Interview by Yash Panchal



Dr. Thomas P. John is the Chairman of T. John Group of Institutions. He is an MBBS and has completed additional academic programs from ISB Hyderabad, IIT Delhi, IIM Bangalore, and Berlin University. He set up T. John College in 1993 and has seen it grow immensely since then. He has also donned many hats as a political leader.

Dr. John devotes more of his time to Life Enhancement by Mind Engineering. He is the founder and president of MIND MAGIC ACADEMY. He is an avid traveler and has traveled to various countries.

A satisfactory experience in the education industry

It feels great to be chairman of T John Group of Institutions and my experience in the education sector has been fantastic, it gives great satisfaction as we are able to provide quality education to a large number of students.

Teaching is a noble profession and I am fortunate to be in a position like this where we are able to help thousands achieve their career dreams.

An open and transparent leadership style

My philosophy of leadership is to be a strong leader and friendly guide. I can describe my leadership style as very open, transparent and ethical. I'd like to give freedom to all the people who work with me, be it students, teaching staff or non-teaching staff.

Tackling the challenge of finding the right talent

The greatest challenge we face as administrators of educational institutions is that of finding the right talent because we keep in mind that the teachers who we appoint, are the ones who will be molding the students for the future of the nation.

Driving force behind a positive educational change

The driving force behind positive educational change is that 

I understand and believe that education is the best way to make the country progress by giving quality education.

I hope I have contributed to nation building.

Being approachable and available for the staff and students

As a chairman of the institution, I believe in having direct contact with all the stakeholders, so I have introduced a link on our website which is open to the public where they can write to the Chairman and Express any of their opinion or grievances or suggestions. I also make myself available to any staff or student whenever I am on the campus to meet me without any hindrance.

An ideal environment for learning

I believe that an ideal environment for studies would be first of all a disciplined environment where students are encouraged to study.

Major changes noticed in the education industry over the years

The significant changes that I have noticed in the education field in the past 25 years that today the students have a choice of Institutions to choose from in whichever area of interest they have which was not available 25 years back.There was a huge gap between supply and demand but today there is a huge availability of seats for students and so students are able to choose the best colleges and decide on which college they want to study.

Top qualities that an aspiring Manager must possess

The top qualities that an aspiring manager must possess to be willing to learn, to be about bringing about change because change is the only constant which a manager must realize and be able to adapt to the changing requirements of his management position.

Goals in mind for T John Group of Institutions

In the next 5 years, we hope to be one of the top 5 colleges in India in all the streams of education that we provide.

Suggestions for the current youth

As a proponent of Mind engineering, this is a specialized area where we offer for all students on our campus. This is a philosophy wherein we teach the students the importance of mind and how it works and make them realize that the mind can make you achieve anything. Another 1st in the country is that we have a Department of Happiness on the campus, where we work with staff & students to improve their happiness index. 

I would suggest that any student should make up his mind about what he wants in life and then there will be no looking back.