Which college is better for English Honours among Christ University, Bangalore and Presidency University, Kolkata?

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Ayan Dey Oct 22, 2020

Both Presidency University, Kolkata, and Christ University offer good English Honours programs. Given below are a few of the key information about the English Honours course at Presidency University and Christ University.


Presidency University

Christ University


4 by NIRF in Kolkata

2 by NIRF in Bangalore

Average Fee Per Year

2,000 per year

50,000 per year

Entrance Mode



Course Duration

3 years

3 years


  • Both Presidency University and Christ University require students to complete their 10+2 in order to be eligible to seek admission for BA (Hons) English. The selection of the programs is through the admission tests conducted by the universities.

  • The average fee per year for English Honours at Presidency University falls somewhere near Rs. 2,000/- per year.

  • The average fee per year for English Honours at Christ University falls somewhere near Rs. 50,000/- per year.


Presidency University:

The Arts Stream of the University does not receive many firms and there are not many opportunities for the students.

  • A lot of universities in India and from around the world visit the campus to collaborate for research.

  • Various students are invited to present their papers in other Universities.

Christ University:

  • Students must complete an internship during their graduation.

  • The University offers very few placements for the Arts category. But a lot of firms give priority to Christ’s alumni as they are taught how to handle stress and manage their time.


Presidency University:

  • The Campus is Wifi enabled. The presidency has two libraries on campus which are well equipped with books from all departments.

  • The University does not offer enough clubs and societies.

  • Literary events, debates, and fests are organized by Presidency University throughout the year.

Christ University:

  • Christ University has various fests organized round the year by various departments.

  • This University has three libraries that are well equipped with books, journals, and digests.

  • The University also has a Literary Club where students can share their interests and participate in various competitions.

Christ University stands as a clear winner when it comes to choosing the appropriate college for English Honours. When it comes to the ranking of colleges, Christ University stands first, followed by Presidency University.