UGC to Revise Exam Guidelines for 2020

Arunasish Sen Arunasish Sen
Content Curator
UGC to Revise Exam Guidelines for 2020

The University Grants Commission has decided to revise its examination guidelines. This comes after many colleges and universities have expressed their inability to give examinations to students during the pandemic.

Many professional groups such as AICTE, Architecture Council, the Bar Council of India, and so on will be providing suggestions, based on which the UGC will make the revised examination guidelines for 2020.

Due to the spread of the coronavirus, the Medical Council of India, the Dental Council of India, the Council of Architecture and the Bar Council of India asked colleges to make students take examinations online or submit projects. Simply graduating them without making them take any examination will be a violation of their respective Acts. However, many state governments are taking this step.

Due to the virus taking the proportions of a pandemic, educational institutions have been closed since March. Consequently, giving examinations conventionally is not possible.