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    University of Massachusetts (UMass) Amherst Admission, Criteria & Application Deadlines 2021

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    University of Massachusetts Amherst is a renowned public research university in Amherst, Massachusetts. It offers a wide range of undergraduate, graduate and professional degree programs through its 9 schools and colleges. Students can choose from 110 bachelor's, 79 master's, 5 associate's and 48 doctoral programs.

    University of Massachusetts Amherst has an enrollment of 24,233 undergraduates and 7,409 graduates. In fall 2020, the university received 40,253 first-year applicants of which 65% were accepted. Out of the accepted students, 5,025 students enrolled in undergraduate programs. The enrolled students included around 400 international students from 45 different countries. Looking at the overall acceptance rate, it can be said that the university has a moderately selective admission policy.

    Below is an overview of some important details about the process of admission at University of Massachusetts Amherst:

    • The university accepts applications for the fall and spring semesters.
    • The regular admission application deadline for first year students seeking admission to the University of Massachusetts Amherst is January 15.
    • Admitted students had an average GPA of 3.93 and average SAT score 1290 or average ACT score of 29.
    • TOEFL/ IELTS scores are accepted as proof of English language proficiency. The university is temporarily accepting Duolingo English Test scores.
    • Applicants in high school outside the U.S. must submit national or state exam results for admission.
    • The university does not require an interview for admission. However, international applicants are advised to submit a third-party unscripted interview.
    • Some graduate programs require GRE/ GMAT scores for admission.
    • Applicants who require a F-1 visa must submit relevant financial documents after receiving the offer for admission.


    Application Portal Online
    Application Fee (non-refundable) 80 USD
    English Proficiency TOEFL/ IELTS Scores
    Average GPA 3.90 (UG Level)
    Admission Interview Required for international students
    Types of Programs Full time/ part-time
    Mode of Payment Online payments allowed
    Academic Calendar Semester based
    Intake Sessions Fall and Spring Semester
    Contact Information

    University of Massachusetts Admission Deadlines

    First-year and transfer applicants are to take note of the following application deadlines for the fall and spring semesters:Fall (September) Semester:

    Admission Type Application Deadline
    First-Year Early Action November 5
    First-Year Regular Decision January 15
    Transfer March 1

    Spring (January) Semester:

    Admission Type Deadline
    First-year and Transfer October 1

    Application deadlines for graduate applicants vary by program for the fall semester. The graduate application deadline for the spring semester is October 1.

    University of Massachusetts International Student Admissions

    International students make up an integral part of the student community at UMass Amherst. Students from over 70 countries all over the world study here. The International Programs Office offers special assistance to international students with regard to the admission process, visa applications etc.

    Application Portal: Common Application

    Application Fee: 80 USD

    Academic Requirements

    International applicants are required to submit the following academic documents during the application process

    • Official Transcripts & degree certificates
    • Standardized Test Scores
    • English Proficiency Test Scores
    • Letters of Recommendation (1 for UG)
    • Statement of Purpose (graduate-level students)
    • Portfolio of Work (if required)
    • Admission Interview (optional)

    Additional Requirements

    Apart from academic documents international students also have to submit the following

    • Bank Statement/ Sponsorship Letter
    • Intent to enrol letter
    • Copy of valid passport

    Application Process

    • Students can apply online via the Common Application portal or the university portal.
    • They should be careful to submit all application-related documents within the final deadline.
    • Admission decisions are announced online on the Students Status Page.
    • Students who receive an admission offer are required to revert to the university with an “ Intent to Enrol” letter and submit an enrolment deposit as well.
    • Post admission international students should apply for a Form I-20 from the university.

    Architecture, art, dance, and music majors should file an admission application with the Admissions Office early to facilitate the audition or portfolio review process. The institute codes are: SAT: 3917, ACT: 1924, Federal School: 002221

    English Proficiency Requirement for International Students

    International students may submit test scores of the following exams to prove their proficiency in English

    Test Name Min Score Required- UG Level Min Score Required- PG Level
    TOEFL- iBT 80 80
    IELTS 6.5 6.5
    PTE Academic - 53

    Students may also prove their proficiency in English by demonstrating 4 years of secondary school education in English or by appearing for an unscripted admission interview.

    Visa Process for International Students

    International students intending to pursue long time education in the USA are usually required to possess a valid F-1 visa issued by the US Immigration Office. Students are required to submit the following documents in order to obtain a student visa

    • Form I-20 issued by the University of Massachusetts
    • Valid Passport
    • Proof of Financial Ability- Bank statement, sponsorship letter etc.

    Visa processing can often take time. Hence students are advised to apply for a visa at least 3 months before the start of their semester.

    University of Massachusetts Undergraduate Admissions

    University of Massachusetts undergraduate admissions are offered in 100+ degree programs offered at its 9 schools and colleges. Details about the undergraduate application process is mentioned below

    Where to Apply: Common Application

    Application Fee: 85 USD

    Admission Requirements: To apply for undergraduate admission into UMass Amherst, the following requirements must be fulfilled:

    • Completed application
    • Official high school transcripts from class 9-11
    • Official transcripts for all coursework completed
    • Letter of recommendation
    • SAT I or ACT scores (optional)
    • Senior first term grades for early action applicants
    • English proficiency test requirements (for non-native English speakers)
    • Audition/ portfolio for applicants seeking majors in Architecture, Dance, Art, and Music
    • High school unit requirements including:
      • 4 units of English
      • 4 units of Mathematics (Algebra II minimum)
      • 3 units of Natural Science (including 3 labs)
      • 2 units of Social Science (including one course in U.S. history)
      • 2 units of Foreign Language (should be same language)
      • 2 units of Electives (from areas above, arts and humanities, or computer science)

    The class profile of fall 2020 entering class is given below:

    Average high school GPA 3.93 on 4.0
    Average SAT score 1290
    Average ACT score 29

    University of Massachusetts Graduate Admissions

    At the graduate level, the University of Massachusetts offers 70+ masters-level programs. The application deadline, requirements etc. vary according to the individual program being applied to.

    Where to Apply: UMass Graduate Online Application

    Application Fee: 80 USA

    Admission Requirements:

    Although individual application requirements vary according to programs, some common requirements include

    • Online Application
    • Application Fee
    • Official Transcripts
    • Bachelors Degree Certificate
    • Personal Statement
    • Updated Resume
    • Letters of Recommendation

    Program-specific admission requirements for certain graduate-level programs are mentioned below

    Requirements Computer Science (M.S) MBA Engineering Management (M.S) Economics (M.A) Electrical & Computer Engineering (M.S)
    Full-Time Duration 2 years 2 years 2 years 2 years 2 years
    Admission Deadline Fall- December 15
    Spring- October 1
    Round 1: December 1
    Round 2: February 1
    Fall: June 1
    Spring: October 1
    January 15 Fall: January 15
    Spring: October 1
    Letters of Recommendation 2 Required 2 Required 2 Required 2 Required 2 Required
    GRE/ GMAT Score GRE Required GRE/GMAT Required For dual degrees only GRE Required Optional
    Personal Statement Required Required Required Required Required
    Additional Not required Resume, interview Resume Not required Resume

    The University of Massachusetts offers admission to a wide variety of degree programs. Students who follow all admission procedures and qualify in the eligibility criteria have over 60% chances of being accepted. International students should complete their application procedures early so as to receive the Form I-20 and be able to apply for a student visa to the USA.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q1. How to find out if I have received merit-based/ need-based financial assistance?

    Ans, Students qualifying for financial assistance will be able to view a link for the financial award on their online SPIRE portal.

    Q2. Can I change my major after admission?

    Ans, Students may request a major change via an email to the Admissions Office. Decisions regarding the major change will be announced by the University by May 1 at the latest.

    Q3. What is the deadline for submitting the final transcripts?

    Ans, Students are required to submit all official transcripts before July 1. Student printed transcripts will not be accepted by the university.

    Q4. What is the deadline for accepting an offer of admission?

    Ans, Students are required to respond to admission offers by May 1 or within 2 weeks after April 15.

    Q5. Am I allowed to defer my admission for a later semester?

    Ans, The University of Massachusetts does not allow admission deferrals under normal circumstances. However, students intending to start their studies in fall 2020 may defer their studies by 1 semester only.

    Q6. What is the process of cancelling my admission?

    Ans, Students may cancel their admission offer by clicking this link and selecting ‘I would like to decline my admission offer’

    University of Massachusetts - UMass Amherst, Massachusetts, usa: 3 answered questions


    Ques. Is getting an undergraduate degree in computer science from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst worth the out-of-state tuition?

    ● Top Answer By vinayak mathur on 04 Feb 21

    Ans. Short answer yes! It's absolutely worth every penny spending at University of Massachusetts. UMass offers you a picturesque campus with large classrooms, amazing food and world renowned scientists as professors. It has been ranked 56th world wide for computer science by QS world rankings,which adds up to its reputation. So here are few parameters which clearly states UMass is worth the money you pay for. Education: Computer science department at University of Massachusetts has world renowned professors including David Barrington and Tim Richards so the quality of education is top notch. Career development program of UMass offers a lot of opportunities to grow your network. UMass has a huge alumni network working at Google, Facebook and Amazon. Student Life: UMass Amherst offers the best food on campus and has been awarded by Princeton for two years in a row. There are numerous student groups you could be a part of or participate in a lot of events conducted by them on the campus. The lively party scene on the weekends are needless to mention. Big School Benefits: UMass has a huge campus with more than 28,000 students pursuing undergraduate study. This clearly leads to peer to peer learning and improves your connections. The resources are abundant and UMass even offers support for student entrepreneurs with their partnership with isenberg school of management and other business schools. As the fee is high (USD 54,736 including tuition+housing), it could be daunting for you. But the resources, quality of education you get and the connections you make surely makes your time and money worth it.Read more
    1 Answer

    Ques. How do you rate the University of Massachusetts Amherst as an engineering grad school?

    ● Top Answer By Apoorva Saxsena on 04 Feb 21

    Ans. If you just look at it’s rankings, you’ll be convinced about its quality and reputation. University of Massachusetts Amherst has been ranked 56th among best engineering colleges by QS global rankings 2021. It follows a semester based academic calendar and has an undergraduate enrollment over 33,246. You’ll love the huge campus which is spread across 1,463 acres. It also offers an amazing infrastructure, curriculum and food. Your job prospects will be pretty great since its graduate employment rate is 82%. If you are asking for a personal rating, let's consider a few parameters about the University. Research and funding: Research opportunities are plenty in the University. Machine learning is one of the major interests at UMass. 'Center for intelligent information retrieval' led by Bruce Croft is housed in the University of Massachusetts which says a lot about their ongoing work. Both internal and external research fundings are amazing at UMass.  Job opportunities and Entrepreneurial support: Given that UMass is a popular institute, its brand name is enough to fetch you amazing job opportunities.  Engineering department also offers co-op programs which help in fetching internships at top companies. Being a bit more industry oriented definitely will help its students in fetching jobs.  Graduate curriculum is amazing. There are many world renowned scientists in their faculty and their curriculum is well designed and balanced between both thesis and practical work. Overall, UMass is a pretty good institute for Graduate Engineering.Read more
    1 Answer

    Ques. Is it worth going to University of Massachusetts Amherst by paying double instead of Portland State University in areas of Embedded Systems for Masters of Science in ECE?

    ● Top Answer By Jay Shete on 04 Feb 21

    Ans. If you go by the brand name and ranking, University of Massachusetts clearly is our winner. But what about other factors? Let us consider three parameters to choose a better University for you shall we?  Job opportunities after graduation Research opportunities Funding Job opportunities: When it comes to job opportunities, PSU has an edge because of its proximity to Intel. But UMass weighs equally if not less because of its brand name and connections it has. Upon that UMass is a huge University which offers you tons of connections globally. So there is a tie between both UMass and PSU. Research: Students at Massachusetts, Amherst usually team up with the University faculties in their ongoing research projects along with pursuing their degree. The department focuses majorly on Computer networking, embedded systems and Computer system security.  PSU on the other hand is a great University if you are looking to pursue your career in front end VLSI. It's curriculum aligns perfectly with the technology which Intel is using.  Funding: UMass Amherst clearly beats PSU in both internal and external research funding. If your area of focus aligns with that of the university, then well you would just hit a jackpot! While PSU still offers internal research grants upto $5,000 UMass is on par with that. With one tie and two leads, University of Massachusetts Amherst is a clear winner. So yes, the money you pay at UMass is clearly worth it and you can earn a lot more than your investment within a few years of graduation.Read more
    1 Answer

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