GMAT Score 2020: Mean Score, Score Range, Percentile Score, Score Calculator and More

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    Aspirants take GMAT for taking admission to the top business schools. GMAT score is calculated in a complicated way. In India, around 35000 aspirants take GMAT last year. 

    GMAT Population and Mean Score Statistics

    GMAT Mean Score Comparison

    In 2014, 244,280 candidates appeared in GMAT and the obtained mean score was 549. In the next 4 years, the number of test-takers was 248,917, 260,328, 250,761, and 242,714 respectively and the obtained mean score was 554, 558, 564, and 565. 

    Check  GMAT Mean Score in India

    From India, each year a huge population takes GMAT for a better career. According to the official data, the 5-year growth of the Indian population 3.4% and from 2014 to 2018 the number of candidates in India increased to 27,806 from 23,311 and in these 5 years, their mean score increased fro, 576 to 583. According to the data the main purpose of the candidates are:

    • MBA (full-time and part-time)
    • PG diploma
    • Masters in management
    • Masters in finance
    • EMBA
    • Masters in Data analytics and data science
    • Ph. D in business
    • Masters in IT or systems

    The following graph shows the percentage of Indian GMAT candidates in each of the programs: 

    percentage of Indian GMAT candidates in each of the programs

    Section-wise GMAT Score Range

    The score range of GMAT is 200-800 which means the highest score in GMAT is 800 and increment points in GMAT are 10. This scoring range is applicable to the cumulative score of quantitative and verbal sections.

    Above 50% of the test-takers secure GMAT score between 400 and 600, so it will not be wrong to claim that 400-600 is the average score range while the specific average score obtained by the candidates is 563.43. Only 10% of the test-takers get 700 or up. In 2018, among the Indian candidates, 12,447 candidates scored 600-690 and 4,911 candidates scored above 700. 

    Check  GMAT Score Trends

    The average GMAT score obtained in the 4 sections is demonstrated in the table below:

    SectionAverage GMAT Score Obtained in 2017
    Verbal Reasoning26.86
    Quantitative Reasoning39.4
    Integrated Reasoning4.23
    Analytical Writing Assessment4.44

    There are different score range for each of the sections:

    • Score range for quantitative is 6-51 with 1 point increment
    • Score range for verbal is 6-51 with 1 point increment
    • Score range for integrated reasoning is1-8 with 1 point increment
    • Score range for analytical writing is 0-6 with 0.5 point increment

    GMAT Test Scores in terms of GMAT Percentile score

    There is a percentile ranking for GMAT score and the obtained GMAT score indicates a percentage to the test-takers. The percentile score may change as these GMAT percentile scores are recalculated using the data of the past 3 years.

    The following table demonstrates the GMAT overall score and its equivalent percentile score along with the percentiles of the sectional scores. 

    GMAT scoreGMAT percentileGMAT Quant scoreGMAT Quant PercentileGMAT Verbal scoreGMAT Verbal PercentileGMAT IR scoreGMAT IR PercentileGMAT AW scoreGMAT AW Percentile
    760 – 80099%5196%5199%892%688%

    GMAT Score calculating Factors

    As GMAT is an adaptive test, its difficulty level keeps getting changed. To understand the ability of the candidates, the conducting team keeps increasing the difficulty level of this exam. Two main factors which determine that score calculation of different sections of GMAT are:

    • Number of the correct answer
    • The difficulty level of the questions with correct answers 

    The number of questions answered also considered here. Based on these factors GMAT scores are calculated with the help of GMAT score calculators

    GMAT score calculator

    e-GMAT helps the candidate to achieve score by using GMAT Calculator with the score of all the sections along with their subsections. It is pretty accurate in terms of calculating the score. 

    Basically, the formula for the GMAT score is = Number of correct question X difficulty 

    GMAT score reports

    GMAT examines can find out 2 types of score reports: 

    • Official 
    • Unofficial

    The official GMAT scorecard can be received after 20days of the exam and it includes the score of each section.

    The unofficial scorecard can be received 2 minutes after completing the exam and it does not include the score of analytical writing. GMAT score can be canceled within 72 hours with a fee of $25.

    Apart from these two there are enhanced score reports for GMAT where the overall score, percentile score, and sub-sectional score are shown along with accuracy level, difficulty level, and time used to solve each question. The enhanced GMAT score report tells the candidates:

    • If they took more than the estimated time for the incorrect answers
    • The time used to complete each section
    • The toughest sub-sections
    • The average time to answer the correct answers as well as the wrong answers

    The basic difference of GMAT score report and enhanced GMAT score report is: The enhanced score report is a detailed representation or analysis of GMAT score obtained by a candidate and the performance of the candidate in each section.

    What is a good GMAT Score

    The average score obtained by the candidates mentioned above and it is 563.43; however, the candidates are confused with the question "what is a good GMAT score?" 

    Well, it is a bit difficult to answer this question; rather, it will be better to say that a good GMAT score is a score that helps the candidates to enroll in their dream courses in their dream institution. The universities in the world and India have different score requirements of GMAT cut off and the GMAT score that meets this requirement will be "a good GMAT score".

    The following table holds the requirements of a few universities 

    Institution nameGMAT Score
    Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Massachusetts720+
    The University of California, Berkeley (UCB)720+
    Harvard University, Massachusetts730+
    The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)710+
    The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology770+
    Indian Institute of Foreign Trade650+
    The University Of British Columbia, Vancouver650+
    Institute of Management Technology, Ghaziabad650+
    Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (NTU)700+
    London Business School, London700+
    University of Oxford, England690+

    It will not be wrong to claim that above 700 score in GMAT will be ideal for getting admission in business and management courses in the top universities. The same score will appear sufficient at the time of claiming MBA scholarships or fellowships. 

    About Retaking GMAT

    It is mentioned that the scores can be canceled, in case the candidate is not satisfied with the score. The canceled will not be displayed to the admission committee – only the accepted score will be displayed there. In addition to that, the highest accepted score will be used for admission purposes.

    Factors in GMAT Score and GMAT Score Traps to Avoid

    In order to achieve a higher score, GMAT Test takers need to consider a few factors:

    • Blank answers will be penalized
    • Random answer marking also has a risk of penalty
    • Maintain a speed and accuracy level

    So, GMAT scores are the essential factors in terms of admission in business and management programs and above 700 or above 88% GMAT score will be really helpful in this matter. Yes, it is not an easy task to secure this score but by practicing with GMAT papers, the test-takers can achieve the required GMAT score. 

    *The article might have information for the previous academic years, which will be updated soon subject to the notification issued by the University/College

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    Ambar ahirawar

    How much should I score to get admission in colleges in UK?

    07 Nov, 2020 22:49

    Hii Amber, Greetings from collegedunia. For Admission in Colleges of UK you required to score Minimum 600+ in GMAT exam. You can check out the cut-off of different colleges of United Kingdom, kindly refer this link:- GMAT ACCEPTING UK COLLEGES

    09 Nov, 2020 05:53
    Vikram Dewan

    Is there no chance for a student scoring 600 marks to get admission in Harvard University?

    03 Nov, 2020 21:10

    Hii Vikram, Greetings from collegedunia. Yes, There is chance for getting Admission in Harvard as the majority of students admitted in Harvard University represent a range of scores from roughly 600 to 800 so people can easily get admission with GMAT scores well below the average.

    04 Nov, 2020 07:06
    Surabhi S

    Is it difficult to take admission into Cambridge University?

    30 Oct, 2020 23:37

    Hello Surabhi,

    Cambridge is one of the top universities in the world and to score an admission there is not a piece of cake. But, with a good academic record, 700+ GRE score, a work experience of at least three years and a well-written essay and statement of purpose, you can get admission in Cambridge. 

    31 Oct, 2020 22:41
    Lakshay Kakkar

    How can I choose different colleges after my result?

    28 Oct, 2020 15:10

    Hi Lakshay, You have the option of sending your official scores to schools before or after the exam. Your GMAT exam fee includes sending your official GMAT score report to up to five schools.

    29 Oct, 2020 23:05
    Neha Thasale

    Can I get admission in IIM on the basis of GMAT score?

    28 Oct, 2020 00:06

    Hii Neha, Greetings from collegedunia. Yes, you can Admission in IIM on the basis of GMAT score. The IIM executive MBAs too, fall under this program count which makes the GMAT exam an acceptable requirement for IIMs. For more details Click Here

    28 Oct, 2020 11:09
    Shivkumar Dama

    How can I calculate my GMAT exam score?

    28 Oct, 2020 00:03

    Hii Shivkumar, Greetings from collegedunia. GMAT has 4 sections and each section has a different way of scoring. Plus, the score ranges of these sections are not the same. Among these 4 sections, the score of GMAT Verbal reasoning, and Quantitative Reasoning contributes to the overall score of GMAT. Kindly refer this Link:- GMAT SCORE CALCULATOR

    28 Oct, 2020 16:33
    Jatin Sharma

    After how many days of the exam score is released?

    27 Oct, 2020 23:43

    Hii Jatin, Greetings from collegedunia. The official GMAT scorecard can be received after 20days of the exam. For more details Click Here

    28 Oct, 2020 12:36
    Simran Nigam

    How can I check my GMAT result?

    24 Jul, 2020 16:44

    Your GMAT Score Report will be available within 20 days of taking the exam. Pearson VUE will send a notification over mail for your score report. You need to login to your account to view or download or print your score. 

    31 Jul, 2020 14:43

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