SPJIMR's MBA Mentorship Program for Societal Good

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AACSB has introduced a number of innovative methods to facilitate and inspire business schools to conduct research and make positive efforts towards uplifting the underprivileged sections of society.

It has enabled a process through which institutes can make use of the academic resources to help economically challenged families have a better quality of life. Among the prime examples is the Abhyudaya program of SPJIMR

When India was going through its demonetization phase, S.P Jain Institute was among the chief institutes to actively play its part in assisting by heading the research to systematically analyze and predict the potential challenges faced by the country. 


In the aftermath of the government’s decision to nullify the INR 1000 and INR 500 currency notes, SPJIMR was among the front liners to study the impact of demonetization on the economically challenged sections of the Indian society. The institute made this possible through its Abhyudaya program. 

The Abhyudaya was a program that had the objective to nurture and guide business school students and help them develop social responsibility. The program bridged the gap by getting students to communicate with and mentor local children from underprivileged families during the first year of the program. 

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The faculty in charge of the Abhyudaya program worked alongside the MBA students throughout the duration of the program to conduct the research and prepare the questionnaire. The survey was carried out by the children being mentored as active participants. 

This survey facilitated the foundation of trust and communication between the students and these families. There were a total of 37 questions ranging from the personal accounts of people who faced the demonetization first hand, and their reactions and opinions regarding the same. 

The conclusion of the study brought in a number of observations as well as data to influence research publications. The study was also submitted to the Reserve Bank of India’s Strategic Research Unit. 
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