5.3 out of 10
8.0/10Social Life
4.0/10Campus Life
3.0/10Hostel Life

College Review

Go Sian Ging Zilom


Its is still in the process of developing so i can’t say as of now

Course Curriculum Overview


Fair. And general studies about the importance of Physical Education. They provide us the opportunity to show case our talent and provide plate form to develop our own self confidence. It doesn’t lake in activities for the development of the students.

Placement Experience


The placement are there whenever the company or the faculty needs it for the students. They came to our college for placement mostly every year

College Events


College week, College meet, Intramural activities. We also held intramural class wise competition every weekend which is a very helpful plate form for developing self confidence and it also give us many plate forms to show our talents in many ways possible

Fee Structure And Facilities

Expensive. Because my particular course requires activities which need to be done for the completions of the degree and many survey and field visits are required to obtain the maximum knowledge about the subjects. It also provides us refreshments during every activities

Loan/ Scholarship Provisions

Through the scholarship norms and college norms. There are certain terms which must be completed during the process of filling and verification from both the institutions and scholarship providers

Campus Life


The numbers of male and females are in appropriate ratio. There are equal in the number of female and male students. Where no gender domination others. Equal proportion of male and female students are in the college. It is a coeducational institution.


Very helpful and provides all the necessary information. They even guides us about the things which need to be done to get the teacher attention. They also shows us the way to prepare for our exam or suggest us which book to be read.


Physical Education is a course which emphasis on all round developments. It is a course which offers the social, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual development for the students. One should be very much aware about the importance of physical Education in our day to day life so live a healthy living



Offline mode. As the college is still under the process of developing they didn’t have proper facilities which are required for the students. But with the help of the UGC grant it start developing the facilities needed by the institution for the students step by step