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BFA Photography or Bachelor of Fine Arts Photography is an exceptional undergraduate study field generally extended to the duration of 3-5 Years. BFA Photography is a perfect course program to take up by those who possess a great fascination for Photography. Today’s modern photography of various types has advanced along several stages. So for a professional photographer or the candidates who aspire to settle down their career in the field of Photography, it is extremely essential to know the compact education and knowledge behind it.

BFA Photography is a full-time course studied in various colleges and universities all over India. The candidates clearing the 10+2 board examination or any other equivalent from any recognized school are eligible to get an entry for BFA Photography. Also, the candidates should have an aesthetic sense, creative visualization, and of course, passion and interest in photography. The admission in the colleges and the universities strictly observed through various entrance examinations.

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BFA Photography encounters with a complete introduction to Photography, different kinds of photography, basic and advanced photography, etc. In the complete 3-4 Years’ Course Programme different subjects are taught such as History of Photography, Digital Photography Applications, Sports Photography, Advanced Post Production, Art Design, Digital Printing, Photo Appreciation, and Archiving, Conceptual Photography, Innovation Image Development, and Portfolio Making, etc. Besides, BFA Photography is designed in such a manner that it can provide you an ultimate through knowledge and strong concepts regarding Photography by rendering you enough industrial exposure.       

BFA Photography will get you to come across and rub up against your photographic skills, different techniques, tricks, post-photography editing, etc. The candidates having a strong urge and fascination for Photography of different kinds must enroll themselves in any recognized Photography School offering BFA Photography and lead their career to this challenging and as well as relaxing creative or artistic field.

BFA Photography Top Colleges

BFA Photography Top Colleges

The top colleges of Bachelor in Fine Arts is tabularized below:

IndiaToday Fine Arts Ranking Name of the College Admission Process Average Annual Fees (INR) Average Placement Offer/Salary Package
1 Faculty of Visual Arts BHU BHU-UET 2,407 3,00,000
2 MS University of Baroda Direct 7740 3,50,000
3 Faculty of Fine Arts, Banasathali Vidyapeeth - Jaipur 74,500 3,60,000
4 Amity School of Fine Arts - Noida 1,08,000 4,00,000
5 Department of Fine Arts (Kurukshetra University) 33,000 3,75,000
BFA Fine Arts Photography Average Fees and Salary
BFA Photography Admission Process

BFA Photography Admission Process

The admission process in BFA Photography is conducted through the Entrance Examination. However, in some universities, Personal Interview Session is conducted after the Entrance Examination. The candidates who have successfully passed the Entrance Examination shall be called for Personal Interview. The selection of the candidates will depend upon the marks in the Entrance Examination and Personal Interview round. Some popular entrance examinations for BFA Photography are JNAFA and FADEE. Creativity Excellence and Creativity Scale will be more important and one of the selection factors during the Personal Interview Round.

BFA Photography Eligibility

Candidates having passed 10+2 qualification or equivalent from any recognized board are eligible to apply for BFA Photography in different colleges and universities. The applying candidates should preferably have creative visualization and interest in photography.

BFA Photography Entrance Exams

There are various Entrance Examinations conducted by various colleges and universities of India for BFA Photography. The names of some entrance examinations are JNAFA, FADEE. The questions of the entrance examinations are set to evaluate the power of visual communication and Composition of the students. MCQ Question Pattern is followed in the entrance examinations.

How to prepare for BFA Photography Entrance Exams?

The entrance exams for specific universities and colleges are based on studies done in the previous education year syllabus. In the case of BFA Photography, it is based on Physics, Chemistry, and Maths subjects taught in the 12th standard syllabus.

The exam consists of memory drawing, coloring, objective type paper, and Object drawing.

Further, the exam has Composition and Visual Communication.

How to get BFA Photography admission in a good College?

As BFA Photography is completely a creative field, it is very much indispensable to choose a photography college accurately. These are some points that conjure the factors of admitting to a good college.

  • If you truly have an aspiration for photography, then gain knowledge at first before taking admission to any colleges or Universities.
  • Photography is all about aesthetic sense, creative visualization, and skills. To improve all your skills by practicing and polishing up.
  • Photography is a field of amalgamation of both science and visual art. So learn every concept, technique, mechanisms, lenses, resolutions, and various angles of camera.
  • Try to evaluate various photographs and improve analytical skills.
  • Have good preparations for entrance examinations. 
What is BFA Photography all About?

What is BFA Photography all About?

  • Bachelor in Fine Arts Photography Course is a combination of an in-depth theoretical and practical index of Photography executed in different sectors like Media, Corporate Sectors, Business Sectors, and Industries, etc. It deals with exploring the integrating factors of Science and Visual Art surrounded by maximum creative juice. In this complete course structure, the students can learn different contrasts and variations of Photography assembling to technical, conceptual, and professional syllabuses of Photography. 
  • BFA Photography develops creative visualization power amongst the students and Photography skills by incorporating visual art and a lot of concentration, understanding, and framing ability.
  • BFA Photography is not only restricted to technical and skill-oriented Photography programs, but it also describes every pros and con of the post-photography period. It teaches the students the proper use of different software, designing, computer graphics, videography, exhibitions, audio-visual representation, advanced photography, editing, different types of editing, and concept of digital photography, etc. 
  • There are various specializations in BFA Photography such as Fashion Photography, Photojournalism, Tabletop Photography, Product Photography, Automobile Photography, Social Documentary, Interior and Architectural Photography, Business Industrial Photography, People and Portrait Photography, and Visual Communication, etc.
  • Finally, the course program comes to an end with project work and practical works. There is also a scope of doing an internship after the degree. An internship opportunity will help you to shoot up the knowledge of practical work fields, professionalism, industry experience, and last but not least it will help you to explore yourself by cutting out creative slices.

BFA Photography Course Highlights

The Course Highlights for Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) – Photography is framed below:

Course Level Undergraduate
Full-Form Bachelor of Fine Arts - Photography
Duration 3-4 Years Course Programme – Full Time
Examination Type Semester and Yearly System
Eligibility 10+2 or equivalent
Admission Process Entrance Examination
Course Fee Rs. 10,000 – 750,000
Average Salary Rs. 3 to 4 LPA
Top Recruiting Companies National Geographic, Food Panda, India Times,, and Snapdeal, etc.
Job Positions Product Photographer, Photographer, Digital Imaging Specialist, Portrait Photographer, Photojournalist, Fashion Photographer, Sports Photographer, Event Photographer, etc.
Why choose BFA Photography Course?

Why choose BFA Photography Course?

The followings are some reasons to take up that particular course:

  • The candidates having interest and passion for photography can explore themselves deep in this course study.
  • BFA Photography will lead the passion for photography to the profession. Photography involves both science and art. So the students can learn both the aspects of Science and Art of photography.
  • BFA Photography will teach the students complete knowledge, and a comprehensive idea of photography. BFA Photography students can dig in the various fields equated with photography.
  • The students can get the actual idea of various lenses of photography including focus, aspects, resolutions, and angles, etc. The students can learn the techniques and operation of post-photography skills i.e. editing, post-production, post-studio works, etc. At first, the BFA Photography course will boost up the photography skills of an amateur photographer.
  • In this course, the students can upgrade and brush in their creative visualization and aesthetic sense that is the most essential for a photographer. BFA Photography will develop analysis skills, visualization power, and concentration power of the candidates. 

BFA Photography Course Comparison

Below is given a comparison between BFA Photography and BA Fine Arts:

Parameters BFA Photography BA Fine Arts
Domain Photography Fine Arts
Duration 3 - 4 years 3 years
Course Objective This is a practically oriented course where students learn various skills related to photography and the specializations This course focuses on the theoretical aspects of fine arts, history of arts, illustrations, and aesthetics
Eligibility Intermediate Graduate and Entrance exam Intermediate Graduate
Average Annual Fees INR 40,000 - 1,00,000 per year INR 75,000 - INR 5,00,000 per year
Average Salary INR 3 - 5 lakhs per year INR 2 - 6 lakhs per year

Average Salary Comparison

Annual Fees Comparison

BFA Photography Course Specializations

BFA Photography Course Specializations

Some of the popular course specializations for BFA Photography are discussed below:

Specializations Description Average Course Fee Average Salary
Fashion Photography Photography of fashion costumes and designing clothes as a promotion of different fashion houses and brands 30K 4 LPA
Photo Journalism Clicking photographs and recording videos of relevant news, events collaborating with Journalists 10K – 7.50 LPA 3.50 LPA
Social Documentary Creating documentary films through visually relevant cinematography and photography 20K 2.5 LPA
Interior & Architecture Photography It includes capturing architectural photographs and interior designs as a part of advertising and visual storytelling 10K – 7.50 LPA 4.80 LPA
Table Top & Product Photography Tabletop photography deals with photographs of the subjects lying on the table (usual food) and Product Photography deals with interesting pictures of sellable products to attract customers. 10K – 7.50 LPA 4.82 LPA
Business & Industrial Photography It includes photographs of any business, its products, offices, employees, and the complete working process. 10K – 7.50 LPA 4.78 LPA
Top BFA Photography Colleges

Top BFA Photography Colleges

Below are mentioned the top ranking colleges in India for Photography Bachelors courses:

NIRF Architecture Ranking College Name Admission Process Average Fees (INR) Average Salary
8 Jawaharlal Nehru Architecture and Fine Arts University Written Test and Interview 20 K 3 LPA
13 Amrita School of Arts and Sciences (ASAS) Entrance Examination 86.5 K 4.2 LPA
68 Sri Venkateshwara College of Fine Arts Written Aptitude Test 25.6 K 2.85 LPA
73 Symbiosis School of Photography Creative and Personal Interview 4.70 LPA 5.5 LPA
- IIP Academy Counseling and Portfolio 15 K 4 LPA

BFA Photography College Comparison

The table given below gives a comparison among the top 3 colleges for Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography course:

Overview JNAFAU was established in 1940 in Hyderabad. The college provides UG, PG and Ph.D. courses. ASASA is spread across 5 campuses in 3 states of India. It has a focus on Arts subjects and languages. SVCFA is a Private college affiliated with the OU in Hyderabad. It was established in 1991.
Annual fee 20,000 86,500 25,600
Average placement offer 3 Lakhs 4.2 Lakhs 2.85 Lakhs
Placement companies National Geographic, Food Panda India Times, Snapdeal
NIRF Today Rank 8 13 68

BFA Photography Distance Education

Distance Education for Bachelor in Fine Arts for Photography is not available in India. The students have to spend time in the college or university to attend lectures, learn technical skills, and get a good quality education.

BFA Photography Syllabus

BFA Photography Syllabus

3-4 Years’ BFA Photography Course is conducted through both the medium yearly system and semester system. The syllabus for BFA Photography are mentioned below:

Semester I Semester II
History of Photography  Basic Tabletop Photography
Basics of Digital Photography  Creative Applications of People and Portrait Photography
Fundamentals of People and Portrait Photography  Basics of Fashion and Glamour Photography
Digital Photography Applications  Sports Photography
Social Photography and Photojournalism  Visualization in Photography
Basic Art and Visualization  Advanced Post Production
Basic Post Production  Fine Art Photography
Communication Theories  Service Learning
Integrated Disaster Management Creative Writing
Semester III Semester IV
Art Design Automobile Photography
Inertial and Architectural Photography Factory and Corporate Photography
Travel and Landscape Photography Digital Printing
Wildlife and Nature Photography Designing Software and Exhibition Displays
Conceptual Photography Application of live views of DSLR Cameras
Advanced Fashion and Glamour Photography Photo Appreciation and Archiving
Advanced Tabletop Photography Introduction to Culture and India
Food Photography Editing and Feature Writing
Global immersion program Project Art Design
Semester V Semester VI
Innovative Image Development Appreciations of Creative imaging
Creative Color Concepts Internship
Curation and review Portfolio Making
Project Work Photography Promotions
Learning and creating exhibition displays

BFA Photography Important Books

In the Bachelor of Fine Arts Photography course, books carry crucial and comprehensive knowledge about every aspects of Photography. Some popular books on Photography and BFA Photography are:

Name of the Book Name of the Author
Understanding Exposure, Fourth Edition  Bryan Peterson
Understanding Colour in Photography Bryan Peterson
National Geographic Night Vision: Magical Photographs of Life After Dark Susan Tyler, Hitchcock
The Advanced Photography Guide David Taylor
Photography: History. Art. Technique Tom Ang
Daily Gratitude: 365 days of Reflection National Geographic
BFA Photography Job Prospects and Career Options

BFA Photography Job Prospects and Career Options

Although BFA Photography is a basic undergraduate degree, it has excellent job opportunities and wonderful scope in India. But if the candidates wish to pursue advanced studies in this field after completing BFA Photography, they can carry out a more flourishing future in this creative field of Photography. 

  • Mostly the jobs are encased in different private sectors such as Photography Studio, Production Houses, News Agencies, Magazines, Print Media, Digital Media, Shopping companies, and e-commerce sites, etc. 
  • The students after passing out BFA Photography can register them in the above-mentioned fields concerning photography. Besides, freelancing is also a popular practice in this field.
  • Regarding higher studies or advanced Photography Programmes, students can sign in to different courses such as MFA in Photography, Diploma in Photography, Cinematography, and Digital Photography, etc.

The possible job profiles of BFA Photography are described below:

Job Profile Job Description Average Salary (INR)
Photo Journalist Photo Journalists are the photographers or the camera persons who collaborate with the Journalists at the time of reporting of any news, events and sports. They record and capture images of the same having visual significance with reporting.  3.5 LPA
Fashion Photographer Fashion Photographers are responsible for promoting costumes and designer dresses in the best possible visually attractive manner. They have to click high quality creative pictures for fashion magazines, advertisement and campaigns by working with fashion houses and productions.  4 LPA
Photographer General Photographers are required to capture normal visually pleasing images mostly nature, landscape and sceneries. They mainly work as freelancers or under any photography studio or production houses. They are responsible to click pictures for both the medium digital and print. 2.6 LPA
Digital Image Specialist Digital Image Specialists are required to handle and create digital formats of images, films, and videos. It also includes graphic designed pictures. They have to capture remarkable images and shoot well made videos or filmography and create best possible digital copies of them. 4.15 LPA
Product Photographer Product Photographers play an important role to market any product and get them sellable to station the company profitable. They have to capture high quality; beautiful pictures attract the customers by them. Usually they are digital photo graphs of various e-commerce sites and shopping sites. Product Photographers have both the scopes freelancing and full time. 3.25 LPA

BFA Photography Salary Trend Graph

The average salary trend graph for BFA Photography is designed below:

Salary Trend after BFA Photography Course

BFA Photography Future Scope

BFA Photography Future Scope

With the rise of globalization, various kinds of industries have obtained sufficient industrial exposure through different strategies and uniqueness. 

  • Among all other industries, Photography is one of them, especially in modern times when the internet has become a pivotal part of our life inclusive of the magnification of the online industry. In most of the industries, photography has a critical role to play. It is an inevitable part of marketing, selling, and strategy. In upcoming decades, creeping to the digital formulation the scope of this Photography industry and its substance will be optimum.
  • The candidates after passing BFA Photography can apply for various companies, e-commerce sites, news agencies, studios, production houses, magazines, and at different related places where there is more than sufficient practices.
  • BFA Photography is an undergraduate level program. So if candidates wish to pursue higher studies on Photography, it will be more beneficial. They will get to promote themselves in different famous national and international organizations or companies and run into the world of Photography with a CTC. 
  • In higher studies, the candidates pull of mastery in Photography. There are some higher courses that a student can push themselves such as MFA in Photography, Diploma in Photography, and a Diploma in Digital Photography, etc.       
BFA Photography FAQs

BFA Photography FAQs

Ques. What are the topics in the BFA Photography Entrance Examination?

Ans. The topics to be covered in the BFA Photography Entrance Examinations are English, GK and Current Affairs, General Art, Drawing and Composition Skills, Drawing with lead pencils adding light and shade, and Incorporation of relevant objects in a picture with the help of drawing, etc.

Ques. What are the minimum marks to carry to pursue BFA Photography?

Ans. Generally, a BFA Photography aspiring candidate should secure a minimum of 50% marks in his/her 10+2 standard.

Ques. What is the average salary as a freelancer after BFA Photography?

Ans. After passing out BFA Photography, a candidate can expect INR10,000 – 60,000 salaries as a freelancer.

Ques. Is there enough scope in India for BFA Photography?

Ans. Yes, India is a great place and enough scopes to pursue BFA Photography. There are various TV Channels, Production houses, Art houses, Publishing Houses, Educational Institutes, Fashion Studios, Photography Studios, and Boutiques in India and in recent times every sector requires some great photographs as a part of their promotion and marketing.

Ques. What is the average fee in the Public and Private colleges in India for BFA Photography?

Ans. The average fee in the Private and the Public colleges in India is INR 40,000 and 2.5 Lakhs respectively.

Ques. What is the best field after BFA Photography in India having higher annual pay?

Ans. Generally, Fashion Photography in India is considered the best field having annual pay of INR 6 Lakhs.

Ques. Which stream is ideal for BFA Photography after 10th Standard?

Ans. Candidates willing to pursue BFA Photography should go for Science or Physics after 10th Standard to make out the lenses, angles, and resolutions of Photography.             

Ques. Can I pursue BFA Photography without passing 10+2 Standard?

Ans. No, it is the minimum eligibility for BFA Photography in various colleges and universities in India. But you can try private courses for Photography without passing 10+2 or 12th Standard.

Ques. Is it worth to take up BFA Photography?

Ans. Yes, it is worth pursuing BFA Photography because it has a high market value. Moreover, in all the sectors photography is a crucial subject and essential also. BFA Photography is also a different field of employment that runs with aesthetic sense and creative visualization skills.

Ques. Which city has the best BFA Photography colleges/universities?

Ans. Mumbai, Pune, and Hyderabad are considered some of the cities having the best BFA Photography Colleges or Universities.

Bachelor of Fine Arts [BFA] (Photography) Fee Structure in India

2.48 L (Minimum Fee)PUBLIC COLLEGES2.48 L  (Maximum Fee)
2.48 L (Average Fee)
63.80 K (Minimum Fee)Private COLLEGES4.50 L (Maximum Fee)
2.81 L (Average Fee)



Bachelor of Fine Arts [BFA] (Photography) Colleges IN INDIA

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86.5 K first year fees
Himalayan University - [HU]
Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh
1.5 L first year fees
86.5 K first year fees
21.6 K first year fees