8.5 out of 10
10.0/10Social Life
8.0/10Campus Life
9.0/10Hostel Life

Best campus of bareilly

Prashant gangwar


My university campus is best campus in our bareilly city.it contains good atmosphere and best study here and the management of our campus is also very good.i feel proud that i completed my study in this college or university campus.i miss my college days and my campus.

Entrance Preview

I took admission through merit base and gd pi process.i gave an application for admission and submit my all documents with application and than i came under merit and after that i go through gd and pi after that i qualified the admission process.

Course Curriculum Overview


The course structure is very good. the students goes on field work also for the some research relative to socual work etc.,everything is maintained good.all students goes to the field work and prepare there training report on the field work done in the different villages and we also helds many free medical camps in most of the villages.

Internships Opportunities

Yes our campus provides internship and all students goes to their internships and training and also gets the stipend for the vocational training.

Placement Experience


The placement of our campus is good but not v.good or best.,because the placement on campus based is very low.Very few companies comes to our campus for the placement and most of the students have to search their jobs by their own sources.so,in campus base the job opportunities for the students are very few.

College Events


There are many types of events are held in our university campus every year.In cultural activities freshers and farewell parties are done in every department every year and a alumni meet is held every 2 years in our university campus and many cultural activities are done on alumni meet,like dance,singing,comedy,and many interesting activities.and in sports section many tournaments are done every year like volleyball tournament cricket tournament,hockey tournament, athletes and many more.

Fee Structure And Facilities

Fees structure is also very good that is affordable to every student.As our university is a government university campus so most of the fees in most departments is on government fees structure based,but some courses in our campus are self financed based so according to government fees their fees is little more,but not very high fees.so every student can affort it easily, scholarship is also provided to every student whose parents income is less than 2 lakhs as government rule.

Loan/ Scholarship Provisions

Yes all the students whose parents income is less than 2 lakhs per year as the government rules,get the full fees refund as in scholarship and extra scholarship and education loan is also provided to the students who are unable to submit their fees easily,from the side help of university campus. And students also get their hostel fees in refund as scholarship.

Campus Life


In our university campus the,the boys are in high quantity as comoare to girls,i think it may be in the ratio of 60:40 as the boys are 60% and girls are 40% but there is no ragging in iur campus and fully disciplined and well natured students are here. As it is government university so the student politics is common here.there are so many students leaders are here but there is no effect of politics in study of the students.and there is no tolerance regardin gender in our campus there is very giod atmosphere of our campus.

Hostel Facilities


Our university campus has 5 hostels in which 3 are boys hostels and 2 are girls hostels, one is for juniors or fresher students,one is for seniors students and 3rd one is for scholors students and 2 hostels are for girls in which one is for sc and st class girls and 2nd one is for others and senior girls,.and so many fascilities are provided in hostel for the students like good beds 24 hr lights and study table chair seperate almirah for every students etc and mess is also there in hostels which provide good ,tasty and healthy food in budgetable cost.


As i told in before comments that alumni meet is held at every 2 year in our campus,so all students get good interaction and communication between there seniors.And seniors are very good and helpful to there juniors in every department.

Exam Structure

Exams structure of our campus is very good and strictly,but result of our campus is always be good and labs are very good and highly technically,all students get good practically knowledge and performs good results in exams practicals.all labs are in very good conditions.


I got a advertisement in newspaper for the vaccant seats and admissions were on merit based and gd pi process.as most of seats are filled by the uptu entrance passed students but vaccant seats are filled by the process of merit and gd pi. So i saw a advertisement in newspaper that some seats are vaccants in university campus so the interested candidates can apply by an application with their documents and after that a gd pi round.



The faculty in my campus in every department is very good and talented.All the teachers are well qualified either they are phd holder or net qualified.all the teaching staff of my campus is very helpfull and interesting,the way of their teaching is very nice and understandable.