Semester Exams for Higher and Technical Education Programmes Called Off by Haryana Government

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Semester Exams for Higher and Technical Education Programmes Called Off by Haryana Government

As per the latest update, the Haryana Government has decided to cancel all state semester exams at university and university level in the light of increasing cases of COVID-19.

The decision was announced by Kanwar Pal, Minister of State for Education, who stated that it would apply to both technical and non-technical programmes.

As per the formal announcement, the Haryana State Government has decided not to carry out any semester exams, either for terminal / final year students or for intermediate semester students.

Promotion On Basis of Internal Assessment and Previous Exams

While announcing that no semester exams will be held in state-based universities and colleges, the Haryana Ministry of Education also provided an alternative grading system on the basis of which students will be passed or promoted to the next academic year.

According to the formula proposed by the Minister, students will be labeled on the basis of the internal assessment and performance of the previous examination.

The difference in weight would be 50:50 between the two factors. The same marking scheme and formula will be awarded to students pursuing distance education, as well as to private students.

Second Chance to Improve Grades Later

In the case of students who are not satisfied with the marks awarded to them on the basis of internal assessment or promotion, the state government has also directed all educational institutions to hold improvement exams later on when the situation returns to normal in the state.

All colleges and universities will hold improvement exams for students who want to improve their grades later.

Online Exams Option Available

In addition to proposing an alternative grading mechanism for college and university students, the state government has also stated that universities and higher education institutions that feel they are equipped to hold online exams will be allowed to do so.

Before holding the exams, however, the institution must ensure that it has all the necessary facilities to hold online exams for all students studying there.