Law final-year exams to be held online: Bar Council of India

Samrat Roy Samrat Roy
Exam Prep Master
Law final-year exams to be held online: Bar Council of India

Final-year students of the three-year and five-year LLB programmes will have to appear for online examinations, said the Bar Council of India (BCI).

If that is not possible, universities may allow students to write a project report/ research paper for each of the subjects.

Also, while juniors can be promoted on the basis of performance of previous year's marks and marks obtained in the internal examination of the current year, they too would have to take the end semester exams once colleges/universities reopen.

The BCI stated that all centres of legal education are required to adhere to its exam guidelines issued on Tuesday.

Last week, the Council of Architecture and the Maharashtra Association of Schools of Architecture had not accepted the state government's decision to not hold examinations for the class of 2020.

The two apex bodies have stated that "in the interest of students and architectural practice" final exams be held, without which graduates will not be registered and allowed to practise in the country.

Law colleges are now torn between the state and BCI instructions. "While our chief minister has said that all students, including those in the final year, would be promoted, we have not yet received any notification from the state government. Students are worried. This BCI circular has shocked many," said a senior faculty of a law college.