"Learning is a continuous process"

9.8 /10

Remarks :

Being an ALIAH UNIVERSITY students it was a great chance for me to build my career at such a good University,the admission process is quite easy to overhear just you need to give the entrance exam provided by the University itself, I prefer ALIAH UNIVERSITY over other colleges as it is govt. Undertaking and i must say if someone will see the infrastructure of ALIAH UNIVERSITY it would stick in your memory for the lifelong.

Course Curriculum Overview :

As an MBA student,i was always interested in MBA as it gives lots of scopes to explore yourself while working in the organization and i was very much inspired and motivated by an uncle who is the manager of TCS to do an MBA. As per the ratio between students and faculty in my university for every 5-6 students, there is a personal mentor who regularly guides us in every field and there is a special class for it where u can discuss with our mentors the issue you are going through.

Internships Opportunities :

I have done my internship for NJ WEALTH, which is provided by our university,it was a great experience working in such a good and reputable company, my role was to make the client aware of the company and fixed the appointment of them with my senior. I made a project on the perception of the customer regarding the NJ WEALTH

Placement Experience :

Being a final year student i would say that we are getting many chances to set in the campus placement There are many companies how come for the campusing like- BYJUS ,Kotak mahindra,kotak life,planet spark, Amazon, UNSCHOOL,NJ WEALTH, IMBUE and many more Usually, company are providing a minimum 3-4 lac package and maximum 6-8 lac which is quite good package for the fresher. My plans after getting a degree i would like to see myself in good reputation company where i can improve my existing skill and knowledge

Loan/ Scholarship Provisions :

The cost to study in my university is very cheap compared to other colleges and universities. In every semester u need to pay a maximum 6000-7000. For MBA programme=6500*10(sem)=65000. Regarding scholarship -National scholarship portal We are very much fortunate that many good companies come to our university for the campus drive with a very healthy package.

Campus Life :

Regarding the Annual fest, it is usually organised in June or July by the University, and many more fest is organized by the different departments of the University which is quite interesting. Regarding the library, every subject book is available as well as newspaper, machine and so on, For better convenience free WiFi is available with full air conditioner room. There is a big football and cricket ground, where every year inter-department tournament is organised by the sports committee,as well as our university usually participate in the inter College football and cricket tournament.

Hostel Facilities :

Bed, desk, free WiFi, lift facility, with a very good and healthy quality of meals It is very much affordable Outsider is not allowed to the hostel, only if he give a letter of acceptance than only he is allowed to enter the hostel free newspaper is provided to the hostel.

Admission :

College provide a entrance exam

9.8 out of 10
10.0/10Campus Life
9.0/10Hostel Life

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8.8 /10

Placement Experience :

In many well-known companies, our college provides internships for us. In the final year, the training period will start. Good placement and good experience will earn by the students of NIMAS in every course.

8 /10 placement
9 /10 college
10 /10 course
8 /10 hostel
8 /10 internship
10 /10 campus life
9.0 /10

Placement Experience :

We have excellent placement records. Last year the BBA course has placements for about 96%. During the last year, the placements are offered. The companies associated with our placement cell are Amazon, Byju's, Pantaloons, Bentley, etc.

9 /10 placement
9 /10 college
9 /10 course
8 /10 internship
10 /10 campus life
7.8 /10

Placement Experience :

In Eminent college, most of the students get placements in MNCs in Kolkata. Salary can be increased up to 12 Lacs p.a. After this degree I'll do MBA in Finance. College also provides internships in Pantaloons and Flipkart etc companies. Overall full return on investment of money and time.

8 /10 placement
7 /10 college
8 /10 course
8 /10 campus life
8.0 /10

Placement Experience :

Our college has to tie up with Tata, Wipro, Webel etc. The placement ratio is 60 to 70% on average. The highest salary package is 10LPA and the average packages are 4 LPA. College provides us various industry visits are sales and business development internships. After completion of degree college also provide us career assistance.

8 /10 placement
8 /10 college
8 /10 course
8 /10 campus life
10.0 /10

Placement Experience :

This institute offers an array of courses based on the students current interest and the trends of the job market. We all are having a good placement experience. They will give placement like a Salesman, Sales Executive, Advisor and may another post, we all have to work hard for getting a job, our college. Always tries to give us the best placement which will be good for our future and the salary of the job is high.

10 /10 placement
10 /10 college
10 /10 course
10 /10 hostel
10 /10 internship
10 /10 campus life
5.2 /10

Placement Experience :

The placement of our college is very good. Every student gets a placement in a good hospital. They give a 100% placement bond to every student. Like Colombia Asia, AMRI, RUBY, etc various hospitals of Kolkata and also other states. 100% students get placement. I want to get a job in a Multispeciality or super-specialty hospital.

7 /10 placement
2 /10 college
3 /10 course
6 /10 hostel
8 /10 internship
5 /10 campus life
4.3 /10

Placement Experience :

So class of 2022 was heavily affected by the placement situation as due to this ongoing pandemic. From semester 4 the students are eligible for campus placement as the internship season begins from the same and talking about companies that visited for internship was very less it was around 5 and that's ironic. I don't know about the final placement as I'm in the 4th sem and the percentage of students getting placed is quite low. my plan after getting the degree is flexible and subjective to the situation if the pandemic continues then I won't immediately go for MBA instead I will work for a year or more and get that work experience in my resume to convert to better colleges.

4 /10 placement
5 /10 college
6 /10 course
4 /10 interview
4 /10 internship
3 /10 campus life

Remarks :

I choose this College because I like the Campus very much, mainly it’s sports area rooftop football field, pool table room and even Cricket rooftop Field, which generally no College in the City has such facilities.

10 /10 faculty
8 /10 placement
9 /10 social life
10 /10 course
7 /10 hostel
10 /10 campus life

Remarks :

It is an awesome journey.My experience in ISB&M Kolkata is very memorable.I get a chance to make friends from other countries also.Teachers are also very helpful and supportive in our college.We get every kinds of facilities on the college campus.After class students can play Indoor games on the college campus.

8 /10 faculty
8 /10 placement
8 /10 social life
8 /10 course
8 /10 hostel
8 /10 campus life
8.7 /10

Remarks :

The bad highlight of the college according to me is students are not allowed to leave the campus before the time duration gets over for the law students, their leaving time is 2:00 pm, so they can't leave before 2 without the authorized permission the same way BBA students have to wait till 3:00 pm to leave the campus the second bad highlight is that the security authority does not allow any student to park their cars in the campus they have to park outside the gate where there is enough parking space for cars yes the two wheelers are parked inside.

9 /10 faculty
6 /10 placement
10 /10 social life
9 /10 course
8 /10 hostel
10 /10 campus life

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