roy Samrat Roy
Exam Prep Master

Having regard to COVID-19 Pandemic circumstances in Guntur & Prakasam Districts and the Updated Guidelines on Examinations and Academic Calendar for Universities in the light of the Covid-19 Pandemic of the UGC referred to in point (7) to avoid and contain the spread of COVID-19, Vice-Chancellor ofAcharya Nagarjuna University(ANU) has ordered that the existing schedule for the Examinations of U.G. Courses in March 2020 should be delayed and rescheduled  to be held from 17.08.2020 as set out in the following schedule:

The Vice-Chancellor has also ordered to request the Principals/Chief Superintendents of UG Examinations Centers to follow the safety measures of Covid-19 as prescribed by the Government/Health Department and to take necessary preventive measures.

You can check the official notification below:

Further, the Vice-Chancellor has ordered to inform the Principals/Chief Superintendents that appropriate disciplinary action will be initiated on such colleges which are not following Covid-19 safety measures.

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