CoA and MASA: Final Exams of Architecture Can’t Be Overlooked

Meghdeepa Mondal Meghdeepa Mondal
Content Curator
CoA and MASA: Final Exams of Architecture Can’t Be Overlooked

The Council of Architecture (CoA) and Maharashtra Association of School of Architecture (MASA), the two apex bodies of Architecture colleges have appealed to the Maharashtra government to hold Final Year exams in architecture.

The organisations are of the belief that without final exams, graduates can’t be registered to practice in India. The letter addressed to state government states, Bachelor of Architecture (BArch) is a 5-year program with final semester devoted to thesis along with assessment/juries/exams.

The pattern of the curriculum is unlike other streams and integral to ensure students of acquiring professional skills and knowledge. The process itself helps build a stronger foundation for students to be competent architects. 

The letter by CoA and MASA further enunciated the Architects Act of 1972. The act provisions students with a recognised qualification of minimum standards as prescribed by the Council as eligible for registration to practice in India.

Additionally, CoA had issued an advisory in April 2020 to complete online teaching, assessment, practical training and thesis for final year students at BArch Colleges in India. The advisory was addressed to all institutions, varsities as well as their chief secretaries and directors. 

The advisory consistently guided the institutions in conducting online viva-voce, assessments, thesis reviews, and juries for BArch courses.