Whether in schools, colleges, or coaching centers’, students and teachers come together under a roof and exchange knowledge in terms of lessons, questions, answers, etc. This approach is famous for hundreds of years, but COVID- 19 changed everything. With this havoc pandemic, not only each sector's growth disrupted but also declined. But we are warriors, and with our excellent minds, we find ways to fight with any pandemic. Growth in the education sector is a must with a positive approach. Before moving on to how COVID 19 motivated us to bring positive changes, let us have a look at how it affected our most important sector: EDUCATION.


COVID 19 affected the education system globally, leading to the closure of educational institutes, colleges, universities, and coaching centers. Most of the teachers lost their jobs because institutes were not able to pay salaries to the teachers. As the saying is, "Education is the Key," but the key is currently unavailable due to the pandemic. The Ministry of Education made cuts in the syllabus, which directly affected student learning. They will be devoid of those concepts, and that is a great loss for any nation.The current batch, who is dreaming of becoming teachers this year, are in a great problem. With the current layoffs in the education industry, how can they find any new job opening? As mentioned earlier, we can fight this, and we already have a great solution. Technology!With the increasing use of digital mediums, we can tackle any problem caused by COVID 19, even in the education sector.

Technology: A Paramount Solution

With plenty of video conferencing networks, we can organize online classes. There will be ample employment opportunities as we will need training institutions to train the teachers. With everything going according to the plan, new students will enroll, and new teachers will be required.There is no need to lay-off the current teachers. There is a need to train and equip them with technology. With the digital world's minimal experience, anyone can organize classes, webinars, and training sessions with just a single click. 

Let's learn with an example.

RICS School of Built Environment was facing problems in conducting exams of their current batches. They thought of canceling the exams and promoting them based on their previous semester results. But there was a problem. What if a student who could not deliever a good performance previously, wants to rectify it by giving the best this time. How can we uplift the score that student? How can we be sure that students are investing time in learning their syllabus concepts without exams?The answer is technology! They built a stable student-friendly technical infrastructure to conduct exams. Mocks were organized to make the student aware of the process. The result is students scored what they truly deserved. With the new batch coming, online classes are the solution because humans' safety is of utmost importance.

Everyone is Adapting

Similarly, institutes across the globe are going digital. They are training their teachers to use technology optimally and impart education effectively. Students can learn without affecting their health. Their time that got wasted during the recovery of impacts caused by COVID 19 can be compensated with the technology.Even in the coming years, when the COVID 19 effects will be minimal, technology in the education sector will dominate. Because people realize the value of technology and the time and efforts it saves.A student can learn from the best teacher no matter how much distance exists between them.

They can watch the recorded lessons according to their pace and raise queries with the 24*7 doubt clearance system. The online material will decrease the requirement of paper and hence, save the environment.Surely we have a lot to improve, which is not easy, but we will not give up. Humans know their ways to work out with change, and being our education at stake, technology will help us fight it.