Department of physiotherapy

6.3 /10

Remarks :

I think this college (department of physiotherapy) provide very good education to the students not only to the meritorious students but to average student also . It enhances the stage performance of the students by giving them chance to speak on something. So This is very good college regarding to study or extracurricular activities .

Course Curriculum Overview :

All the course provided in this department either in 1st,2nd_ _ _8th.all the course is same as in M.B.B.S study. except exercise therapy.So we will not only learn about the exercise but we can learn all the things or study which is related to be a doctor. As it is the course of 4 yrs study and a six months internship there is 8 semester exam take place .after every six months there will be a semester and viva(except in 3rd semester) exam.but before the semester exam.Two internal exam is also conducted.

Placement Experience :

This profession does not provide any placement in college or hospital.but the job opportunity in this profession is getting bigger day by day due to modern lifestyle Yes my college provide the internship program. I can't describe because i m the student of 1st semester

College Events :

In my college, there are many events which is celebrated every year by our teachers and seniors like physiotherapy day which is celebrated on 8th September, Teachers day on 5th September,work shop event, On physiotherapy day,all the students or teachers of the college should come in white t-shirt with some banner or posters regarding to physiotherapy. And we all do a march on road .and after this we all came and plant some trees near by our college and some zumba dance also organised by group. In any work shop event, there is some subject related to that event in which students who want to say something about the related subject has a chance to say something about the subject in front of many recognised doctors or professor s and after all the students completed then the related doctors or professor also give their opinion on the subject

Fee Structure And Facilities :

It is not really feasible but also not expensive in comparison to other colleges in which physiotherapy is studied . Admission charge -27500.In which 12500 is your tuition fee and 3000 is your security money, 7000 for your development charge and 5000 for university examination fee. Per semester charge -24500

Loan/ Scholarship Provisions :

My college offers or accept both scholarship and loan facilities . As the students credit card bihar is offering a good amount of loan for the students at very minimal interest to study in various institutions or college. After sanctioning of students credit card you will receive money directly to your bank account provided by government.

Campus Life :

Many extracurricular activities, labs, sports take place in our college like Departmental sports in which various kind of sports is there in which you participate and compete with the participants of othe department. In labs, many experiments are done by lab technician and students which is necessary for the students and that experience also help us in treating the patient . experiment like Counting of Rbc, Wbc, Esr, Bt, Ct, measuring of blodd pressure of an individual and To check the Blood group of an individual.

Hostel Facilities :

I am the student of this Session 2018-22. And in this session No students can get the benefit of hostel(except girls) as the previous hostel which is bulit have gone in some other department areas. So when new hostel made then we will get the the hostel

Alumni/Alumna :

Yes , of course they are very helpful either teachers or seniors . They not only help you in study but also in workshop events or in sports or to introduce yourself in front of many people. They not only help physically but by also economically

Faculty :

All the faculty of this college is either a qualified M.P.T or a M.B.B.S .So every faculty in this college is well qualified and they know how to tackle with some weak or average students in the class. Many faculty in this college also came from medical college. So sometime they may late due to work pressure of both medical college and their clinic.

6.3 out of 10
8.0/10Social Life
5.0/10Campus Life
4.0/10Hostel Life


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