Vikram to Increase Research Guides for PhD Courses, Check Details Here

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Vikram University has planned to increase the number of research guides which will help more students to complete their PhD course. The notification regarding the PhD entrance examination will be issued by next week. 

According to the reports, currently, the number of research guides in Vikram University is 105 which will be increased to 250 soon. In the last seven years, the number of research guides at the University has gone down from 450 to 105 due to 4 main reasons:

  • No new appointments.
  • Transfers
  • Retirements
  • New rules issued by the University Grants Commission (UGC) which expired the eligibility of professors for the post of the research guide.

In 2012, a total of 1250 students applied for the PhD entrance examination. The number saw a massive decrease in 2018 and only 118 seats were available because of the reduced number of guides. Currently, 588 students are studying PhD under the direction of 105 research guides. 

According to the UGC rule which was introduced three years ago, a professor with 5-year teaching experience in post-graduation courses can guide 8 students and an associate and assistant professor can guide 6 and 4 PhD students respectively. 

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Vikram University: 80 Professors Lost Research Guide Post 

Nearly 80 professors of Vikram University had lost their eligibility due to new UGC rules. The University is now working on receiving permissions to allot the charge again to them. 

The University is also scrutinizing applications of 117 professors who had applied to become research guides again. Many colleges are also being converted into research centres.

According to the rules, a PhD professor, who is still working as a teacher and has published 5 research papers can become the research guide.

Vikram University: Lack of Research Guides

Students who have opted for Subjects like Mass Communication, Social Science, Social Work, and Pharmacy for their PhD do not have any research guide at Vikram University at the moment. 

Only 1 research guide is available for computer science and 2 for Law, according to the reports. The situation is the same for other subjects.

Professor Akhilesh Kumar Pandey, Vice-Chancellor, Vikram University said that the work is in progress to increase the number of Research Guides and Centers. This year more students will get a chance to complete their PhD. The professors who lost their eligibility for research guide are also being given another chance.

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