Interview by Kritika Gupta

Amity University

Dr. Padmakali Banerjee is an experienced Pro vice chancellor of Amity University, Gurgaon. She is an experienced academician with a strong professional skill in curriculum designing, leadership development, Business planning, Public speaking, psychometric assessment and many more. Her qualification includes Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D., M.Phil, MA, Psychology and Organisational Behaviour) from Delhi University. 

Presently, she plays a role of Life coach as well and as authored ‘The Power of Positivity Optimism and the 7th Sense’. In an exclusive interview with, she shares her views on the education industry and talks about Amity University as a whole.

Factors keeping Dr. Banerjee connected to the education sector 

I hold a pivotal position at Amity University, a leading educational group. Knowledge creation and research, curriculum design, and development have been some of the areas where I have been rigorously. My objective is to create an environment of student-centric education, which empowers the aspirants to become future leaders. 

Amity University

Strategies and programmes that makes Amity stand-apart

Imparting quality education, along with value addition, is an excellent enabler in terms of marketing and administration. Academic rigor with an innovative spirit with industry integration and industrialization is our main focus. We also conduct programmes like college and school connect to reach out to students and provide them guidance for their career choices. 

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Amity promising a global experience and standard of education 

Our campus is truly global and has a diverse, multicultural environment with students from more than 36 countries coming here for higher education. For an inbound student, there is an opportunity to learn from this multifarious cultural environment and value-driven system. Our curriculum is designed to meet global standards with academic tie-ups with the best universities in the world. It is a great integration of culture, knowledge, and skills for all students who join Amity.

Curriculum designed as per the industry standards

Industry integration has been the focal point of all our programmes, and therefore ample significance has been given to the best practices of Industry. Our programmes ensure the inclusion of the latest in industry, and we make sure they are revised from time to time to keep up with the ever-changing scenario of Indian and international market.

New industry-oriented programmes are added each year to update our students with the latest disruptive technology that the industry is embracing. Other than that, our students are given the opportunities to meet the Industry honchos frequently through guest lectures, seminars, conferences, and workshops. We started the skill development programmes to make students corporate worthy. All students of Amity get trained in Communication skills, behavioural science, and foreign language to prepare them for multinational work culture. 

No biases followed, Amity promotes a spirit of universal brotherhood

A student of Amity is primarily an ‘Amitian’ irrespective of the race, nationality, and economic background. The diverse cultures and nationalities present on the campus create a picture of harmony and unity. Our programmes and events are organized with the objective to orient our students towards the culture of humanity. Our students are part of different cultural clubs in which they participate with the spirit of universal brotherhood.

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Duty towards the students and the institution at large

My roles and responsibilities are about imparting quality education and creating future leaders. To achieve that, I play the role of a coach, a mentor, and a facilitator to empower youth to become successful in realizing their dreams. I consider this my duty to create an ecosystem between industry and academia and create an environment of learning, dignity, and success. 

Amity has it all, ensures Dr. Banerjee

Amity is ranked amongst 150 top universities of India as per NIRF rating. We are the first academic institute in India and second in Asia to earn the prestigious Leed platinum certificate by the US Green Building Council. We have a state of the art campus with all modern amenities, and yet we are environmentally conscious with the use of solar power and other green measures. 

We are a student-centric institute with Trans-disciplinary programmes that are industry integrated and future-ready. Apart from that, we believe in holistic development of our students and equip them with all-round capabilities. 

Suggestions to the Millennials

For the aspiring youth, I would like to say, “Develop your seventh sense with a spirit of optimism and become creative, innovative and accomplished. Aspire for success with confidence and overall wellbeing.”