College review

5.5 /10

Remarks :

Its a good campus to students who wants to live here not only to study, the atmosphere is good for study and its a better place to students to u derstand what the outer world is. The collge is a part of a good green environment and situates little away from the busy towns. So thats why the atmosphere makes us more comfort,confident and also provides better concentration to study

Course Curriculum Overview :

I is based on the 11th and 12th class course and all the questions are given in the your syllabus. 50 questions of mathematics, 50 questions of physics and 50 questions of chemistry are in the entrance exam

Placement Experience :

The result of placement is very good . It is totally depends on the knowledge of the students but some companies are check the result. Overall the placement percentage of over college is approximately 60%

College Events :

Some sports even are like RPL . In this game we ccan make the 8 cricket team in over college and play the game .the all students having own team t shirt. College don't give the sports fund .and no classes are closed

Fee Structure And Facilities :

The college fee are not according to the facilities they are given in the college they are give us very bad facilities . WiFi is not working properly and light is not working properly . And there is nothing about the medical center.

Loan/ Scholarship Provisions :

They are give us the scholarship . And we can also pay the full fee then we can get the scholarship in end of the February month. The scholarship of 1st year student is b/w 60000 to 89000 and we can say that the scholarship is totally depends on the caste and income certificate

Campus Life :

They are not but the students doing very well job in these activities . But facilities not supporting any student. If any makes makes the project then the facility didn't give any type fund to the student

Hostel Facilities :

There are are there hostel facility we avail in here there have a 50 word hostel in the college campus also and and curriculum activities does NCC also. Then we have to send the students gone the another sight to knowledge the practicaly.

Alumni/Alumna :

There are friendly environment in the college the senior and junior.senior have been help for the juniors for study and about the college. Senior is family to the other student and they are support to the the students hoot new admission there.

Admission :

Give the entrance exam and then participate in counseling and fill your choice branch. After the way counseling you get the college and then choose your college . Going to the fill the registration form .

Faculty :

Collar are not too good but some of the facility are best in there department . The facilityof IT branch is very bad they are giving very low marks in the internal exam. that's why maximum student gets the compartment.

5.5 out of 10
8.0/10Social Life
3.0/10Campus Life
3.0/10Hostel Life

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6.8 /10

Placement Experience :

Placement from Raja Balwant Singh Management technical campus Agra is not that much up to the mark. Mainly startups and small companies approach the college whereas they assist the internship. The highest package got by this college was 4.6 lakh.

6 /10 placement
6 /10 college
7 /10 course
8 /10 campus life
7.0 /10

Placement Experience :

Placement in this college is not that much good. Mostly local companies are coming here to hire. They provide you internship assistance through Internshala. I have done my internship and the experience was great. Genpact, Justdial, TCS and etc are the key recruiter of this college. The highest package got my student was 5 lakh.

5 /10 placement
7 /10 college
8 /10 course
8 /10 internship
7 /10 campus life
8.8 /10

Placement Experience :

From 7 to 8th-semester students are eligible for campus placement Companies visited like prism cement etc The highest package is 6 lacks per annum And the average package is 4 lacks per annum About 60 percent of students get placement and 40 percent of students get Gate admission I want to prepare for the IES examination

7 /10 placement
9 /10 college
9 /10 course
10 /10 interview
9 /10 internship
9 /10 campus life
8.0 /10

Remarks :

This university has several sports, theatre, food outlets for the students. It also has a library and a computer centre where students can learn other things about engaging topics. The faculty here is also extremely qualified and helpful. So, this university is extremely good.

Admission :

I got admission in this college on the basis of the CAT entrance exam. It is a common admission test everyone has to give if they want admission in a graduate management program. Apart from this university also wants that the candidate who is applying for this course should have passed the graduation.

8 /10 faculty
9 /10 placement
7 /10 social life
9.8 /10

Remarks :

This college is filled with opportunities. The best part is that you can participate in the MSME where you can work on your dream project and can build your own startup. As this college is the main hub for the MSME.

10 /10 faculty
10 /10 placement
10 /10 social life
10 /10 course
9 /10 hostel
10 /10 campus life

Remarks :

Positive - located at the centre of the city, easily approachable and accessible from conveyance. Negative - sometimes you get bored easily because you surround yourself within particular area because some part is prohibited to access.

9 /10 faculty
3 /10 placement
5 /10 social life
8 /10 course
5 /10 hostel
8 /10 campus life
9.2 /10

Remarks :

In whole this college is just perfect if someone wants to take a degree in MBBS and I guess the facilities are also very standard to support students

9 /10 faculty
10 /10 placement
8 /10 social life
9 /10 course
10 /10 hostel
9 /10 campus life
4.7 /10

Remarks :

In the my college some habits are good and some bad but totally good.

6 /10 faculty
4 /10 placement
3 /10 social life
5 /10 course
5 /10 hostel
5 /10 campus life
7.7 /10

Entrance Preview :

JEE Mains, VITEEE, UPESAT, BITSAT .I scored 147 in Jee Mains. So i did'nt had much options left in counselling and want to pursue CS engineering so this college was the only decent option I had.

Placement Experience :

Placement is decent in comparison with other reputed private engineering colleges of the country. Average placement around 6.7 lpa and maximum of the current year around 27lpa from Amazon India. Mass recruiters do come like TCS, infosys, HCl etc. High package offering companies includes Amazon, Paytm, EY, Delloitte, SnapDeal.

7 /10 faculty
8 /10 placement
8 /10 social life
7 /10 course
9 /10 hostel
7 /10 campus life
1.7 /10

Remarks :

I just says this college has to be modernised and advanced in terms of technology otherwise is good.

2 /10 faculty
1 /10 placement
1 /10 social life
3 /10 course
1 /10 hostel
2 /10 campus life