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A Comprehensive Course Guide for International Students on MBA in Ireland

Sonal Vaid Sonal Vaid
Study Abroad Expert

MBA in Ireland is a 1-2 year duration degree offered as a full-time or part-time executive program. With the rising competition worldwide, studies is Ireland provide an opportunity to pursue MBA at a relatively lower cost as compared to other countries like USA, UK or Australia. 

  • Graduates after an MBA in Ireland are able to find job opportunities at some of the top companies such as Google, Deloitte, Amazon, Bank of Ireland, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. 
  • MBA at top universities in Ireland costs around 10 to 30 lakhs INR for the full duration.
  • Students can expect to earn an average salary of 58- 72 lakhs INR per annum after completion of the degree. 

Why study MBA in Ireland?

  • Fees to pursue an MBA in Ireland are comparatively lower as compared to MBA in UK or USA.
  • As per the recent European study, students having an MBA in Ireland observes 50-60% of salary hike in their annual pay.
  • According to reports by, MBA professionals in Ireland are among the top-paid alumni and graduates.
Top Paid Graduates and Alumni in Ireland
  • Considered as Europe’s most attractive business location, Ireland is home to the European headquarters of various global giants such as Apple, Google, Facebook, Airbnb, LinkedIn, etc. providing job opportunities to MBA graduates. 
  • As per the recent records, top Irish universities claim that the majority of the students get placed within 6 months of graduating. For example, the average placement record of Dublin City University (DCU) is about 92%. 
  • Investment in higher studies in Ireland has increased by 10% from the last decade providing a world-class education to students. 
  • MBA in Ireland is offered to students in English and is recognized worldwide.
  • As per the Universitas21 ranking, Ireland ranks 19 out of the top 50 countries providing higher studies.
  • According to, Ireland stands 18th out of the top 25 most entrepreneurial countries.
  • As indicated by the Irish Times, the number of full-time international students was about 18,500 during the year 2018.
  • Ireland procures two years of stay back for the international students after completion of their degree.

Top MBA Colleges in Ireland

There are not many popular universities in Ireland as USA or UK. However, according to prestigious rankings such as Financial Times and The Economist, MBA program at UCD’s Michael Smurfit Business School features among the top 100 MBA programs of the world.  

Mentioned below are the best MBA colleges in Ireland according to QS World University Rankings of 2020:

QS World University Rankings 2020UniversityProgramDuration (in months)Total Program Fee (in EUR)Total Program Fee (in INR)*
108Trinity College Dublin (TCD)MBA (Full-time)1234,70028,58,933
185University College Dublin (UCD)MBA (Full-time)1234,50028,42,455
259National University of Ireland Galway (NUI Galway)EMBA2431,00025,54,090
310University College Cork (UCC)EMBA2427,00022,24,530
521-530University of Limerick (UL)EMBA2433,44427,55,451
751-800Technological University of Dublin (TU Dublin)MBA (Full-time)2421,00017,30,190
--Griffith CollegeMBA (Full-time)1214,00011,53,460
--Dublin Business SchoolMBA (Full-time)1212,50010,29,875

* 1 EUR= 82.39 INR

MBA in Ireland: Highlights

Course LevelPostgraduate
EligibilityGraduate from any discipline with 3 to 5 years of work experience.
Course Duration1 or 2 years
Average Score of Entrance ExamsIELTS; TOEFL; GMAT
Exam TypeSemester Wise
Course Fees7.4 to 30 lakhs INR (Full program duration)
Course TypeFull time/Distance learning
Top Recruiting companiesAmazon, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Apple, Johnson & Johnson, Smartling, Genesis, Citco, Genesis, Intel, Twitter, Redhat, SAP, Deloitte, etc.
Average Annual Salary 58- 72 lakhs INR per annum

MBA in Ireland Admissions

Application process at universities in Ireland can be completed online. The admissions are open usually once a year and therefore students are encouraged to keep a track of the timeline and apply as early as possible.

To be eligible for MBA in Ireland, an international student needs to have a bachelor’s degree acceptable in Ireland from a recognized university or college.  

Admission Requirements for MBA in Ireland

  • Must hold an 2:1 honors or an equivalent degree with 60% average marks
  • Some top business colleges of Ireland might require students to submit proof of GMAT (scores ranging from 500-600) or equivalent GRE scores.
  • Proof of English language proficiency through TOEFL, IELTS or equivalent exams
  • Universities also require an interview for MBA admissions

Test Scores for MBA in Ireland

Apart from GMAT scores, all non-native English speakers looking for admissions in MBA in Ireland are required to exhibit an elevated level of ability in the English language. They can submit the standardized English test scores such as IELTS, TOEFL, or equivalent.

The table below shows the average scores and the minimum work-experience accepted by the universities for MBA  admissions:

Top UniversitiesMinimum TOEFL (iBT) ScoresMinimum IELTS ScoresMinimum Work Experience (in years)
Trinity College Dublin906.53-5
University College Dublin1007.03
National University of Ireland Galway886.53
University College Cork907.03
University of Limerick906.04
Technological University of Dublin1007.05
Griffith College--6.53
Dublin Business School--6.03

Documents Required

To apply for MBA admissions, international students are required to submit the following documents:

  • Completed admission application form
  • Academic transcripts from all educational institutions attended with their English translations
  • Scores of standardized exams to study in Ireland
  • Proof of English language proficiency
  • Letters of Recommendation
  • CV or Resume
  • Copy of Passport
  • Payment of non-refundable application fee

Ireland Student Visa

International students applying for an MBA in Ireland require a visa to study and stay in the country. Non-EEA students require a D type student visa to study in Ireland. The Ireland student visa requirements include: 

  • Medical insurance paper from any private medical insurance company.
  • Recent passport size photos.
  • Bank statements which prove that the student has enough money to sustain their living in Ireland.
  • A proof that will reflect that the sponsors are able to spend a nominal amount of 5-6 lakhs INR per year for the student’s study.
  • A good score in IELTS or TOEFL.
  • Acceptance from a university in Ireland along with the proof of paid tuition fee.

The visa acceptance rate of Ireland is about 99%, which itself reflects the smooth procedure of getting admitted to an MBA in Ireland.

    International non-EEA students applying for a student visa to Ireland might need to appear for a visa interview with the Embassy in respective home countries. On successfully completing the visa process, students can make their travel arrangements to Ireland. 

    Cost to Study MBA in Ireland

    This section elaborates on the expenditures of studying abroad that include the pre-arrival expenses, cost of studying, accommodation cost, food expenditure and gives an overall idea of the total cost.

    Pre-arrival Cost to Ireland

    Pre-arrival costs to Ireland mostly include the one-time expenses that are to be paid by an international student while studying in Ireland. These include expenses on a student visa, registration fees for the various standardized exams, application fees to the university, etc. The table below shows these pre-arrival expenses to Ireland.

    ExpensesCost (in INR)
    Ireland Student Visa FeeSingle Entry- 4,999
    Multiple Entry- 8,298
    TOEFL Fee17,714
    IELTS Fee12,688
    GMAT Fee15,489
    Application FeeVaries

    MBA in Ireland Tuition Fees 

    The tuition fee at universities in Ireland offering MBA (full-time) ranges from 10,29,875 INR at Dublin Business School to 28,58,933 INR at Trinity College Dublin for the full program duration. The chart below depicts the tuition fees for a full-time MBA in Ireland. 

    Tuition Fee MBA Ireland

    There are more number of EMBA programs in Ireland as compared to a full-time MBA. The chart below depicts the tuition fee for Executive MBA (EMBA) in Ireland. 

    Tuition Fee EMBA Ireland

    Cost of Living in Ireland

    The average cost of living in Ireland is about 7-10 lakhs INR per year. These expenses include costs such as accommodation, meals, transport, books and supplies and other personal expenses. The table below shows some of the estimated monthly expenses while living in Ireland:

    Type of ExpenseCost per month (in INR)
    Food expenditure17,000
    Transport cost1,200

    So, the overall expenditure of pursuing MBA in Ireland lands to an amount of around INR 15- 45 lakhs per year, depending upon the institute, course specialization and the lifestyle chosen by the students. This amount also varies when the students opt for internships and encourage themselves to earn while learning.

    Scholarships for MBA in Ireland

    Although studying MBA in Ireland is comparatively cheaper than other study abroad destinations, the costs can still be a matter of concern for some of the international students. To help them with this, there are a number of financial aid options such as scholarships, education loans, student employment, etc. Mentioned below are some of the popular scholarships for international students in Ireland:

    • Government of Ireland IDEAS Master Scholarship Program in Ireland: This scholarship covers an amount of around 8.3 Lakhs per year and is applicable for one time.
    • TU Dublin Centenary Scholarship Program: This scholarship covers around 50% of your tuition fees and is applicable for one time.
    • Claddagh Scholarship Program: The Scholarship amount ranges from 2.05 Lakhs to 4.15 Lakh per academic year on your tuition fees.
    • Galway Mayo Institute of Technology Scholarship: This scholarship covers around 4.15 Lakhs of your tuition fees per academic year.

    Mentioned below are some MBA related scholarship for the international students as well as for the Irish students:

    • Achiever MBA Scholarship or UCD MBA Scholarship: It is offered to both Irish and International students by the UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School, which covers the tuition fees for the particular academic year.
    • Forte Fellows Program: Offered by the Forte Foundation for international students. It is a partial funding program.
    • Séamus McDermott MBA Scholarship: Offered by Trinity College Dublin, this helps with the partial funding of the tuition fees, available for all international students.

    Work and Study in Ireland

    Students who pursue a full-time course in Ireland do not require a work permit after a year’s duration. They can easily find some part-time jobs with minimum pay of about 1,900 INR per hour. Other ways by which students can self-finance themselves are: 

    • Internship programs: Students can look for internship options while pursuing an MBA in Ireland. They may be offered a stipend for their work, which can help with the living expenses in Ireland. 
    • Post-study pathway: Students are allowed to remain in Ireland after completion of their examinations under the Irish Third Level Graduate Scheme. So, they can easily look for jobs. During this period, students can work full-time for 40 hours a week.

    Job Opportunities after MBA in Ireland

    Students with MBA degrees have a lot of career prospects in different sectors.

    • Ireland itself is a home of many tech giants such as Amazon, Google, Facebook, etc., who have a high demand for MBA students.
    • MBA students can start their businesses as well, as the entrepreneurial culture of Ireland is very vibrant.
    • Non- EEA students can also get a work visa for about 2 years after completion of their course.

    Job Positions for MBA students

    Fresher MBA graduates can expect a salary of about 35.50 lakhs INR/annum with a job in Ireland. With experience, this salary increases up to 72 lakhs INR/annum.

    Shown below are some of the job opportunities after MBA in Ireland along with their average yearly salary.

    DesignationAverage Annual Salary (in lakhs INR)
    Business Operation Analyst43.22
    Operation Manager37.96
    Product Strategist58.78
    Business Analyst36.47
    Data Quality Analyst31.09
    Senior Operation Manager61.01
    Account Manager30.82
    Program Manager60.66
    Product manager54.73
    Senior Adviser41.96
    Digital Optimization Lead32.23
    Category Manager49.71
    Chief Financial Manager101.19

      Work Permit in Ireland

      After completion of the study, Indian students get some vibrant option to choose, while looking for a work permit:

      1. Residence Permit: After completing your studies you can apply for a resident permit in Ireland for the next few years, which will land you in getting a work permit of 2 years.
      2. General Employment Permit: It is a renewable grant that permits you to proceed with your professional practice for a span of two years.
      3. Critical Skills Employment Permit: With a legitimacy of two years, you would require a Stamp 4 on it once it terminates after the validity. Stamp 4 grant gives you the chance to remain and work in Ireland without agonizing over restoring it every other year.

      MBA is a globally perceived degree intended to build up the abilities required for vocations in business and management. When it comes to the universities in Ireland, they are found to be among the top research-based education hubs. Thus, more students are attracted to pursuing an MBA in Ireland. 


      Ques. I haven’t completed my academic degree. Can I still apply for an MBA in Ireland?

      Ans. Yes, applications from students who have not yet completed their UG degree can be accepted on a conditional basis at some of the MBA colleges in Ireland. Applicants are required to have relevant professional work experience. The confirmation is provided by the university after assessing the application documents.  

      Ques. What is the average age group of the students applying for an MBA in Ireland?

      Ans. The average age group of students applying for MBA in Ireland is from the late 20s to mid-50s.

      Ques. What are the eligibility requirements for an MBA in Ireland?

      Ans. To be eligible for an MBA in Ireland, an international student must have an equivalent of 2:1 honors undergraduate degree from a recognized university or college. Apart from this, 3-5 years of working experience is mandatory for MBA admissions. Non-native English speakers are also required to provide proof of English language proficiency through TOEFL or IELTS exam. Students are required to provide GMAT scores (ranging between 500-600) or equivalent GRE scores. 

      Ques. What is the overall cost of studying an MBA in Ireland?

      Ans. Cost of studying an MBA in Ireland varies from 10-30 lakh INR depending on the university and program of choice.

      Ques. What are some of the top MBA colleges in Ireland?

      Ans. Some of the top MBA colleges in Ireland include UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School, UL Kemmy Business School, UCC College of Business and Law, Trinity Business School, etc. 

      Ques. What is the scope after studying an MBA in Ireland?

      Ans. MBA graduates in Ireland can earn an average annual salary of 58- 72 lakh INR. MBA graduates are among the highest-paid graduates in Ireland. MBA graduates are in great demand for one of the reasons being that Ireland is home to various tech giants such as Amazon, Google, Facebook, etc. 

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