Lockdown India: 40% Students Absent From JNU’s Online Classes

Meghdeepa Mondal Meghdeepa Mondal
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Lockdown India: 40% Students Absent From JNU’s Online Classes

A survey was conducted by two professors Atul Sood and Ayesha Kidwai of Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), among the 131 teachers who conducted online classes for courses of Winter Semester. 

The survey was conducted on a stretch of 5 days, revealing that more than 40% of the JNU students could not attend online classes. 

The data collected through the survey was based on 131 out 576 academics which accounts to 22.74% and 42.25% out of 310 schools that conducted online classes. Around 9 colleges of JNU undertaking online training on humanities, sciences, social science participated in the survey. 

The survey reported, “More than 40 per cent students in JNU BA, MA/MSc and MTech/MPhil/PhD classes could not access online education.”

The lowest percentage of attendance was observed in BA courses with only 60% followed by JNU MA/MSc, where only 40% of students showed up due to inaccessibility to internet facility.

Other courses also observed lower rates of attendance as students faced issues regarding internet connectivity, inaccessibility to smartphones, tablets, computers or laptops and even libraries. 

97% of the faculty reported not receiving any technical assistance from the university regarding online classes. Additionally, 98% of them had to personally bear the expenses for the Web Informatics. 

Throughout programmes, course syllabi haven’t been lined by means of on-line instructing, as previous to the lockdown, solely about 30% of over 56 per cent of programs had been accomplished,” survey mentioned.

In all cases, issues were like loss of family earnings, anxiety, depression and extended familiar or domestic burden.

About 66.2% which accounts for two-thirds of the faculty believes that JNU Admissions 2020 for 2020-2021 academic year need to be delayed till January. 

Additionally, teachers also demanded students who enrolled for the Winter Semester should be allowed to include or even drop the additional courses until the university reopens. 

As per 35% of the teachers who have been taking online classes, 50% of students reported unstable internet and no access to libraries. The survey also found that over 20% of teachers reported that 50% of students are suffering through anxiety and depression during the lockdown. 

Students are facing issues like lack of study space in their homes and loss of fellowship, along with increased family burden and loss of livelihood.

The survey concluded asserting, “An overwhelming percentage of teachers were in support of extending the semester from 45 to 60 days after the date of reopening and conducting in-class evaluations (above 70 per cent) both for continuing and final year students.”

This report also cited data presented in April by the HRD Ministry of India which states only 35.6% male and 29.7% female students attending online classes. Others faced difficulty with regards to an unstable internet connection, loss of internet connectivity or lack of assistive devices.