Interview by Arjun Verma



Dr. K.N. Ganesh Babu is currently working as the Director of Aditya Academy of Architecture & Design, Bangalore.  He has also worked as a Faculty member at M.S.Ramaiah Institute of Technology. He holds several degrees like B.Arch from AERI Hosur, M.Arch from M.S.R.I.T Bangalore, Ph. D from Bharathi Dasan University Trichy and Ph.D. (Hon) from NVUPE, UNO, Geneva.

Dr. K.N. Ganesh Babu on his experience in the education sector

Having graduated as an Architect since two decades and more, I had the opportunity to build my career in the field of architecture in a phased manner, backed by a sound exposure to the field of Architecture with an excellent combination of Practice and Academics. I started my career reaping the rich experiences of Ms Thomas Associates, one of the leading Architectural firms in Bangalore.

In a short amount of time, I started my own practice, bringing hundreds of my client’s dreams into reality. During this period I also trained dozens of young architects in their internship program. Not stopping there with my knowledge sharing habits,

I stepped into academics to quench the thirst of the younger generatio

Graduating with distinction in Masters of Landscape Architecture, I worked in some of the leading Institutions in Bangalore. I believe in learning beyond the limits and for this purpose, I have conducted several education trips within India and abroad. I have organized workshops and conferences as a platform for information exchange.

Dr. Ganesh’s Leadership Style

Leadership is all about making things work. If one understands his or her role and responsibility and the willingness to work and as the Director of AAAD, I believe in assigning proper people for the appropriate task making the system a win-win situation.

Challenges and Responsibility of a Principle

Responsibility always comes with a pinch of pepper and salt. It all depends on how you address it.

AAAD’s Curriculum

I should acknowledge the excellence of the Board of Studies formed and affected by the Council of Architecture and the Vishveshwaraya Technological University. Our curriculum is totally industry based and the syllabus encourages teaching fraternity from the industry called the Visiting faculty and Guest Lectures.

Over and above most of the subjects require industrial interaction in some way or the other. To add value to this the students have to go through an internship program for one semester.

Placement Opportunities for students available at Aditya Academy of Architecture & Design

I desire to mould the Students of Architecture in the right way, for them to face the challenges of the future and the Vision of The Aditya Foundation have taken a common platform to build the Aditya Academy of Architecture and Design.

Always accessible for students

Principal/director is only a designation. Basically, I am an Architect, a resource provider, and an accessible human.