IIHM Delhi Launches Entrepreneurship Cell SAHAS; Issues 1 Crore for Budding Entrepreneurs

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International Institute of Hotel Management has come up with a fresh new perspective to add wings to the dreams of young entrepreneurs.

On June 15, 2020, IIHM and Dr Suborno Bose, Chairman and Chief Mentor, IIHM, launched SAHAS, a proactive entrepreneurship cell inspiring students to be future entrepreneurs and not look out for jobs.

Given the tough times and grim job market, this initiative will be a support system for its students in setting up hospitality startups. 

The initial chapter of SAHAS inaugurated in IIHM Delhi is a corpus fund worth Rs 1 crore. As Dr Bose dedicated his birthday on 15th June as SAHAS Day, he allocated the corpus fund for his IIHM student community.

Dr Bose said, "We will help any student who needs a seed capital from this fund that will be available from all IIHM campuses. They will also be guided on how to approach a venture capitalist for loans for their start-ups. Gradually this fund amount will increase in future.”

This big announcement can be checked here through the Corpus Fund for SAHAS link.

SAHAS cells can be availed by all the 10 IIHM campuses across the country. The idea is to motivate students from being job seekers to job creators. The expert panel at SAHAS will discuss and guide IIHM students into entrepreneurship. 

"Along with placing students in hotels or retail or healthcare sectors as per the changing times we also have to encourage them actively to become entrepreneurs. 

I have seen many youngsters who want to become entrepreneurs, they want to start something of their own, but somehow or the other they lack proper guidance, funding and some of them even believe that it takes a lot of money to start your own business, which is a myth.

It takes a lot of passion, courage and hard work to become an entrepreneur. If someone is very passionate about their idea, they are courageous and are willing to work hard, SAHAS will support them," said Dr Suborno Bose.

Meanwhile, IIHM has a history of creating entrepreneurs like Yangdup Lama, a successful mixologist-entrepreneur and Sanjay Gupta, a Hong Kong-based restaurateur owning more than 40 restaurants across the globe.

For more information, please visit: http://www.iihm.ac.in