ARIIA 2020: Parul University Ranked Among Top 50 Private Universities

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On Tuesday (August 18, 2020), Atal Ranking of Institutions on Innovation Achievements (ARIIA), an initiative of the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) ranked Parul University among the top 50 Private Universities in India.

Recognised for providing an innovative learning ecosystem, Parul University has been engaging in innovative projects to add to the scope for Start-ups India.

The ranking was awarded based on various parameters as of funding and support, revenue generated, entrepreneurship awareness, practical exposure, intellectual property, among others.

Parul University campus

ARIIA 2020 Parameter-1: Budget, Expenses to Support & Revenue Generated 

To push forward a culture of innovative entrepreneurship, the Entrepreneurship Development Cell of Parul University has been taking initiatives to promote start-up projects. In line with this, the Cell has been playing a pivotal role in the incubation of over 70 start-ups. 

These start-ups were of social, corporate and industrial sectors such as engineering, medical sciences, marketing and advertising, pharmacy, science, food and beverage among other streams. These start-ups have been successful in generating over 20 crores as total annual revenue.

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Parul University has been a recipient of a total of over 1 crore in government to foster entrepreneurship projects. Most significantly, students and faculty mentors have been awarded grants through SSIP on generic projects and COVID-19 related innovations for further development.

ARIIA Parameter 2: Infrastructures & Facilities to Support Innovations and Start-ups 

Entrepreneurship Development Cell which has been designed to promote and collaborate in developing these start-up ideas of students. 

The cell is equipped with a task force of 10 incubation managers playing the key role in creating an innovative ecosystem for developing start-ups.

ARIIA Ranking 2020 Parameter-3: Awareness Activities for Promoting Idea Generation and Innovation 

The cell has been organising a series of flagship events: Boot Camps for grooming start-ups, Vadodara Hackathon, and Demo Day, all these events have successfully created an innovation centric campus.

These events have featured various exhibitions from successful entrepreneurs who get to instruct the budding innovators of Parul University towards their start-up journey. 

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ARIIA Ranking 2020 Parameter 4: Promotion and Supporting Entrepreneurship Development 

Parul University has also been pushing forward various awareness programs which have been enlightening the students in regards to entrepreneurship. Events such as Vadodara Start-up Festival have created a buzz among the students not only of Parul University but also across the State of Gujarat. 

The University has been organising a total of over 100 entrepreneurship talks annually, where students have gotten to learn first-hand information relating to the field. 

The University has also organised start-up centred meets with the objective of projecting and promoting the participation of women in the field of entrepreneurship such as the WE Women Entrepreneur Meet.

ARIIA 2020 Parameter 5: Intellectual Property (IP) Generation, Technology Transfer and Commercialization 

Parul University has been focusing on turning students from being job seekers into becoming job makers, through successful development of various intellectual ideas into the stage of IPRs. A total of 63 Intellectual Property Rights have been filed in fields of applied sciences, engineering, medical sciences, pharmacy among others. 

These patents and copyrights filed have been fundamental towards reflecting the ingenuity of the University’s students along with the effort of their faculty mentors.

ARIIA Parameter 6: Innovative Learning Methods & Courses 

For Parul University, entrepreneurship has become one of the core foundations of its learning methodologies which has allowed students to go the extra mile in their ability to navigate this field. 

The University has also incorporated entrepreneurship as part of its continuing education programs. 

ARIIA Parameter 7: Innovation in Governance

The cell was nurtured by the development of an AR VR based technology which was essential in the management of the University’s daily activities.

This system has proven to be of great significance to the administration of the University especially in the COVID-19 time where social distancing has been encouraged on various grounds