Higher education experts around the world believe that International engineering Programme that involves credits from another established overseas university is the best way to achieve quality education with world-class exposure. Apart from the indispensable engineering credits, one gets to know a new culture and language by immersing in modern society. All these shapes an individual as a person and boosts their growth by preparing them to work with an international team and audience.

In India, prestigious engineering college Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology offers 2+2 engineering programme with international institutions such as Trinity University Dublin, Tel Aviv University Israel and many more to prepare engineering aspirants on a global level. For the sake of convenience, we are going to call their International Engineering Programme as TIET BE-IEP Programme.

Read on to know some of the major benefits of attending TIET BE-IEP Programme as suggested by the experts:

  1. Experience a new culture: The best way in the engineering world to learn about how it works is by experiencing it through a different perspective. This can be achieved by first learning the basics at an established university in India, in this case, TI, and then gaining worldwide exposure by earning international credit at a foreign university. Since only a very few vacations will be available, you have to adjust in a new setting, learning the new educative culture and then enhance your understanding.
  2. Make new friends from various communities: It is likely that when you visit an international university, you will get to meet students from all over the world with different perspectives and aims in life. You can draw inspiration from these and can also team up to produce a disruptive idea that can change the world. You will learn the aspects of teamwork and how to tackle practical situations on your own. For example, Computer Science Engineering might sound like a cliched branch for engineering aspirants, but in the foreign soil, Computer Engineering BE IEP Course may have applications that you have never thought of. You can learn and develop these to pass the baton for future generations. This can also help in building a team of your own from a diverse talent pool to embark on an entrepreneurial journey.
  3. Be independent in the true sense: The experience at an international university extends a new learning curve to many candidates. Obviously, in a foreign setting, you need to cope with every challenge on your own which will make you stronger as a professional. IEP program at Thapar Institute is designed to cultivate the same skills.
  4. Change the way you think: Being in a foreign land and learning about a new culture and language humbles you as a person. It makes you see clearly how enriching diversity is and how you can be wiser by immersing yourself more and more. This also provides you with an outsider perspective about your own home country and its culture. That’s precisely what you need to improve to be useful for society as an engineer.
  5. Be prepared to work with an international workforce: Students who experience TIET BE-IEP Program 2019 become more open to ideas and have high retention power towards new engineering knowledge. They are more competitive in the global world and are very reliable. According to a top expert, anyone who can put on his/her resume that they have studied abroad is able to grasp better job opportunities. The experience in the corporate world matters a lot. At a fundamental level, it will give you something to talk about in an interview. However, much more importantly it will prove to your potential employer that you can stand on your own two feet, that you can fit in when placed in different environments, and that you are resourceful and have initiative.
  6. Travel the world: While you are studying in a foreign university, you will have much time to explore the surroundings. During the holidays and weekends, you can plan trips and explore engineering marvels. This will be an added benefit as you will be armed with your student-discount card.

These are some advantages for those pursuing or are going to opt for the International Engineering Programme. Visit the official website of the Thapar Institute to know more about the advanced program.