IIT Bombay launches BodhiTree, an Online Platform to help teachers deliver a Classroom-like Teaching experience

Shivam Bhola Shivam Bhola
Content Curator

The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)-Bombay has launched an online teaching platform that is now accessible to all schools and college faculty in the country.

The computer science-engineering department of IIT Bombay created a Multimedia online platform called BodhiTree that can provide classroom-teaching experience. While most tools are created to guide students like massive open online courses (MOOC), BodhiTree is designed with the objective of assisting teachers in their instructions.

Due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, many educational institutions like IIT adopted the new online learning mode. It is difficult for students as well as teachers to work under fresh changes to follow integrated technology. 

Keeping this in mind, IIT-Bombay has designed the platform to be available for all. Subhasis Chaudhuri, director of IIT-Bombay, informed, “BodhiTree is open-sourced and free to use. It is also easy to install.”

“Individual colleges or schools can install and host an independent instance of BodhiTree either on their premises or on the cloud, with full control over the students’/ teachers’ data and content,” he added.

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The multimedia platform will provide interactive multimedia books including, lab manuals. The faculty of IIT-Bombay paid special attention to Bodhi books that can be converted into interactive videos, auto or manual graded lab exercises, and auto-graded practice sheets. 

While using this platform, teachers will be able to form their own content, enroll students, introduce weekly schedules, check students’ progress, take tests and share marks with students, and look for plagiarism, if any.

Chaudhuri further stated teachers can use the Bodhi books with a rich set of learning management system (LMS) features. The platform offers a well-developed support system with virtual labs and software labs for engineering colleges.

At present, Walchand Institute of Technology, Solapur, and National Institute of Technology, Goa are some of the science and technology colleges that are using this technique. He also hopes that  IIT-Bombay innovation helps the nation in getting through the current hardship.

A free demo is available for all instructors in different schools, colleges, or individually. The platform is free of cost for individual accounts for instructors. While a nominal fee is charged by the platform for schools and college depending on the courses they opt.

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