Mangalore University Employs Dedicated Task Force to Smoothly Implement NEP 2020; Check Details Here

Shivam Bhola Shivam Bhola
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Mangalore University has employed a special task force to implement the National Education Policy(NEP) 2020. 

There will be a total of 9 sub-committees beneath this task force which will go for the different aspects of NEP. These committees are required to present time certain solutions to the thrust areas under the NEP at Mangalore University. 

The implementation of NEP 2020 in the Karnataka State Higher Education Council is the first in India to do so. 

On Tuesday, P S Yadapadithaya, the vice-chancellor of the first meeting of the academic council of the University for the year 2020-21, talked about the implementation of NEP in the state. He said that Dr. C N Ashwath Narayan, the minister of higher education was curious to implement the first NEP 2020 in the Karnataka State. 

Mangalore University must synchronize with the minister's and government's vision of NEP 2020, for which the task force will assist accordingly, he said. 

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There are 10 members in each of the subcommittees and one among them will be the syndicate member. The subcommittees will take care of certain issues that will assist in developing the university, they are as follows: 

  • Administrative, 
  • Examination, 
  • Human resource reforms, 
  • Finance, 
  • Development, 
  • Outreach and extension activities, 
  • Cultural policy. 

The subcommittees are required to give weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports. However, their entire functioning will be time-efficient, and goal-oriented, said the vice-chancellor. He added that the head member of the subcommittee can opt for any member among them, who is a specialist, and will be worth enough to share the value in the area of focus. 

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The subcommittee will comprise the following members: 

  • Dean of various faculty, 
  • Senior faculty members, 
  • Student representatives, 
  • Alumni representatives, and  
  • Statutory officers. 

The vice-chancellor said that the subcommittees will work under his overall supervision and guidance. There will be three advisory academicians who will assist him and within a span of three months, the committee will be capable of giving a standard report. 

The Higher Education Council is likely to declare its NEP plans for the state within those three months, he said. 

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