Over half-a-dozen rural Prayagraj schools grant 3-month fee exemption

Samrat Roy Samrat Roy
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About half a dozen Prayagraj schools have given students a three-month fee exemption, even as arguments and counter-arguments continue to fly elsewhere about whether to charge fees for online classes or not. The fee exemption was given for April-June, 2020.

The move comes at a time when desperate parents appeal to the state government and even try to intervene in court in times when wages have been cut and jobs lost.

In addition to granting students fee exemptions, these schools, mostly located in rural areas, are using their savings to pay teachers and staff salaries and meet other running costs, such as power bills.

New Scholars Academy at Chatnagh Road in Jhunsi, GS Academy English-Medium School in Karchana, Prakash Public School and Prakash Girls' Intermediate College in Deeha in Karchana, LB Singh Intermediate College in Mungari in Karchana, Pt RS Vidyashram Intermediate College in Marufpur Anapur in Lalgopalganj, Tara Rashid Sherwani Girls Intermediate College in Karchana

In Marufpur Anapur, in Lalgopalganj, Pt RS Vidyashram Intermediate College offers education to around 450 students enrolled in Classes I to VIII and another 400 in Classes IX to XII. Manager Satyavrat Mishra said the school charges around 300 Rs per month from Class I to VIII students and around 400 Rs per month from Class IX to XII students.

"This amounts to a fee collection of about 8.85 lakh in three months from 850 students that the school management has decided to exempt from taking into account the impact of coronavirus," he said.

Tara Rashid Sherwani Girls Intermediate College manager Khurshid Alam said the school administration also decided not to collect the three-month fee from all 700 students enrolled in the institution. "Monthly fee collection here amounts to around Rs 1.30 lakh, and in three months the school will forgo about Rs 4 lakh as fee," he added.

The Chatnagh Road New Scholars Academy in Jhunsi has also granted students exemptions for April , May and June 2020. The decision would directly benefit 150 students, who are affiliated to the UP Basic Education Board to provide education up to Class 8. "In light of the outbreak of Covid-19 and its effect, the school has decided not to collect any fees for three months," school manager Manoj Upadhyay confirmed.

The parents are certainly happy. "My two kids study English-Medium School at GS Academy in Karchana. The school has informed that no fee will be charged for April , May and June and this has come as a major relief for parents like me, "said Bhadeva village resident Sunil Kumar in Karchana.