IIT Kharagpur Intents to Sponsor App-Development Post Ban on Chinese Apps

Durgesh Rai Durgesh Rai
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IIT Kharagpur Intents to Sponsor App-Development Post Ban on Chinese Apps

Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur on Thursday said that the ban on several Chinese applications by the Indian government should be seen as an opportunity for researchers and Indian app developers.

Following the opportunity for Indian players against the ban of Chinese apps, IIT Kharagpur also plans to provide tech support to the Indian businesses by building alternative apps as a substitute for Chinese ones.

In the digital space, Students from the IITs are powering some of the strongest corporations worldwide.

IIT Kharagpur director Virendra Kumar Tewari pointed out, “We are also planning on calling for a submission of app development projects by students, which we can sponsor.”

As per Suman Chakraborty, dean, Sponsored Research and Industrial Consultancy, the ban on these applications have created a supply imbalance in the market, which will attract start-ups to feel the void.

“This will definitely create an opportunity for Indian technologists and scientists to meet the strong demand for similar products,” said Suman Chakraborty.

A Section of students at IIT-Kharagpur engaged in product designing and development is also excited and is looking forward to tapping the opportunity. 

TYSS Santosh, a UG representative, had taken up an informal assignment during the lockdown period to develop various applications related to COVID-19. 

“Similar assignments can be conducted to encourage students to ideate new developments, he said as part of the co-curricular program,” he said.